4 Spiritual Short Stories of India About Bliss & Peace


Spiritual Short Stories of India About Bliss, Peace, And Knowledge


Spiritual Short Stories of India About Bliss & Peace: Spiritual life quite simply is the life lived in and with God. Practicing spiritually creates a sense of belongingness, acceptance, and security. The field of spirituality attracts a lot of people, especially those who have experienced the benefits of a spiritual lifestyle in their own or the lives of others. Everyone knows the importance of austerity and self-control in a spiritual lifestyle.

Spiritual Stories of India

Because on the basis of these attributes, a person becomes able to imbibe tremendous spiritual energy that is achieved by connecting with this universe. Today we are going to share some spiritual stories by reading which you will know why a person moves towards spirituality and how a yogi establishes his identity with nature.

1. A Spiritual Short Story on Attainment of Eternal Bliss

The glory of King Nripendra of Mahismati had spread far and wide like the scattered glow of the full moon. The treasury, army, power, and beauty – everything was in plentiful abundance. King Nripendra was just and benevolent towards his subjects who, in turn, held him in great adoration. Time passed. Old age began to creep in and with this gradually increased the king’s inner disquiet and dissatisfaction.

He withdrew into a shell of silence and stopped seeing anybody. Restless and sad, the king was always seen immersed in brooding. One day, very early in the morning, the king strolled over to the palace garden. Sitting on a rhinestone rock, and facing east, he got engrossed in deep self-introspection. Slowly the Sun rose over the horizon.

Its warm and brilliant rays fell upon the pond and stirred the ‘thousand petalled’ lotuses. The flowers were soon in full bloom and began spreading their beauty and fragrance all over. The divine inner voice spoke: “Can you still not grasp the mystery of the Sun’s splendor? From where does its brilliance come? Is not the radiating light the Sun’s own inner pulsation?

The fragrance of the lotus comes from within. This whole pageant of life you see everywhere has sprouted forth from within the cosmic spirit. The source of delight is hidden inside you. You will have to awaken to its presence. For this, you have to master the art of life management. Soon thereafter the king handed over the reigns of the kingdom to his son and retired to the forest in search of the Truth of his being.

2. A Spiritual Story About Mahavir Swami & Nirvana

Once Mahavir Swami was in the deep state of Samadhi. A farmer passed by and requested Mahavir – “See these few cows of mine grazing nearby, please keep an eye on them.” Mahavir did not say a word as he was in Samadhi. When the farmer returned the cows were all gone. He asked Mahavir about the cows and still he did not get any reply. This made the farmer very angry.

He shouted at Mahavir – “Chet! You are a thief”, and came to Mahavira threatening to beat him. Suddenly Lord Indra appeared there and scolded the farmer that, he was Prince Vardhman, who was performing a long intense sadhana there. Farmer apologized and left. Now Indra walked up to Mahavira and said –

“Sir, you have taken up a long sadhana, I wish to stay on here and serve you so that your sadhana can be finished without any more hurdles.” Mahavira stepped out of his samadhi now and said – “Nirvana cannot be attained with the support, help, or power of others. A seeker has to protect himself.”

Thus Mahavir rejected Indra’s proposal He neither had any malice towards the farmer’s ill deed nor any attachment towards Indra’s offer of service.


Spiritual Stories of India That Will Open The Gates of Wisdom

3. How A Yogi Control Over The Forces of Nature

The holy city of Varanasi (Banaras) has witnessed the presence of numerous ascetics and saints over the centuries. A boy named Senapati was born in Chhapra in 1821, he later became famous as ‘Harihar Baba’. After renouncing his home, he migrated first to Ayodhya and then to Varanasi and got engrossed in asceticism. Those days the saints Trailanga Swami, Bhaskarananda, and Shyama Charan Lahiri were also present there.

They used to meet each other. The people had witnessed numerous miracles of these saints. When Trailanga Swami took Samadhi in the year 1887, it was Harihara Baba who looked after his disciples and devotees. Once he was performing ‘Mrityunjaya Homa (A Sacrificial Ceremony) at Assighata in Varanasi.

In this ceremony, many famous Yagyikas and dignitaries of the city were also participating. Suddenly, dark clouds appeared. It seemed as if it would rain heavily. Swamiji requested everyone to maintain their calm. He circumambulated around the holy fire and started meditating. After a while, it started raining heavily.

Rain was falling all around except the Yagyashala, which was absolutely dry. The Yagya concluded and Prasada was distributed. The last ritual of the Yagya was the Shantipaath, which was immediately followed by heavy rain that lasted for four hours. This was a marvelous incident demonstrating the occult control of a Yogi over the forces of nature.

4. A Spiritual Story About Peace & Thinking

Divine powers were traveling through the sky. They saw a man on the way who bore a lot of bitterness for his family members. He had animosity towards his neighbors as well. Once he had a bitter argument with all, and in anger, he left them, took Sanyas (Asceticism), and began to live with monks. Divine powers were curious, so they trailed him.

They saw that this man could not live in peace even there and began to fight with other Sanyasis (Ascetics) also. Then, after a few days, he left his group too and began to live alone in the jungle. Owing to his acrimonious nature, here also he would sit in the jungle and throw stones at the wild animals and make their life difficult.

The divine forces from the sky smiled and said, “What an idiot! He does not know that peace actually lives within his mind itself. By changing the external environment it is not possible to attain peace. If he had changed his way of thinking, he would have attained peace everywhere.”

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