Aristotle’s Short Stories With Aristotle And Alexander Story

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Best Aristotle Short Stories Including Aristotle And Alexander Story


Aristotle Short Stories: While returning from the Indian subcontinent, the victorious Alexander was accompanied by the extraordinary beauty Phillips, whom he had won in a battle. Caught in her trap, Alexander had forgotten everything. Now, instead of dreaming of a vast empire, dreams of sensual love for a Beauty started growing in his mind.

Aristotle's Short Stories

But the affection that Alexander was considering as love was just a conspiracy. Actually, Phillips was a Poison Damsel (Vishakanya) who was sent by Alexander’s opponents to kill him. However, this trap of Phillips was recognized by the great Greek philosopher Aristotle, who was also Alexander’s mentor.

He warned Alexander the Great, but Alexander was deeply infatuated with her, which is why he forgot his Guru’s words. It has also been said that the attraction of women’s beauty is irresistible. When Phillips discovered this secret, she employed her beauty to deceive Aristotle and seek revenge.

Aristotle also went so crazy after her that he forgot everything and started behaving like her play animal. One day, in order to humiliate Aristotle, who was crazy about her, Phillips made him a horse and forced him to walk on his knees.

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Poison-girl Phillips: Aristotle And Alexander Story

Then she rode on his back and whipped Aristotle and made him run around the house. Suddenly Alexander, who was enamored with Phillips, also reached there and when he saw the condition of the great Greek philosopher, he was surprised.

He could not believe that a great, knowledgeable scholar could do this. He asked Aristotle – “What is all this? What are you doing?”

In reality, Aristotle was not crazy about the beautiful look of Phillips. He was just doing all this to teach Alexander a great lesson. He replied in a serious tone,

“Alexander, a beautiful woman who can make a person like me do all this, imagine how dangerous she can prove to be for someone inexperienced like you and much younger than me?”

“I had already warned you, but you did not listen to me. Now I have presented the proof of this before you.”

Hearing what his mentor said, Alexander felt ashamed and then he concentrated on his objective. In fact, the attraction of women’s beauty is very strong and compelling.

When even sages, ascetics, and yogis could not escape from their lucrative trap, how can an ordinary youth escape? That is why it is best to avoid extremes.

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