10 Why Should We Hire You Answers You Must Know


‘Why Should We Hire You Answers’ Every Job Aspirant Should Know


“Getting a first-rate job in the highly competitive job world is a commendable thing and you have to prove yourself before the employer that you deserve their attention. ‘Why Should We Hire You’ question gives them a golden opportunity to find a worthy employee who stands out of the crowd and who meets their superior standards.”

– Pawan Pratap Singh

Why Should We Hire You Answers

Best “Why Should We Hire You” Answers For Every Job Aspirant: “Why Should We Hire You?” is a question that can potentially determine your selection on a standalone basis. This is a very tricky and versatile question and there is no right answer to it. The effectiveness of your answer depends a lot on the panel and the interview situation. So a fixed answer will not work every time.

Assess what the interviewers expect from a candidate and act accordingly. In this article, you would come across various answers in response to this question. Some are cool-sounding while other ones are more detailed. Some answers are real encounters between candidates and interviewers that have been taken from social media sites.

These smart answers could help job seekers grab those invaluable opportunities which they can get only by outperforming their competitors. You can learn how to answer this question in a unique and highly impressive way so that interviewer has no option except to hire you. Just try to understand the essence deeply.

Different Variants of ‘Why Should We Hire You’ Question

Please note that interviewers do not always ask this question in a straightforward manner, sometimes they may ask this question differently, yet their objective is always the same.

*Why Should We Hire You or Why Should I Hire You?

*Why Should I Take You Instead of Others Sitting Outside?

*Why Would You Be A Good Fit For This Position?

*Why Are You The Best Candidate For This Job?

*Why Should I Hire You Over Everyone Else?

*What Makes You Unique?

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Why Do Employers Ask ‘Why Should I Hire You’ Question

Why HR Managers Ask ‘Why Should We Hire You’?

So, what exactly an HR manager or Interviewer wants to hear from you when he/she asks this question? What is the motive behind this question? There are various reasons why employers or HR Managers ask you to explain why you should be hired for their role. Usually, the hiring manager, who is asking every candidate this question, has three motives:

1. How well do you know yourself?
2. How well do you know what their needs/problems are?
3. How interested you are to work for this company?

“Why should I hire you?” is one of the key interview questions that will get them these answers. When panel members ask this question they also notice the following traits in a prospective employee – Candidate’s Presence of Mind, Smartness and Observation Skills, Method chosen to respond, and Convincing abilities.

This question serves also as a test to check the limit of ego in an individual. Because if a person is egoistic, he will not able to deal with people and work as a team. While an organization looks for a person who believes in teamwork. And, give importance to the organization’s purpose keeping aside his own ego.

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What Are The Panel Members Looking For

Every employer wants to know “How you are different (Unique) from the rest of the crowd” or “How are you the best option for us among others who have applied for this post?” The manager is not just assessing how well you know yourself, but how well you know what sets you apart from everyone else. Generally, the Interviewer or Hirer wants from a prospective employee –

1. They want to know your strengths and why you are compatible with that post and your past experiences where you have worked in that domain.
2. They want to hear that you could help their company prosper, and you actually care about their business.
3. They want an employee who has skills and experience, and who can handle the job requirements efficiently.
4. They don’t want a person who will run away at the first available opportunity.
5. They don’t want people cribbing about timings and work.
6. They want to get their work done with commitment.
7. They want their work to be a priority for you.

Thus it’s evident from all the above reasons that interviewers want a person who can do the job smartly, and who won’t quit shortly after being hired because it’s expensive and time-consuming to train people, as well as it’s bad for culture to have churn.

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This Question Is An Opportunity For You

Don’t think that this question only helps the interviewers to find a suitable candidate for the company. This question also provides you an opportunity to tell the interviewer what skills, traits, or specialisms you have that make you a good fit for the role. This is a great time to sell and differentiate yourself from other candidates applying.

This is an interview question where you can give the right answer to sell yourself and your skills to the hiring manager. You can honestly answer this question by doing research about the company, job role, and company goals and values. Consider a valid reason why you believe this is a good fit for you and, in turn, why they should think you’re a good fit for the role.

The way to do that is to really be authentic about your interest in what the company does. It should be tailored to the specific job you’re applying for and should be totally focused on what you can do for them.


