10 Inspirational Stories That Will Inspire You Daily


Best Inspirational Stories That Will Inspire You Daily


“Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.”

– Helen Keller

Best Inspirational Stories For Kids That Will Inspire Them Daily: Today we are going to share some great inspirational stories that will help you to understand the important things in life. Some of these stories are true and belong to famous people. We believe you just need some inspiration and motivation to keep yourself going in rough times.

Inspirational Stories To Inspire You Everyday

These inspirational stories will inspire you to re-adjust your movement in life and while you read them you will realize that your life and what you are going to become in life is in your hands. Enjoy these great inspirational stories about life and success. Also, don’t forget to share them with your friends and relatives.


1. The Landlord’s Mistake: An Inspiring Story About Thomas Jefferson

When John Adams was president and Thomas Jefferson was vice president of the United States, there was not a railroad in all the world. People did not travel very much. There were no broad, smooth highways as there are now. The roads were crooked and muddy and rough. If a man was obliged to go from one city to another, he often rode on horseback. Instead of a trunk for his clothing, he carried a pair of saddlebags.

Instead of sitting at his ease in a parlor car, he went jolting along through mud and mire, exposed to wind and weather. One day some men were sitting by the door of a hotel in Baltimore. As they looked down the street they saw a horseman coming. He was riding very slowly, and both he and his horse were bespattered with mud.

“There comes old Farmer Mossback,” said one of the men, laughing.

“He’s just in from the backwoods.” “He seems to have had a hard time of it,” said another; “I wonder where he’ll put up for the night.”

“Oh, any kind of a place will suit him,” answered the landlord. “He’s one of those country fellows who can sleep in the haymow and eat with the horses.”

The traveler was soon at the door. He was dressed plainly, and, with his reddish-brown hair and mud-bespattered face, looked like a hard-working countryman just in from the backwoods.

“Have you a room here for me?” he asked the landlord.

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Wonderful Inspirational Story About Former President of USA

Now the landlord prided himself upon keeping a first-class hotel, and he feared that his guests would not like the rough-looking traveler. So he answered: “No, sir. Every room is full. The only place I could put you would be in the barn.”

“Well, then,” answered the stranger, “I will see what they can do for me at the Planters’ Tavern, round the corner;” and he rode away.

About an hour later, a well-dressed gentleman came into the hotel and said, “I wish to see Mr. Jefferson.”

“Mr. Jefferson!” said the landlord.

“Yes, Sir. Thomas Jefferson, the vice president of the United States.”

“He isn’t here.”

“Oh, but he must be. I met him as he rode into town, and he said that he intended to stop at this hotel. He has been here about an hour.”

“No, he hasn’t. The only man that has been here for lodging today was an old clodhopper who was so spattered with mud that you couldn’t see the color of his coat. I sent him round to the Planters’.”

“Did he have reddish-brown hair, and did he ride a gray horse?”

“Yes, and he was quite tall.”

“That was Mr. Jefferson,” said the gentleman.

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An Inspirational Story That Tells Us How To Treat People

“Mr. Jefferson!” cried the landlord. “Was that the vice president? Here, Dick! build a fire in the best room. Put everything in tiptop order, Sally. What a dunce I was to turn Mr. Jefferson away! He shall have all the rooms in the house, and the ladies parlor, too, I’ll go right round to the Planters’ and fetch him back.”

So he went to the other hotel, where he found the vice president sitting with some friends in the parlor.

“Mr. Jefferson,” he said, “I have come to ask your pardon. You were so bespattered with mud that I thought you were some old farmer. If you’ll come back to my house, you shall have the best room in it—yes, all the rooms if you wish. Won’t you come?”

“No,” answered Mr. Jefferson. “A farmer is as good as any other man; and where there’s no room for a farmer, there can be no room for me.”

Moral of The Story: Treat every person in a gracious way irrespective of their outer appearance and social rank.

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Inspirational Stories That Will Teach A Lesson To Your Kids

2. Inspirational Story of A Brave Child And The Giant

Once, in ancient India, there was an evil giant who owned a magnificent castle overlooking the sea. As the giant had been away for many years fighting in wars, the children of the nearby village used to come into the giant’s beautiful garden and play with great delight. One day, the giant returned and threw all of the young children out of his garden. ‘Never return here!’ he yelled as he slammed the huge oak door in disgust.

He then erected a huge marble wall around the garden to keep the children out. “Winter came with bitter cold and the giant wished the warmth would soon return. Spring visited the village which lay below the giant’s castle, but the icy claws of winter refused to leave his garden. Then, one day, the giant finally smelled the fragrances of Spring and felt the radiance of the sun through his windows.

“Spring has finally returned!” he cried, running out into the garden. But the giant was unprepared for the sight which greeted him. The children of the village had somehow managed to climb over the castle wall and were playing in the garden. It was because of their presence that the garden had been transformed from a wintry wasteland into a lush place filled with roses, daffodils, and orchids.

