5 True Motivational Stories That Will Motivate Everyone


True Motivational Short Stories For Kids To Teach Them A Great Lesson


True Motivational Short Stories For Kids And Adults: Stories are a great medium to learn anything in a speedy way and when it comes to imparting education to children, a story proves to be one of the most effective mediums. Children can learn the various aspects of life through these motivational stories.

Motivational Stories For Kids

These stories can be used by parents, teachers, and children for storytelling sessions, role plays, moral education classes, school competitions, etc. We hope your kids will definitely enjoy these motivational stories. If you want more motivational stories for kids please visit our Story Section.

1. The Power of Will: A Story About Lance Armstrong

Diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer at the age of 25, doctors gave Lance Armstrong less than a 40 percent chance of recovery. Tumors were discovered in his lungs and stomach along with multiple lesions on the brain. His biking career was over or so everyone thought; but no one counted on the indomitable belief Armstrong had in himself and the lessons which his mother, Linda Walling had taught him.

One of the first things that he did was to acknowledge the disease that had captured him in its talons and learn everything he could about it. He devoured books, and resources and found help in support groups with people going through similar difficulties.

Lance sought strength in three things his mother had installed in him “Make every obstacle an opportunity”, “Always work hard and good things will happen” and “Don’t believe it when other people say you can’t”. His first comeback after beating cancer was not a success and he finished fourteenth in the race.

He even thought about retirement but with constant support from his fiancee, mother, and buddy Chris Carmichael soon had his training for his next race in the Appalachians. He returned from his training a transformed man and never let the constant difficulties plow him down again.

True, the doping scandals have destroyed Lance’s reputation as a professional biker. But one cannot but admire his sheer willpower and dedication through which he turned the odds in his favor at a time when everyone thought his life was over.

Moral of The Story: With courage and determination nothing can be impossible.

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2. A Story That Tells What Is The Secret Behind Greatness

In those days, Dr. Jeevraj Mehta was the finance minister of the Bombay Presidency (An earlier Indian State) and was also the personal physician of Mahatma Gandhi. Once he visited Baroda for some work. When he got off the train, he was surrounded by officers and workers who were standing at the station to welcome him.

Everybody had to cross a bridge to exit the station. While crossing the bridge he noticed a woman who was carrying a big trunk in one hand, her infant son in the other, and also had a large bag which she was trying to carry but was having a hard time managing.

Dr. Mehta immediately reached out to help her. He said, “Sister, let me handle this trunk and take it back when you get to the other side of the bridge”. The officers who were accompanying him were amazed by the kind-heartedness and simplicity of his nature.

Moral of The Story: The qualities of great men are displayed in their day-to-day life and work. It is up to us whether we choose to simply applaud them or to imbibe those qualities which will eventually also lead us to the path of greatness.


Motivational Stories That Will Inspire Students And Teachers

3. A Story on Sharp Wit of The Great King Solomon

One day King Solomon was sitting on his throne, and his great men were standing around him. Suddenly the door was thrown open and the Queen of Sheba came in. “O King,” she said, “in my own country, far, far away, I have heard much about your power and glory, but much more about your wisdom. Men have told me that there is no riddle so cunning that you can not solve it. Is this true?”

“It is as you say, O Queen,” answered Solomon.

“Well, I have here a puzzle which I think will test your wisdom. Shall I show it to you?”

“Most certainly, O Queen.”

Then she held up in each hand a beautiful wreath of flowers. The wreaths were so nearly alike that none of those who were with the king could point out any difference.

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Story of King Solomon And The Clever Queen

“One of these wreaths.” said the queen, “is made of flowers plucked from your garden. The other is made of artificial flowers, shaped and colored by a skillful artist. Now, tell me, O King, which is the true, and which is the false?”

The king, for once, was puzzled. He stroked his chin. He looked at the wreaths from every side. He frowned. He bit his lips.

“Which is the true?” the queen again asked.

Still, the king did not answer.

“I have heard that you are the wisest man in the world,” she said, “and surely this simple thing ought not to puzzle you.”

The king moved uneasily on his golden throne. His officers and great men shook their heads. Some would have smiled if they had dared.

“Look at the flowers carefully,” said the queen, “and let us have your answer.”

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How Did King Solomon Solve The Riddle

Then the king remembered something. He remembered that close by his window there was a climbing vine filled with beautiful sweet flowers. He remembered that he had seen many bees flying among these flowers and gathering honey from them.

So he said, “Open the window!”

It was opened. The queen was standing quite near to it with the two wreaths still in her hands. All eyes were turned to see why the king had said, “Open the window.”

The next moment two bees flew eagerly in. Then came another and another. All flew to the flowers in the queen’s right hand. Not one of the bees so much as looked at those in her left hand.

“O Queen of Sheba, the bees have given you my answer,” then said Solomon.

And the queen said, “You are wise, King Solomon. You gather knowledge from the little things which common men pass by unnoticed.”