How To Answer “Why Should We Hire You?” Question

What Is The Proper Way To Answer This Question

No doubt, this question is a bit intimidating. Some interviewers ask it nicely but others ask very directly and it’s not always the most comfortable situation when you don’t know what to say. While answering this question, you need to come up with some specific points that help the interviewer gauge your ability and commitment. So write down all abilities and skills that matter for the job. You can easily get the basic idea from the job description.

Now prepare a well-structured answer considering job responsibilities, relevant experience, education, and the skill set. The basic idea here is to get the interviewer genuinely interested in you and catch up his/her attention with your answer. Apart from a remarkable answer, try to impress the interviewer with your self-confidence, enthusiasm, and etiquette.

Last but not the least, tell them how greedy you are to gain knowledge and how motivated you are in life. Again it would be good if you have examples to give in (always helps) or you could boast about your skills related to that job profile. If you keep all these things in your mind at the time of the interview, your chances of selection will be surely improved.

6 Key Points For Preparing A Great Answer

1. Show that you have the skills and experience to do the job and deliver great results to the company. You never know what other candidates for the position you want to get offer to the company. But you know yourself: emphasize your key skills, strengths, talents, work experience, and professional achievements that are fundamental to getting great things done in this position.

2. Highlight that you’ll fit in and be a great addition to the team. Show the interviewer that you have corresponding personal and professional traits that make you a great addition to the team. At larger companies, departments and their staff vary greatly. Identify the company’s culture and the department’s characteristic features and tell the interviewer how you will fit in.

3. Describe how hiring you will make their life easier and help them achieve more. Determine what problems they had so far, what new issues or goals they have now, and how your specific skills and experience can come in handy. Search for the company’s website and social media channels to research its roadmap and history.

4. If you are a fresher, you should highlight all the points – what you have done in your academics or college or extra-curricular activities that make you unique. Cite any practical exposure you have like, internships or company visits. Mention if you have been a topper or one of the top rankers of an exam having lots of applicants. Tell them that you are a quick learner and want to grow with the company.

5. Give some instances and examples that reflect your leadership skills, creative and critical thinking, intelligence, task-performing ability, etc. In short, be precise, express yourself, and make yourself look worthy for the position you are interviewing for.

6. And the last point, probably, the most important one: Always speak honestly. Be honest with both yourself and your prospective employer. You won’t make it far if you lie.

So, a good answer to the question for “Why should I hire you” should focus on all these points. The best answer is concise, positive, and tailored to the job. And do not forget that it’s your responsibility to give interviewers a solid reason why they should select you for their company.

Common Mistakes When Answering This Question

You need to avoid following mistakes while answering the “Why Should We Hire You?” question.

1. Never use general interview answers like – Because I am the best candidate for this job; I meet the requirements for the job; because I want this job so badly.

2. Never give way to the imposter syndrome. Never try to act smart, and say things such as, “I am the best, your company needs me”.

3. Do not frame your answer on the spot, pen it down somewhere and go through it at least twice before your interview.

4. Never start with Ummm, Hmm as it shows that you are not confident about yourself either.

5. Never simply mention or list down your qualities in front of the interviewer.

6. Do not become too modest.

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Example “Why Should We Hire You?” Answers For You

Figure Out What Interviewer Actually Wants To Hear

Please remember, not every interviewer is the same, like no two candidates are the same. Every interviewer has a different level of understanding, different expectations, and different yardsticks for the analysis of one’s capability. For example – If someone is more interested in your work profile and project experience, a short and simple answer will click.

On the other hand some interviewers like answers that are straightforward and enriched with confidence, no matter if those answers sometimes seem overconfident statements. The best approach to answer this question is (and always will be) to get personal. The more personalized your responses are, the more chances you stand out at the interview.

Because while other candidates may share the same skills and qualifications as you, they do not share two things: Your personal experiences, Your personal motivation for working for this organization. We hope below sample answers may help you nicely prepare the smart answers for this puzzling question.

1. Sample Answer For The Post of Senior Marketing Manager

Most people answer this question by talking about themselves like – I have certain years of experience in this type of role, I’m a hard worker and will put in 100% effort, I’m really collaborative and a team player that will get along with everyone. But remember this is only half of the equation though. Most people don’t even know what the other half is. So what is that other half? What should people be focusing their answer on?

