201 Family Quotes & Sayings To Share Love With Relatives


Short Family Love Quotes And Sayings For Relatives


“When you have a godly husband, a godly wife, children who respect their parents and who are loved by their parents, who provide for those children their physical and spiritual and material needs, lovingly, you have the ideal unit.”

– Jerry Falwell

Family Quotes For Your Beloved Ones

Short Family Love Quotes & Sayings For Your Relatives: Is there any need to tell about the importance of family in our lives? Certainly not! All of us know how painful life is without our beloved ones. And it is not just limited to humans only, most of the creatures in nature can’t survive without the protection and love of their families. Undoubtedly, Family is one of the most important things in our lives and for many people, it is the most important thing in the world.

Family is the institution that cherishes you, and whom you should cherish in return – whether they’re your biological family or otherwise. Normally family means your nearest blood relatives like your father, your mother, your siblings, your spouse, your grandparents, your aunts, your uncles, and your cousins.

However, sometimes it’s simply those with whom we share unconditional love. You know love is at the root of all family connections, so sacrifice some time daily to appreciate your loved ones for all that they do helps us to reconnect as a family. We know you feel indebted to your family and want to share your feelings with them.

So today we are presenting a wonderful collection of family love quotes to help express your deepest sentiments for your closest and most beloved people on the planet. Do you want a heartwarming quote to inspire a family member or feeling homesick and longing for comforting words? Rest assured, you’ve come to the right place for quotes about family. We are sure that these family quotes will touch, inspire, and move you.

Inspirational Family Quote By Jerry Falwell


Always reward your long hours of labor and toil in the very best way, surrounded by your family. Nurture their love carefully, remembering that your children need models, not critics, and your own progress will hasten when you constantly strive to present your best side to your children. And even if you have failed at all else in the eyes of the world, if you have a loving family, you are a success.

– Og Mandino

Family Love Quote By Og Mandino

A home with a loving and loyal husband and wife is the supreme setting in which children can be reared in love and righteousness and in which the spiritual and physical needs of children can be met.

– David A. Bednar

Quote About Home And Family

Your family and your love must be cultivated like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship flourishing and growing.

– Jim Rohn

He that raises a large family does, indeed, while he lives to observe them, stand a broader mark for sorrow; but then he stands a broader mark for pleasure too.

– Benjamin Franklin

Building a family plan with expectations and accountability for all members builds up the family and motivates each person to do their personal best every day.

– Anonymous

The most important things in life are your family, friends, health, good humor, and a positive attitude towards life. If you have these then you have everything!

– Catherine Pulsifer

Family Motivational Quote

The happiness of the domestic fireside is the first boon of Heaven, and it is well it is so since it is that which is a lot of the mass of mankind.

– Thomas Jefferson

Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights and our comfort when we occasionally falter.

– Brad Henry

Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.

– Lisa Weed

Quotes About Family And Love

In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.

– Eva Burrows

The strength of a family isn’t determined by the number of members, but rather by the amount of love given and received.

– Anonymous

A family knit together, by bonds of loving cooperation and mutual understanding, is a living model of heaven on earth.

– Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Family Bonding Quote By Shri Ram Sharma

A family creates a safe space for each member to grow and develop into the person they were meant to be.

– Anonymous

Family is like branches on a tree. We all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.

– Anonymous

Family Roots Quote With Image

When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching – they are your family.

– Jim Butcher

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.

– Desmond Tutu

Cute Family Quote By Desmond Tutu

All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

– Leo Tolstoy

No matter what a family looks like, it is always filled with love.

– Anonymous

Positive Family Quote For Pinterest

In a family, the sadness of one is the sadness of all.

– Old Proverb

Love your family more than you love yourself.

– Anonymous

Love Your Family Quote For You

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Amazing Short Family Quotes That Will Make Your Day

There are certain functions that the family performs. In the first place, the family provides society with an orderly means of reproduction, while at the same time the norms of marriage control the potentially disruptive forces of sexuality. Second, the family provides physical and economic support for the child during the early years of dependence. The child receives its primary socialization in the family, learning the essential ideas and values required for adult life.

– Adrian Wilson

Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones that would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.

– Maya Angelou

Family Is Not Always Blood Quote By Maya Angelou

No matter what you’ve done for yourself or for humanity if you can’t look back on having given love and attention to your own family, what have you really accomplished?

– Elbert Hubbard

Famous Family Quote By Elbert Hubbard

A family consists of people that love and care about each other mutually, and no matter what our background is, we can have people to call family.

– John Shea

If the family were a fruit, it would be an orange, a circle of sections, held together but separable – each segment distinct.