King Solomon lived three thousand years ago. He built a great temple in Jerusalem and was famous for his wisdom.

Moral of The Story: An attentive mind can find the solution to every problem.


Short Motivational Story To Learn Moral Values Easily

4. Motivational Story of Khaleefa And A Happy Dervish

Once, the Khaleefa of Baghdad was riding in his palanquin through the town, looking through the window at the scurrying people. Suddenly, he saw a lonely dervish sitting in the middle of the crowd, who was smiling and looking happy about something. The dervish was dressed poorly, and except the saucer for hand-outs and a road script he had nothing else besides him.

The Khaleefa road past him and soon forgot what he saw. After a few days, the Khaleefa had to go the same way again, where he saw the same dervish again, completely happy, dozing with blissfully closed eyes.

The next day, Khaleefa chose the same way on purpose, to see if the dervish will be in his place, and again the image was the same. Intrigued, Khaleefa was going the same way almost every day and every time he found the dervish in the same spirit.

The Story of A Dervish Who Was Always Smiling

Finally, unable to stand it anymore, Khaleefa came out from the palanquin and addressed the imperturbable dervish with these words, “Why are you always smiling? Almost every day I see you here and it seems that you are absolutely happy.”

“Exactly, my master.” said the dervish with a smile.

Khaleefa was surprised and asked, “Why are you happy? Do you have any money?”

“I don’t have anything, my master. Maybe during the day, a little bit will fall in for food.”

“Do you have a home or a family?”

“Neither this and nor that. I wander the world like the wind.”

“Maybe then, you have good health?”

“Absolutely not, my master, from the cold of the night my bones ace often and almost all of my teeth have fallen out.”

“What makes you so happy then? Tell me. Maybe your recipe for happiness will be useful to me. I have everything, but I’m unhappy.”

What Was The Secret Behind Dervish’s Happiness

The happy dervish said, “God never sends more challenges for one person that he can’t handle. And burdens a person only with those circumstances, which at that moment, are most useful for his development. The circumstances in which the person is – is the place for spiritualization.

I accept that the best thing for me now is what I am, where I am, and what is happening with me. I accept it with gratitude and a smile, if necessary with resistance and patience, and if possible, I try to understand what God is trying to say to me with it and in which direction should I move with my development.

The realization of it doesn’t make me absolutely happy, but I have a clear horizon opening in front of me, free from the rainy curtains and filled with the sunny light of awareness.” Hearing the words of the dervish, Khaleefa realized what he was lacking in his life. He greeted the dervish and moved forward on his way.

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Motivational Short Stories To Become A Better Human Being

5. The Story of A Girl Who Misunderstood A Good Guy

This is the story of a girl who was driving home from a bank. As soon as she started her journey a guy riding his Harley Davidson bike also started to follow her. Initially, the girl didn’t care for anything but when she turned off the highway to head toward her home, she started to feel a bit nervous as the guy was still chasing her.

Then she turned into another street and he followed her again. The girl got panicked especially when she turned into her own street and he followed her there too. Finally, the girl reached her home and that guy also halted his bike in front of the girl’s house. The girl was feeling quite scared by then.

She was watching the guy’s movements cautiously and wondered what was going on. The moment guy came up to her she scolded him and said, “Why have you been chasing me for so long. I know you have been following me since I came out of the bank. However, be careful, you would not get anything from me as I’m going to call the police.”

The boy politely said, “Sorry Mam, I’m not here to harass you. But before I say something could you please check your purse, probably it might not be there where you had put it.”

Why You Should Not Be So Quick To Judge People

The girl checked her purse reluctantly and she got shocked as the purse was not there where it should be. All of a sudden she became highly nervous as her purse contained thousands of dollars. She needed that big cash to treat her ill mother and when she found the money has been lost she started to weep in anxiety.

The guy who was standing silent till then comforted the girl and said, “Don’t worry mam, your money is safe.”

Then the guy moved forward to his bike, brought out a purse from the side bag, and said to the girl, “Is this your purse?”

The girl who was in a state of deep shock till now became delighted at once to see her purse.

A Motivational Story on Helping Other People

The guy further said, “I was outside the bank when you were putting the purse in scootey. But you had not properly enclosed the box and when you started the scootey, the purse fell out from the box because of a sudden jerk. I called you but you didn’t listen. Then I picked up the purse and found it full of cash. I thought maybe you had an urgent need for the money so I followed you continuously till here.”

Hearing the words of that guy the girl’s eyes got filled with tears. She was speechless as a strong feeling of gratitude was flourishing in her heart. She apologized to the guy and thanked him for his sheer kindness and patience. She even offered him some money but the good guy refused instantly. Then he got back on his bike and drive off.

Moral of The Story: Do not be so quick to judge people. That girl learned an important lesson that day- that not every person who looks tough is bad. Even a beastly-looking person may have a heart of gold.

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