It’s simple. Focus on the company. Yes, When you talk about the company when you discuss its goals, mission, role, and responsibilities, it immediately draws their attention. It highlights exactly how you’re going to help them deliver on those when you take on the job. For example, have a look at this answer. Doesn’t it sound better?

ANS: You should hire me because I’m really passionate about your mission to help people live healthier lives with natural products. I’m so passionate about it that I even created a customized 10-page deck on how I’m going to help your company grow sales through a digital marketing campaign that includes content marketing and paid acquisition strategies.

I’ve also outlined the 7 ways I’ll contribute to the company in this role and what I’ll do in the first 90 days. I’m excited and confident I can contribute as I’ve got 7 years of experience, work really hard, and am a team player.

TIPS: Remember to focus on the company when you apply for the senior post in any organization.

2. Sample Answer For Managerial Position In Sales

Every company expects that you must be familiar with its key values, the company’s motto, the kind of people they are looking for, the work that they do, and the job profile that they are providing you with. So do detailed research on the company – what services or products the company provides, countries/regions where it’s operational, future goals, or projects of the company.

Search about their current status in the market (market share) and gather information about the company’s competitors. Also, look out for videos related to the company/organization. It will help you a lot in framing a good answer.

ANS: My abilities in sales really seem to fit this job. As a Sales Manager of a 50 member team, I have managed to create a wide network of distributors and retailers across the state. My experience as a member of a large team will contribute to your department and I am enthusiastic about the new challenges involved in this position.

With over 7 years of leadership experience in the Sales industry, I will bring my creative, motivational, and strategic sales skills to the client side with your company. Apart from my sales experience, I have an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of the products which would benefit the department as a whole. I possess excellent communication and convincing skills that are a must in a sales job.

I am also trained to meet sales deadlines due to my past work experiences. I am very hard-working and I am a quick learner, hence can easily mold myself into the desired shape. Thus, my qualification and background as a reliable resource to my past company make me a suitable candidate for the position of Senior Sales Manager at your reputed firm.

TIPS: The best answer to this question is to keep the answer succinct and simple.

3. Sample Answer For The Post of Project Manager

Every job, including the one you are interviewing for, exists to solve a problem. If there wasn’t a problem to solve, the job would not exist. The job description does not give you an indication of what the real problem is. Sure, you can imagine at a high level what the position is about. For example, if it’s a project manager role, the problem they are trying to solve is to get projects finished on time and on budget.

But there is always always a deeper underlying problem. Maybe projects are always delayed as stakeholders are not fully engaged. Perhaps there is a corporate communications problem. Perhaps there are always budget overruns. These deeper problems cannot be aired publicly in job descriptions.

It is only during the interview that you will be exposed to these deeper problems, if you listen attentively, and ask the right questions such as “What is the biggest challenge your department is facing today?” Having an internal contact would also help uncover these problems if you have a friend or acquaintance who referred you to this job. Once you have this info, use it!

ANS: You mentioned that one of the biggest challenges you are facing right now is creating a project plan template. And how all project managers are creating their own versions, and this leads to challenges with revisiting details of archived projects and reviewing existing plans to search for specific information. My skills in the documentation would be your biggest asset if you hire me.

In my previous role, my management recognized my attention to detail and the care I took in creating a detailed project plan template. I went the extra mile to gather opinions from all the project managers that would be recipients of this plan. Involving them resulted in not only creating a project plan template that worked but a high adoption rate as well.

TIPS: Personalize the answer with a deeper problem the hiring manager had, along with a personal story of how you solved that problem in the past.

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Real “Why Should We Hire You?” Answers That Made The Deal

4. Real Sample Answer For The Post of Database Manager

HRM: Why Should We Hire You?

ME: From our conversations, it sounds as if you’re looking for someone to come in and take charge immediately. It also sounds like you are experiencing problems with some of your database systems. With my seven years of experience working with financial databases, I have saved companies thousands of dollars by streamlining systems.

My high energy and quick learning style enable me to hit the ground and size up problems rapidly. My colleagues would tell you I’m a team person who maintains a positive attitude and outlook. I have the ability to stay focused in stressful situations and can be counted on when the going gets tough. I’m confident I would be a great addition to your team.