– Letty Cottin Pogrebin

The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family.

– Thomas Jefferson

Beautiful Family Quote By Thomas Jefferson

It is very difficult to live among people you love and hold back from offering them advice.

– Anne Tyler

As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.

– John Paul II

Family Quotes And Sayings

All families are different and unique, but they all have one thing in common – love.

– Gabrielle Applebury

In every conceivable manner, the family is a link to our past, a bridge to our future.

– Alex Haley

Importance of Family Quote By Alex Haley

The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.

– Confucius

Good Family Quote By Confucius

Through ups and downs, a family will stand by each other.

– Anonymous

Treat your family like friends and your friends like family.

– Old Proverb

Family And Friends Quote

A family is a group of people who love unconditionally.

– Anonymous

Short Family Love Quote

Every man is an omnibus in which his ancestors ride.

– Oliver Wendell Holmes

Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

– David Ogden Stiers

A family in harmony will prosper in everything.

– Chinese Proverb

Happy Family Quote For Joyful Life

A family that supports one another thrives.

– Anonymous

The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.

– George Santayana

Best Family Quote By George Santayana

Where there is family, there is love.

– Anonymous

Family Love Quote To Inspire You

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Family Love Quotes & Sayings For Your Family Members

The family. We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another’s desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together.

– Erma Bombeck

A person’s own family is, without a doubt, the greatest wealth that we will ever possess. Treasure every moment and take the time to ensure that the story you create is one that you will be proud of and look back on with a huge smile.

– Daves Words of Wisdom

Meaning of Family Quote

Family quarrels are bitter things. They don’t go according to any rules. They’re not like aches or wounds, they’re more like splits in the skin that won’t heal because there’s not enough material.

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

The great gift of family life is to be intimately acquainted with people you might never even introduce yourself to, had life not done it for you.

– Kendall Hailey

Family is just an accident… They don’t mean to get on your nerves. They don’t even mean to be your family, they just are.

– Marsha Norman

It takes One Family to make a difference in the Community. It takes One Person to make a difference in the Family.

– Nisandeh Neta

Blended Family Quote

Is this what family is like: the feeling that everyone’s connected, that with one piece missing, the whole thing’s broken?

– Trenton Lee Stewart

Having somewhere to go is a home, Having someone to love is a family, Having both is a blessing.

– Donna Hedges

Family Support Quote By Donna Hedges

In each family, a story is playing itself out, and each family’s story embodies its hope and despair.

– Auguste Napier

The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege.

– Charles Kuralt

Spendimg Time With Family Quote

Family life is not a computer program that runs on its own; it needs continual input from everyone.

– Neil Kurshan

People come and go in our lives, but the beauty of life is that our family is always there.

– Catherine Pulsifer

No matter how many communes anybody invents, the family always creeps back.

– Margaret Mead

The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other.

– Mario Puzo

The family you come from isn’t as important as the family you’re going to have.

– Ring Lardner

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!

– Albert Einstein

Sticking with your family is what makes it a family.

– Mitch Albom

Life begins with family and ends with family.

– Anonymous

Families, like individuals, are unique.

– Norman Vincent Peale

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All-Time Best Quotes & Sayings About Family With Images

Of all our social institutions, the family is perhaps the one with which we are most familiar. As we proceed through our lives, our experiences within the family give rise to some of our strongest and most intense feelings. Within the family context lies a paradox, however: although most of us hope for love and support within the family – a haven in a heartless world, so to speak – the family can also be a place of violence and abuse.

– Marilyn Poole

You can kiss your family and friends goodbye and put miles between you, but at the same time, you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you.

– Frederick Buechner

One dangerous and sadly truthful piece about family is this: The people closest to you will try the hardest to hold you in your place because they are comfortable with how they currently know you.

– Jason Pockrandt

When I think of any of my successes, I am thankful to God from whom all blessings flow, and to my family and friends who enrich my life.

– Juju Smith Schuster

Family life contributes immensely to an individual’s happiness. Only in a happy home life can complete contentment be found.

– Dorothea S. Kopplin

”I have no name:” I am but two days old. ”What shall I call thee?” I happy am, ”Joy is my name.” sweet joy befalls thee!

– William Blake

The family is the test of freedom; because the family is the only thing that the free man makes for himself and by himself.

– Gilbert K. Chesterton

Blood’s thicker than water, and when one is in trouble best to seek out a relative’s open arms.

– Old Proverb

A woman is the salvation or destruction of a family. She carries its destinies in the folds of her mantle.

– Henri Friedric Amiel

Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.

