Bible Story About Self-confidence: Jesus And The Storm

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Last updated on June 4th, 2024


Jesus And Storm: Bible Story About Self-confidence


“Danger is the key to our hidden courage. In danger, we go beyond the limits of fear.”

– Premchand

Bible Story About Self-confidence

Bible Story About Self-confidence: There was a crowd on the banks of Lake Galilee. The weather was not good that day. No one knew when the storm would come, so all the passengers were in a hurry to reach the other side of the lake. Most of the people were sitting in the boat in fear.

A Wonderful Story About Jesus Christ For Believers

The boats had just reached the middle of the lake when suddenly a storm came. The lives of the frightened people were in danger. Many started praying to God to help them cross the lake. But it seemed as if the storm had become more angry due to their action.

The speed of the storm was continuously increasing and now even the water of the lake had started rising. All the boats started shaking badly. Gradually the speed of the waves increased and now water started coming inside the boats also.

All the passengers trembled to their core with the apprehension of some untoward incident. Women and children started crying, and some of them started remembering God after knowing that it was their last time.

Here the sailors were exhausting all their strength to handle the boat but the boats were not stopping rocking in any way. There was not a single person who did not get goosebumps after seeing that horrifying scene.

But amidst that fierce storm and the waterproof darkness of despair, there was one person who was sleeping very peacefully in a corner of the boat. It seemed as if he was completely oblivious of the world.

Everyone’s eyes were staring at him. The people sitting nearby shook him awake and told him the whole story. After hearing everything he said to the people, “Then what is there to be worried about?

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Bible Story About The Power of Self-confidence

Storms come often, sometimes even boats sink and people also die. Why are you people so afraid? Everyone sitting on the boat was stunned after hearing what that strange man said. Not a single word came out of anyone’s mouth. Seeing them very frightened, the distressed traveler said,

“Friends, what are you afraid of? Why don’t you believe that this storm will subside after a short while? Surely you people have considered the power of the storm to be greater than the power of self-confidence. If you have faith then this storm will calm down this very moment.”

People were staring at him in fear and the amazing traveler was standing absolutely calm and motionless. Casting a sharp glance at his fellow travelers, he closed his eyes and began to meditate. Immersing himself in the raging sea of confidence, he ordered, “Be still, oh gentle storm!”

And with this, a great wonder happened. That fierce storm whose roar was making the lake water bounce and which was desperate to take away all the boats, had now completely calmed down. The boats had also become stable. Everyone came to life.

From their facial expression, it seemed as if they had got a new life. At the same time, there was a feeling of reverent gratitude on their face towards that stranger and wonderful traveler who, today, had saved them from drowning in the lake.

To awaken the sleeping self-confidence of all people, that great man Jesus Christ said, “Brothers, no matter what difficulties come, never lose confidence in life. Always remember that the strength of any storm cannot be greater than the strength of your faith.

Throw away every kind of fear from your heart. Only then you can move forward, only then you can keep yourself alive, otherwise, the storms of troubles will never let you live peacefully.

Have a strong faith. Fight them with strength and then before your eyes they will disappear just as the storm has subsided.

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“Pain is temporary, but losing courage is permanent.”

– Lance Armstrong

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