3 Success Formulas For Getting Success In Any Venture


Top Success Formulas For Getting Remarkable Success In Any Venture


“Just take any step, whether small or large. And then another and repeat day after day. It may take months, maybe years, but the path to success will become clear.”

– Aaron Ross

Success Formulas For Getting Success

3 Success Formulas For Getting Success In Any Venture: What are the main qualities you need to inculcate to be successful at work? Concentration, Hard work, Reliability, Communication, and a lot more. But today we are going to talk about those qualities that are far more important than others but not discussed as often. These three qualities can be considered as 3 great formulas for success.

Do you know the average person uses only a minute measure of his human capacity but if you could dedicate your energies to unlock the full potential of all three of your human endowments (Mind, Body, and Soul), you will taste the divine ecstasy of an enlightened life. These three formulas have the potential to give out the power required to make your life successful.


1. Determination Is The First Formula For Success

Why Having Determination Is Important In Life

Determination is about staying focused on a goal whatever may be the circumstances. Determination of a noble goal is the first requirement of success. You will be successful at any work you do if you have strong determination and an iron will. Having focused willpower or a single-minded resolve to do something specific and keep working hard with the dogged determination to realize it is the key to accomplishing any desired goal.

Determination is the essence of increasing your chances of being successful in a particular thing or achieving a particular goal, and it can also help you to stay motivated and continue striving towards the one thing you want to achieve. Have you ever thought about why too many people fail in fulfilling their dreams and lofty ambitions?

Because their determination is never strong enough. Determination is as important to success as oxygen is to life. It is a prerequisite for any great achievement. Determination overcomes failure. It keeps you moving forward even when there seems no hope at all. Tommy Lasorda has rightly said about the importance of determination –

“The difference between the impossible and possible lies in a person’s determination.”

Determination Enables You To Keep Focused

Determination is an essential requirement to get success in any significant venture because it enables us to persist in the face of difficulties. It makes us march fearlessly ahead with faith until we achieve our goal. Since life is never smooth, many of us fall off when we come across mighty obstacles. But with determination, we can overcome any type of obstacle.

Anyone who has ever achieved anything significant has done so only with the help of determination. Lack of determination is a mental disease. If you suffer from this weakness, make it a priority to stamp it out quickly. Determination keeps you sane in times of dire hardships and gruesome challenges.

It stops you from being frustrated when things go wrong and out of control. It gives you the strength and valor to face the mighty obstacles in life. Always remember, In life, there is no difficulty or obstacle, which we cannot overcome when we are really determined.


2. Dedication Is The Second Formula For Success

Truly Dedicate Yourself To Your Noble Goals

Dedication to your goal or aim is the second formula for success. Dedication is the amount of endurance, focus, and hard work you keep on doing until you achieve your goal. It means to know where you’re going so that you better understand where you are now and so that the steps you take are always in the right direction. But why dedication is so important for success?

Because dedication helps you stay focused on your main goal. Whenever I need a reminder of what is the true meaning of dedication, I think of ‘Mountain Man’ Dashrath Manjhi, a poor laborer from India, who struggled day and night to make a tunnel through the mountain to ease the life of the people of his village. And do you know how much did it cost him?

This herculean task took 22 invaluable years of his life. You can read his marvelous story in 14 Amazing Stories That Will Transform Your Thinking. Dedication is thus the ultimate key to success in life. Robin Sharma has beautifully stated how important dedication is to reaching your goals –

“When you dedicate yourself to transforming your inner world your life quickly shifts from the ordinary into the realm of extraordinary.”

Why Dedication Is Essential To Get Success

Whether you believe it or not but a primary factor behind each successful person is their level of dedication, which signifies their commitment towards achieving objectives and life goals. Learning what it means to be dedicated or committed to achieving a specific goal is a foundational principle for life.

When you are dedicated, you tend to work hard to achieve your goals. We can’t talk about dedication without hard work. If you are wholeheartedly dedicated to your goal, you will surely get success, even if you are facing puzzling situations and appalling setbacks today.

Always remember, Nothing in the world can hinder the firm resolve of a dedicated person. People like Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, etc., were all dedicated people. They failed many times, but because they were dedicated, they got the success they desired.


Patience Is The Third Formula For Success

Why Patience Is The Greatest of All Virtues

Patience is the third formula for success. It is one of the noblest virtues one can have. Patience is a person’s ability to wait something out or endure something tedious, without getting irritated or discouraged. Having patience means you can remain calm, even when you’ve been waiting forever or dealing with something painstakingly slow. Patience is a key that unlocks the door to a more fulfilling life.

It makes it easier to live because it reduces negative emotions like stress, anger, or frustration. When one is patient, one is calmer and more open to changes. Patience is an invaluable virtue of human personality. It is an important tool in overcoming frustration. But why Patience is the key to success?

Because patience puts us in direct control of ourselves. And there is no more powerful aid to success than self-possession. The life history of many great people of this world clearly demonstrates why patience is so important in life. Former US President John Adams admits the necessity of patience for success in these words –

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”

Patience Is The Key To A Successful Life

When we are patient, we give ourselves time to choose how to respond to a given event, rather than get emotionally distracted by our emotions. It allows us to stay focused no matter what is happening around us. Patience allows us to suspend judgment long enough to make informed decisions, thus paving the path to a happy and peaceful life.

Do not worry if you lack patience, as you can develop it by thoughtfully practicing some habits on a daily basis. The keys to patience are acceptance and faith. Accept things as they are, and look realistically at the world around you. Have faith in yourself and in the direction you have chosen.

Try to let go of things outside your control and live with less stress, anxiety, and frustration. Please keep in mind that learning patience may be a tough lesson but its fruit is worth waiting for. That’s why patience is sometimes called the mother of all virtues and when you deeply contemplate over it you will find that this statement is no exaggeration at all.

We hope these three formulas for success will help you understand what it takes to become successful in life. The importance of determination, dedication, and patience cannot be described in just a few words. Considering their role in shaping our life Pawan Pratap Singh has rightly said:

“With determination, dedication, and patience nothing is impossible to achieve in the world.”

– Pawan Pratap Singh

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