A Story That Tells Why Fate Loves The Fearless

All the children laughed and giggled with joy, but one. From the corner of his eye, the giant spotted a little boy who was much smaller than all the other children. Tears ran from his eyes as he did not have the strength to climb the wall into the garden. The giant felt sad for this boy and, for the first time in his life, regretted his evil ways, ‘I will help this child’ he said, running towards him.

When all the other children saw the giant coming, they ran from the garden, fearing for their lives. But the tiny little boy stood his ground. ‘I will slay the giant’, he stammered. ‘I will defend our playground’. “As the giant approached the child, he opened his arms, ‘I am a friend,’ he said. ‘I have come to help you over the wall and into the garden.

This will be your garden now” The little boy, now a hero amongst the children rejoiced in happiness and gave the giant the golden necklace which he had always worn around his neck. “This is my lucky charm”, he said. ‘I want you to have it.’ “From that day on, the children played with the giant in his wonderful garden.

But the brave little boy whom the giant loved the most never did return. As time went on, the giant grew ill and frail. The children continued to play in the garden but the giant no longer had the strength to keep them company. In those quiet days, it was the little boy who the giant thought of the most.

Happy Are Those Who Dare Courageously

“One day, in the midst of a particularly bitter winter, the giant glanced out his window and saw a truly miraculous sight: though most of the garden was covered in snow, at the center of the garden there stood a magnificent rosebush overflowing with spectacularly colored flowers.

Next to the roses stood the little boy who the giant loved. The boy was smiling sweetly. The giant danced with delight and rushed outside to embrace the child. ‘Where have you been all these years, my young friend? I have missed you with all my heart.’ ‘The boy was thoughtful in his response.

‘Many years ago you lifted me over the wall into your magical garden. Now, I have come to take you into mine.’ Later that day, when the children came to visit the giant they found him lying lifeless on the ground. From head to toe, he was covered by a thousand beautiful roses.

Moral of The Story: Always be brave, dear friends like that little boy. Stand your ground and follow your dreams. They will lead to your destiny. Follow your destiny, it will lead you into the wonders of the universe.

By Robin S. Sharma, from “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”
Copyright ©1997 by Harper Collins Publishers

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Top Inspirational Short Stories To Motivate Your Kids

3. When Patterns Are Broken, New Worlds Emerge

In the second decade of the 20th century, Robert Goddard (1852-1945) had visualized rockets and expressed the definite possibility of inter-planetary journeys in the future. At that time, America’s leading newspaper “The New York Times” had ridiculed Goddard and commented: “The proponent of this view appears less knowledgeable than even school kids.

Whoever knows anything about the earth’s gravitational pull would not put forth such a preposterous idea”. Within fifty years of this editorial comment, the world saw the surreal spectacle of a spaceship lifting off Cape Kennedy launching pad on its journey to the moon.

The “New York Times” had to eat its words and it published an apology to Goddard. We should not make fun of any new dream or idea in a casual manner. Indeed, it is the novel imaginations that pursued tenaciously have given shape and substance to the present body of science.

Moral of The Story: Never underestimate the power of human imagination. What is now proved was once only imagined.

4. A Story About The Evil Effects of Flattery

A teacher while instructing his students was describing the evil effects of flattery. He said, “Have you not seen a kind of fish which you can puff up by blowing into its mouth? The more it is blown into, the more it swells, till a time comes when it bursts and dies. Once upon a time, a king was invaded by his enemy. The matter was discussed for hours by his cabinet.

Unfortunately, he had a number of flatterers in his cabinet who assured him that nothing could happen to him as he was a very mighty king. The king felt so much flattered that he took no action or precaution; with the result that the enemy invaded his kingdom and having conquered it put him to an ignominious death.

Moral of The Story: Flattery corrupts both the receiver and the giver.

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Inspirational Short Stories About Work And Success

5. Do Every Work Wholeheartedly To Get Success

A small boy worked as an apprentice in a bicycle shop. A man sent a bicycle for repair. After repairing the bicycle, this boy cleaned up the bicycle and it looked like a new one. Other apprentices laughed at him for doing redundant work. The second day after the owner claimed the bicycle back; this boy was pinched and offered a job.

Moral of The Story: 1. Go the extra mile to be successful. 2. Doing more gains more and doing less loses more.

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6. The Importance of Hard Work and Struggle In Life

The owner of a farm asked her child to work every day at the farm. His friend said to him: “You do not have to make your son work so hard. The crops would grow just as good.” The farm owner replied: “I am not cultivating my crops, but my child.”

Moral of The Story: 1. A simple way to groom a child is to let him experience some hardships. 2. If not cut, jade would not turn into useful ware.

7. Constant Efforts Always Bring The Fruitful Results

A shop was always brightly lit up. Someone asked: “What brand of bulb are you using? It is so lasting.” The shop owner replied: “Our bulbs blew out frequently. We replaced them once a bulb blew out.”

Moral of The Story: 1. It is important to maintain brightness, change the bulbs regularly. 2. To brighten up everyday life: Endeavour to abandon unwholesome states of mind and make an effort to encourage wholesome states to grow.

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“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”

– Edmund Hillary

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