– George Burns

Important families are like potatoes. The best parts are underground.

– Francis Bacon

We must take care of our families wherever we find them.

– Elizabeth Gilbert

Connections within a family are powerful forces of nature.

– Pawan Pratap Singh

The family knows your flaws but loves you, anyway.

– Anonymous

Families should celebrate each member’s unique identity.

– Gabrielle Applebury

Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.

– Michael J. Fox

Your family will always hold your heart.

– Anonymous

The whole world is one family.

– Sun Yat-Sen

Love makes a family.

– Gigi Kaeser


I Love My Family Quotes For The Committed People

Family quarrels have a total bitterness unmatched by others. Yet it sometimes happens that they also have a kind of tang, a pleasantness beneath the unpleasantness, based on the tacit understanding that this is not for keeps; that any limb you climb out on will still be there later for you to climb back.

– Mignon McLaughlin

Our most basic instinct is not for survival but for family. Most of us would give our own life for the survival of a family member, yet we lead our daily life too often as if we take our family for granted.

– Paul Parshall

In every dispute between parent and child, both cannot be right, but they may be and usually are, both wrong. It is this situation that gives family life its peculiar hysterical charm.

– Isaac Rosenfeld

Family is the best thing you could ever wish for. They are there for you during the ups and downs and love you no matter what.

– Anonymous

Bringing up a family should be an adventure, not an anxious discipline in which everybody is constantly graded for performance.

– Milton R. Saperstein

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.

– Jane Howard

A family can be your greatest strength and your greatest weakness at the same time.

– Pawan Pratap Singh

Look for the good, not the evil, in the conduct of members of the family.

– Jewish Proverb

Without a family, man, alone in the world, trembles with the cold.

– Andre Maurois

No matter how big or small the family, what matters most is love.

– Gabrielle Applebury

Nothing is better than a truly sincere and loving family saying.

– Gabrielle Applebury

A family with an old person has a living treasure of gold.

– Chinese Proverb

When trouble comes, it’s your family that supports you.

– Guy Lafleur

The memories we make with our family is everything.

– Candace Cameron Bure

The family is the first essential cell of human society.

– Pope John XXIII

A man should never neglect his family for business.

– Walt Disney

There is no such thing as fun for the whole family.

– Jerry Seinfeld

I sustain myself with the love of family.

– Maya Angelou

A happy family is but an earlier heaven.

– John Bowring

The Family is the Country of the heart.

– Giuseppe Mazzini


Cute Short Family Love Quotes & Sayings For Your Friends

The family is both the fundamental unit of society as well as the root of culture. It is a perpetual source of encouragement, advocacy, assurance, and emotional refueling that empowers a child to venture with confidence into the greater world and to become all that he can be.

– Marianne E. Neifert

Love starts with family. A family takes care of their own. The strength of a family isn’t determined by the number of members, but rather by the amount of love given and received. Family is forever.

– Anonymous

I know why families were created with all their imperfections. They humanize you. They are made to make you forget yourself occasionally so that the beautiful balance of life is not destroyed.

– Anais Nin

I have frequently been questioned, especially by women, of how I could reconcile family life with a scientific career. Well, it has not been easy.

– Marie Curie

Love your family. Spend time, be kind and serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised and today is short.

– Anonymous

Family life is too intimate to be preserved by the spirit of justice. It can be sustained by a spirit of love that goes beyond justice.

– Reinhold Niebuhr

The thing about family disasters is that you never have to wait long before the next one puts the previous one into perspective.

– Robert Brault

The informality of family life is a blessed condition that allows us to become our best while looking at our worst.

– Marge Kennedy

Our family is a circle of strength of love with every birth and every union the circle grows.

– Harriet Morgan

One day you will do things for me that you hate. That is what it means to be family.

– Jonathan Foer

A family is a bunch of people who keep confusing you with someone you were as a kid.

– Robert Brault

At the end of the day, a loving family should find everything forgivable.

– Mark V. Olsen

Govern a family as you would cook a small fish – very gently.

– Chinese Proverb

There is no love greater than the love shared within a family.

– Anonymous

If your family tree does not fork, you might be a redneck.

– Jeff Foxworthy

Strangers are just family you have yet to come to know.

– Mitch Albom

Blood makes you related, Love makes you family.
Blood makes you related, Loyalty makes you family.

– Katie Reus

Family likeness has often a deep sadness in it.

– George Eliot

The family is a heaven in a heartless world.

– Christopher Lasch

Family love is never broken.

– Anonymous

Family is the heart of a home.

