3 Stories About Respect To Make You A Good Human Being

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Top Stories About Respect That’ll Make You A Good Human Being


Best Stories About Respect To Make You Social: Both respect and pride are important for our well-being and success. When we respect others and feel respected in return, it can foster positive relationships and a sense of belonging. And when we have pride in ourselves and our accomplishments, it can boost our self-esteem and motivation to achieve even more.

Stories About Respect

Respect is frequently desired in several contexts, including the family, the office, friendships, and more. There are more chances to demonstrate this quality of profound admiration than just the respect we all try to have for one another in our daily interactions.

Certain characteristics stand out in effective relationships and enable continued trust and modest cooperation. One of the most crucial interpersonal traits that can be both offered and received is respect. If you always demand the respect you deserve, you will certainly go far in life, that’s a fact.

I have found in my many encounters through life that the people who don’t treat people with respect usually don’t respect themselves. Be reminded of how important respecting everyone is by these short stories about respect.

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1. Humbleness Is Power: A Story About Social Respect

There was a little girl named Radha whose parents were extremely wealthy. They had blessed her with all the toys and clothes of all colors and everything for her enjoyment. She was the apple of her parent’s eyes. They made sure that she had all the comforts in life. A nanny stayed with Radha the whole day to take care of her.

Given their wealth and busy schedule, the parents didn’t have much time to spend with their little princess. Not realizing what she was missing in her life, she became an arrogant and spoiled girl. She never spoke gently with poor people and always made fun of their misery.

As the birthday of the girl was approaching, she was excited to celebrate with her family and friends. On the day of her birthday, all arrangements for the celebration were made by the servants at home.

As the evening approached, and the party time arrived, all of her friends began to gather to watch the cake being cut. But to her dismay, none of her parents came from the office and were not with her on her special day.

She felt sad to the core and went to the room crying profusely. Coincidentally a poor friend of hers whose fun she makes all the time, came to her room to wish her birthday. On seeing her friend crying, she calmly asked her what was the matter.

She asked why she was crying on her special day. Radha told her pal everything. To celebrate their birthdays together, her friend invited Radha to come along. Then Radha went to her house and both of them celebrated their birthday together.

They cherished the party with less pomp and with humbleness with her family members who were there with her on special day. After that day, Radha stopped making fun of her, had a significant mental shift, and began to appreciate everyone.

And they became friends forever. So, a humble life is what gives happiness in the long run. Because richness, name, and fame sap a person’s vital force and leave him hollow on the inside. Healthy relationships support and elevate us and help us be joyful all the time.

Moral of The Story: Never disrespect anyone. You never know when you might need their help.

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2. The Story of A King Who Showed Respect To A Sage

Once a Sage went to see the monarch of a large kingdom. Sage had to wait for a very long time because the King was very busy. At last, the King ordered the gatekeeper to bring the Sage with due respect. Sage bowed to the king and removed his hat as soon as he entered the hall.

At that moment, the King also removed his crown and bowed before the sage. Seeing this Ministers stated, “Your Majesty, he took off his hat because he is a common man, but you are king, why should you have to take off your Crown?”

King replied, “Sage bowed down to me and removed his hat as a sign of respect. He is humble and modest. His humility is a peerless virtue. I would be less humble than an average man if I didn’t take off my crown.”

Being a king means that I have to be better at everything and humble. For this reason, I took off my crown and bowed to him out of respect.

Moral of The Story: Truly great people always respect others.

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3. Incredible Story on Respect: A Tale of America’s Civil War

Inspiring Short Story of General Grant & General Lee

This episode took place in 1864–1865. At that time, there was a civil war raging in America over slavery. Abraham Lincoln, one of America’s greatest and most popular presidents, was the President of the country at that time. While over half of the states supported ending this barbarous practice, several states in the nation supported it as well.

General Robert E. Lee of Virginia was the commander in chief of the army and led the pro-slavery faction. President Abraham Lincoln viewed slavery as a disgrace to humanity. Despite his desire to put an end to this improper behavior at any cost, General Lee rebelled and headed the opposing force when war broke out.

At such critical times, Lincoln handed over the responsibility of suppressing the rebellion to General Ulysses S. Grant. The American Parliament exerted pressure on President Lincoln to fire General Grant after the country lost its first two wars.

But Lincoln steadfastly refused to do so and expressed confidence in fighting under his leadership. General Lee ultimately lost the battle and surrendered. General Grant went to Lee on behalf of the anti-slavery forces to negotiate the terms of the treaty and get it ratified.

Prior to the Civil War, General Grant was a subordinate of General Lee, and under Lee’s mentorship, he had received specialized training in warfighting tactics. General Grant was deeply hurt to see his mentor Lee in this deplorable state of defeat and humiliation.

He wrote about this incident – “I felt anything rather than rejoicing at the downfall of a foe who had fought so long and valiantly.”

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Story of A General Who Respected Even His Enemy

General Grant did not seize the property or weapons of the vanquished adversary, as is customary in wartime. He treated even a defeated enemy with respect and dignity. Only on Lee’s request did General Grant allow the officers’ personal weapons and horses to remain with them.

When Lee told General Grant that he had run out of food supplies and his 25,000 soldiers were hungry, General Grant promptly made the necessary arrangements. After Lee’s defeat, a weird message came from the Home Ministry.

It said: A salute of 1000 cannons should be immediately fired in celebration of General Lee’s surrender. In response, Grant wrote to the ministry:

“To remind a brave man like General Lee again and again that You have lost the battle is not fair from any point of view. No cannons should be fired on this triumphant occasion, otherwise my soul shall suffer more than Lee’s.”

Everyone appreciated General Grant’s appeal and the cannons were not fired on his request. Undoubtedly, we are born to win, but not at the expense of other people’s dignity.

While showing respect to others is a praiseworthy virtue, showing respect to one’s opponents and foes is a divine quality that very few people possess.

Moral of The Story: That person is truly great, who thinks highly of others and treats them with respect. True brave men never transgress decorum, not even with their enemies.

Respect for oneself and others is, after all, the cornerstone of a beautiful humanity, isn’t it? We hope you liked these inspiring stories about social respect. If you liked these respect stories, please share them on your favorite social media portals with your friends and relatives.

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“Only true brave men can respect anyone, not cowards and timid people.”

– Pawan Pratap Singh

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