King Solomon’s Wisdom Stories To Make Your Kids Wise

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Great Stories About The Wisdom of King Solomon To Make Your Kids Wise


King Solomon Stories of Wisdom For Kids: According to the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament, Solomon was a monarch of ancient Israel. Solomon, also called Jedidiah was the son and successor of King David. He is described as having been the penultimate ruler of an amalgamated Israel and Judah.

King Solomon's Wisdom Stories

King Solomon was the third king of the United Kingdom of Israel, and he is best known for his wisdom, wealth, and his writings. Regarded as the greatest king of Israel, Solomon was actively involved in the construction of the Temple of Jerusalem, the first temple in the country.

King Solomon’s greatest strength was his unsurpassed wisdom, granted to him by God. The following stories reveal the extraordinary wisdom of King Solomon.

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1. Two Mothers: A Short Story About Solomon’s Wisdom

One day King Solomon was sitting in his court. Then two women confronted him, fighting and demanding justice. Solomon calmed them down and asked them to describe the whole incident. A person who accompanied them described the entire story. Both these women lived in the same house.

They had recently given birth to newborn babies, but unfortunately one of the babies died. The mother of the dead child tried to snatch the living child away from the other mother.

Since no other witnesses lived in the house, the women were left to dispute whose surviving child belonged to them and who was the true mother. Both the women claimed to have given birth to a child.

When no one could resolve their dispute they begged Solomon to determine which of them should keep the newborn baby. To settle the dispute, Solomon displayed extraordinary wisdom and said,

“You both desire a baby, but there is only one child here. So it is best if this child be cut into two pieces, and each of you takes one piece of his body.”

Saying this, Solomon ordered a soldier standing nearby to divide the infant into two halves with his sword. The entire congregation was shocked to hear Solomon’s decision because they were aware of the repercussions.

However, as soon as Suleman gave this command to his soldier, one of the women began screaming loudly.

She said, “No, My Lord, do not cut the child into pieces. Do not kill this innocent one! Give the whole child to another woman. I cannot see my child dying in front of my eyes.”

Saying this, the woman, deeply moved by love for her son, sat there and started sobbing while the other woman happily said that she accepted Solomon’s decision.

Then King Solomon ordered his soldiers to take the child from the second woman and give it to the first woman.

Solomon continued, “This woman is the real mother of the child because a mother can never let any harm happen to her child. A child is the most precious thing in this world to his/her mother and this mother also chose to give up her child rather than see him harmed.

Moral of The Story: A mother’s love is the purest kind of love in the world.

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2. King Solomon And Queen of Sheba: Inspiring Story About Wisdom

A Story on Sharp Wit of The Great King Solomon

One day King Solomon was sitting on his throne, and his great men were standing around him. Suddenly the door was thrown open and the Queen of Sheba came in. “O King,” she said, “in my own country, far, far away, I have heard much about your power and glory, but much more about your wisdom.

Men have told me that there is no riddle so cunning that you can not solve it. Is this true?”

“It is as you say, O Queen,” answered Solomon.

“Well, I have here a puzzle which I think will test your wisdom. Shall I show it to you?”

“Most certainly, O Queen.”

Then she held up in each hand a beautiful wreath of flowers. The wreaths were so nearly alike that none of those who were with the king could point out any difference.

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Story of King Solomon And The Clever Queen

“One of these wreaths.” said the queen, “is made of flowers plucked from your garden. The other is made of artificial flowers, shaped and colored by a skillful artist. Now, tell me, O King, which is the true, and which is the false?”

The king, for once, was puzzled. He stroked his chin. He looked at the wreaths from every side. He frowned. He bit his lips.

“Which is the true?” the queen again asked.

Still, the king did not answer.

“I have heard that you are the wisest man in the world,” she said, “and surely this simple thing ought not to puzzle you.”

The king moved uneasily on his golden throne. His officers and great men shook their heads. Some would have smiled if they had dared.

“Look at the flowers carefully,” said the queen, “and let us have your answer.”

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How Did King Solomon Solve The Riddle

Then the king remembered something. He remembered that close by his window there was a climbing vine filled with beautiful sweet flowers. He remembered that he had seen many bees flying among these flowers and gathering honey from them.

So he said, “Open the window!”

It was opened. The queen was standing quite near to it with the two wreaths still in her hands. All eyes were turned to see why the king had said, “Open the window.”

The next moment two bees flew eagerly in. Then came another and another. All flew to the flowers in the queen’s right hand. Not one of the bees so much as looked at those in her left hand.

“O Queen of Sheba, the bees have given you my answer,” then said Solomon.

And the queen said, “You are wise, King Solomon. You gather knowledge from the little things which common men pass by unnoticed.”

King Solomon lived three thousand years ago. He built a great temple in Jerusalem and was famous for his wisdom.

Moral of The Story: An attentive mind can find the solution to every problem.

We hope you liked these beautiful stories about King Solomon’s wisdom. Nearly all evidence for Solomon’s life and reign comes from the Bible. Often referred to as the wisest and wealthiest monarch ever lived, King Solomon’s reign is considered an era of unprecedented prosperity due to his wisdom.

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