– Anonymous


Inspiring Blended Family Quotes For Your Beloved Relatives

You must remember, family is often born of blood, but it doesn’t depend on blood. Nor is it exclusive of friendship. Family members can be your best friends, you know. And best friends, whether or not they are related to you, can be your family.

– Trenton Lee Stewart

The family uses people, not for what they are, nor for what they are intended to be, but for what it wants them for— its own uses. It thinks of them not as what God has made them, but as the something which it has arranged that they shall be.

– Florence Nightingale

Nobody has ever before asked the nuclear family to live all by itself in a box the way we do. With no relatives, no support, we’ve put it in an impossible situation.

– Margaret Mead

Family traditions counter alienation and confusion. They help us define who we are; they provide something steady, reliable, and safe in a confusing world.

– Susan Lieberman

No family is perfect…we argue we fight. We even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end, a family is a family…the love will always be there.

– Anonymous

There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues… are created, strengthened, and maintained.

– Winston Churchill

Blended families: woven together by choice, strengthened together by love, tested by everything, and each uniquely ours.

– Anonymous

I may not always be with you, but when we’re far apart, Remember you will be with me, Right inside my heart.

– Marc Wambolt

It’s all about the quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.

– Philip Green

You should never sacrifice three things: your family, your heart, and your dignity.

– Anonymous

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.

– George Moore

What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.

– Mother Teresa

Family is not defined by our genes, it is built and maintained through love.

– Amalia G.

Under any system of society … the family holds the future in its bosom.

– Charles Franklin Thwing

When you look at your life, the greatest happiness is family happiness.

– Joyce Brothers

A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another.

– Mahatma Buddha

And thank you for a house full of people I love. Amen.

– Terri Guillemets

Life is beautiful. It’s about giving. It’s about family.

– Walt Disney

Writers will happen in the best of families.

– Rita Mae Brown

Love your family as you love yourself.

– Anonymous

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Short Quotes And Sayings About Family And Friends

There is an interconnectedness among members that bonds the family, much like mountain climbers who rope themselves together when climbing a mountain, so that if someone should slip or need support, he’s held up by the others until he regains his footing.

– Phil Mcgraw

One’s family is the most important thing in life. I look at it this way: One of these days I’ll be over in a hospital somewhere with four walls around me. And the only people who’ll be with me will be my family.

– Robert Byrd

Somehow the home without God is missing a vital ingredient; we cannot enter fully into the true blessing of family living if our homes are not lifted up to God for his blessing.

– Al Bryant

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof.

– Richard Bach

Happy is said to be the family that can eat onions together. They are, for the time being, separate, from the world, and have a harmony of aspiration.

– Charles Dudley Warner

Like all the best families, we have our share of eccentricities, of impetuous and wayward youngsters, and of family disagreements.

– Elizabeth II

You hear a lot of dialogue on the death of the American family. Families aren’t dying. They’re merging into big conglomerates.

– Erma Bombeck

That’s what people do who love you. They put their arms around you and love you when you’re not so lovable.

– Deb Caletti

A family is a unit composed not only of children but of men, women, an occasional animal, and the common cold.

– Ogden Nash

What greater blessing to give thanks for at a family gathering than the family and the gathering.

– Robert Brault

Stick to the basics, hold on to your family and friends – they will never go out of fashion.

– Niki Taylor

Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world.

– Napoleon Bonaparte

Family and friends are hidden treasures, seek them and enjoy their riches.

– Wanda Hope Carter

We may have our differences, but nothing’s more important than family.

– Disney’s Coco

Family and love are the two most important things in the world.

– John Wooden

Love, honesty, and connection are cultivated in a family.

– Anonymous

A family gives you the roots to stand tall and strong.

– Anonymous

Family is the nucleus of civilization.

– Will Durant

The love of family is like no other.

– Anonymous

Love starts with the family.

– Anonymous

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Funny Quotes About Family Love With Beautiful Pictures

They… threw themselves into the interests of the rest, but each plowed his or her own furrow. Their thoughts, their little passions and hopes, and desires, all ran along separate lines. Family life is like this — animated, but collateral.

– Rose Macaulay

Families aren’t easy to join. They’re like an exclusive country club where membership makes impossible demands and the dues for an outsider are exorbitant.

– Erma Bombeck

What is Family: A social unit where the father is concerned with parking space, the children with outer space, and the mother with closet space.

– Evan Esar

Even in the midst of conflict, confusion, and miscommunications, we can thank the Lord through faith that we are blessed to be a family.

– Rich Bimler

In a household of toddlers and pets, we discover this rule of thumb about happy families – that they are at least two–thirds incontinent.