TIPS: Be precise, express yourself and make yourself look worthy of the position you are interviewing for.

5. Real Sample Answer For Customer Care Representative

HRM: Why Should We Hire You?

ME: I am an extrovert person and love to talk with people. Communication with people of different ages and different backgrounds is my passion as it makes me happy and helps me to learn something new in life. As I always try to make people smile I will make every effort to satisfy your customers if you hire me. So that your business can thrive with the support of satisfied and loyal customers.


TIPS: Keep it short and simple. No long stories or descriptions.

6. Real Sample Answer For The Post of Field Manager

HR Director of A Large MNC: Why Should We Hire You?

ME: For me, work is a priority! When I pick up any task it precedes all other important things, I give 100% commitment without any boundations on time. Also, I don’t believe in running here and there for better options! Once I am with your company, you can definitely expect a long-term faithful relationship.


TIPS: Every employer wants a loyal and trustworthy employee.

7. Short But Awesome Answer For Any Kind of Job

INTERVIEWER: Why should I hire you?

ME: Sir, Thank you for asking this question. But I believe you know the answer to this question better. Because you shortlisted me for this role and invested your valuable time while interviewing me. It means I’m competent for the role and you believe the same. I’m grateful to you for this opportunity.


TIPS: Instead of reflecting on why you are important to the organization, tell the organization or recruiter how important he is.

8. Real Sample Answer For The Entry Level Jobs

HRM: Why Should We Hire You?

ME: As a recent college graduate, I know that what I’m lacking is career experience. But you should hire me because I am a hardworking and dedicated person who is interested in your work/project. And there is nothing better than hiring a person who is interested in your work. I will definitely give you results and that’s what matters at the end of the day.


TIPS: Be confident and ready to face a question from your answers and that’s how it works.


Best Answers For ‘Why Should We Hire You’: 2 Great Replies

9. Real Sample Answer For The Post of Retail Manager

HR of A Big Retail Firm: Why should we hire you?

ME: Sir, a few weeks back, I ordered a formal shirt of size 39 and got 41 delivered. I reordered it and the next time got the same. See (showing his shirt), I wear 39 sizes. So, either improve your operations or hire me because clearly, it isn’t happening.


TIPS: Take risks and discuss openly the shortcomings of the company. Tell them how can you help the organization to meet its goal by providing better customer satisfaction.

10. Awesome Answer That Tells Why Confidence Matters

A user shared the excerpts of an awesome interview on Quora. Many years ago he interviewed a candidate who was from a different field. However, his positive attitude, confidence, and vision impressed him in a way that he had no option other than to say yes. Yes, the background and track record of the candidate was good but it was his trust in himself that awarded him a job that was not even relevant to his field. He asked this question almost at the end of the interview.

INTERVIEWER: Why should I hire you?

CANDIDATE: Getting selected for the position is a win-win event for the company as well as me. Can I be little frank, if you allow?

INTERVIEWER: Yes. Please go ahead.

CANDIDATE: It is all about cost, quality & delivery. Coming to quality first – I have been a top performer in all the positions held in past. My references can be checked to confirm this. And I see 4–5 months down the line you are praising me for my contribution.

INTERVIEWER: But neither your academics are not that strong nor you are from a good college.

CANDIDATE: To be honest with you sir, I never enjoyed studying in my life and that is the reason for my average results. But you will also appreciate, how much of our study we apply in our everyday work. It is more of commonsense and logical reasoning of actions that are most important. I am thankful to God that I am blessed with these two qualities in ample amount. I have never let my boss down in past and here also I will never.

INTERVIEWER: That’s impressive.

CANDIDATE: Coming to cost. The consultant gave me the range of salary and I think I am fitting in it comfortably. And lastly, I have only 2 month notice period and there is an accumulated earned leave of one month. I can join in one month.

Final Words on “Why Should We Hire You?”

“Why Should We Hire You?” is a question that is always expected in interviews. So be prepared in advance. But don’t just prepare and learn an answer and vomit it before the panel. Be prepared to face the situation. Be dynamic. Remember, You may not be the most qualified candidate but if you can show you are better prepared and more eager to perform well in this job, then surely the interviewer or hiring manager will consider you while making the final decision.

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“The most successful people are those who are good at Plan B.”

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