– Robert Brault

The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career.

– C.S. Lewis

The family – that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to.

– Dodie Smith

People are pretty forgiving when it comes to other people’s families. The only family that ever horrifies you is your own.

– Douglas Coupland

The greatest thing in family life is to take a hint when a hint is intended–and not to take a hint when a hint isn’t intended.

– Robert Frost

When our relatives are at home, we have to think of all their good points or it would be impossible to endure them.

– George Bernard Shaw

No one’s family is normal. Normalcy is a lie invented by advertising agencies to make the rest of us feel inferior.

– Claire LaZebnik

The trouble with the family is that children grow out of childhood, but parents never grow out of parenthood.

– Evan Esar

In a houseful of toddlers and pets, you can start out having a bad day, but you keep getting detoured.

– Robert Brault

Family ties mean that no matter how much you might want to run from your family, you can’t.

– Anonymous

The great advantage of living in a large family is that early lesson of life’s essential unfairness.

– Nancy Mitford

In some families, please is described as the magic word. In our house, however, it was sorry.

– Margaret Laurence

The other night I ate at a real nice family restaurant. Every table had an argument going.

– George Carlin

Family life is a bit like a runny peach pie — not perfect but who’s complaining?

– Robert Brault

I find the family the most mysterious and fascinating institution in the world.

– Amos Oz

If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.

– George Bernard Shaw

I don’t have to look up my family tree, because I know that I’m the sap.

– Fred Allen

The capacity for friendship is God’s way of apologizing for our families.

– Jay McInerney

If you don’t believe in ghosts, you’ve never been to a family reunion.

– Ashleigh Brilliant

Families shape who we are and who we choose to become.

– Anonymous

Families are like fudge… mostly sweet with a few nuts.

– James M. Barrie

There is no cure for laziness but a large family helps.

– Herbert Prochnow

The bigger your family, the bigger your problems.

– Anonymous

Family is like that annoying itch you can’t scratch.

– Ogden Nash

Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops.

– Cary Grant

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Inspirational Family Bonding & Family First Quotes & Sayings

There is no such thing as a “broken family.” Family is family and is not determined by marriage certificates, divorce papers, and adoption documents. Families are made in the heart. The only time family becomes null is when those ties in the heart are cut. If you cut those ties, those people are not your family. If you make those ties, those people are your family. And if you hate those ties, those people will still be your family because whatever you hate will always be with you.

– C. JoyBell C.

Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible – the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family.

– Virginia Satir

Special people in our life sometimes can become our family, it doesn’t mean they have to be blood-related, it means appreciating those who care and love you.

– B. B. Butler

All families are psychotic. Everybody has basically the same family – it’s just reconfigured slightly different from one to the next.

– Douglas Coupland

Tears flow from the eyes of loved ones the day you’re born, and the day you pass. Stay connected with your Family.

– Anonymous

There’s nothing I value more than the closeness of friends and family, a smile as I pass someone on the street.

– Willie Stargell

Family faces are magic mirrors looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future.

– Gail Lumet Buckley

You are born into your family and your family is born into you. No returns. No exchanges.

– Elizabeth Berg

A man can’t make a place for himself in the sun if he keeps taking refuge under the family tree.

– Helen Keller

A family is a place where principles are hammered and honed on the anvil of everyday living.

– Charles R. Swindoll

The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works, is the family.

– Lee Iacocca

Family and friendships are two of the greatest facilitators of happiness.

– John C. Maxwell

Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.

– Anthony Brandt

There’s an awful lot of blood around that water is thicker than.

– Mignon McLaughlin

If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.

– Mother Teresa

No matter what happens, a family will always have your back.

– Anonymous

An ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friendship.

– Spanish Proverb

I don’t care how poor a man is; if he has family, he’s rich.

– Dan Wilcox and Thad Mumford

Families are nothing other than the idolatry of duty.

– Ann Oakley

No one knows you better than your family does.

– Anonymous

In times of test, family is best.

– Burmese Proverb

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Family is everything, but sometimes it can be difficult to put into words just how much your loved ones mean to you. That’s exactly where these inspiring family quotes come in. We hope these quotes can help lighten the burden of stressful situations and help you express the love you feel for your family, despite the rough patches that arise now and again. If these family quotes helped you, please feel free to share your experiences below. We would love to hear all about it.

“I’m thankful to God for having a family that’s been there for me. He’s been there from the time I was a child to even now with my family helping with my little boy. It’s worth more than words could ever describe. That’s one of the ways I’ve been able to stay grounded is thanks to family and God.”

– Ashton Shepherd

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