4 Happy Marriage Stories To Know Why You Need A Life Partner

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Last updated on June 3rd, 2024


Beautiful Happy Marriage Stories That Show Why You Need A Life Partner


Happy Marriage Stories For Couples: The protecting care of the Almighty may occur in many different ways and another way through which God provides you with belonging, love, and security is through your life partner. We should know that we are never left alone and we can feel secure in our hearts and peaceful in our minds.

Happy Marriage Stories To Ignite Passion

Being married is happy and fun and sweet, yet it can also present challenges. The institution of marriage may offer numerous advantages to those who enter into it. Your spouse can be your best friend who can help you with whatever it is that is bothering you.

Whatever life throws at you, knowing that you have a partner who you can depend on makes all things easy. On this page, we present you a collection of short happy marriage stories that show how God cares for you through a loving, compassionate, and caring life partner.

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1. Scientists Duo Pierre And Marie Curie: A Short Marriage Story

He was rich. She was poor. He was French. She was Polish. His academic family supported him nicely. She worked as a governess to support her family. He had a big supporting family. She had lost her family(almost) at the age of 9. He was setting his career and following his ambitions.

She was putting off her dreams to make up for her sister’s higher education. But, time was about to change. She, somehow, enrolled in a prestigious college. She was in the process of a doctoral thesis. That was the time when she met him. He was in his mid-thirties.

Their thinking matched. They were finding ways to meet each other. They were finding reasons to work with each other. They could not live away from each other. They worked hard. They worked together. They researched together.

They loved each other. This is the story of famous scientists Pierre Curie and Marie Curie who fell in love with each other while working in the same institution. They were meant for each other.

They were meant for the world and They will always be remembered not only for their scientific explorations but for their mutual understanding also that helped them building a great relationship.

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2. How Life Revolves Around Love: A Romantic Story For Couples

In my previous company, I used to work late sometimes and I mean very late as I used to come home around 1 AM. My wife is a working woman too. I understood her predicament, she would not be able to wake up when I came home late at night.

I ensured I carried my dinner home so that it would not disturb her. I reached home at 1.15 AM something (3rd day in a row). To my surprise, my wife was sleeping on the sofa. I woke her up and asked her to go to the bedroom and sleep with our daughter.

She said it was 3 days since we didn’t have dinner together and she was waiting for me. I could see she was in deep sleep, still, she was putting up a brave front so that we could spend a few minutes together.

Actually, we had a hectic schedule. We both had to get up at 6 AM, to ensure our daughter went to school on time. Since she was very tired I didn’t want to disturb her. But at her request, I gave her my parcel.

She said she would heat it, and I went to freshen up. It might have taken about 5 minutes. I came out to see she was still sleeping on the sofa but with a food packet in her hand.

I slowly removed it, heated it up, served it on two plates, and then woke her up. She immediately woke up and apologized. I told her there was no need for an apology.

We shared our dinner and it was the most amazing dinner we ever had. There was no need for her to wait for me, but she waited because she loved her life partner and cherished the divine companionship.

Courtesy: Ramesh

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A Sweet Story That Shows Marriages Are Made In Heaven

3. How God Cares You When You Least Expect of His Grace

It was my mother’s funeral. My mother was kind and supportive. She was always there when I needed her. And I knew that she prayed for me for my entire life. When she got seriously ill, my elder sister had a new baby and my younger brother was recently married.

I had no entanglements, thus it was me, who could fully devote to taking care of the mother. It was an honor. Now, when she is gone, I found myself completely lost. “What will I do now, Lord” – I thought and felt an emptiness inside.

Then I looked at my brother, he sat stoically while clutching his wife‘s hand. My sister sat by her husband and cradled their baby. He held his arms around her. I sat alone. So deeply grieving, nobody noticed that.

My mother was my closest friend. We read the Bible together. I prepared meals, helped with her visits to doctors, and took her for a walk. Now my job is done and I was alone.

Suddenly I heard a door open and then quick footsteps hurried along the floor. In a moment I saw a young man, his eyes were filled with tears. He sat next to me.

Then he sniffled: “I’m late” and added: “Why do they call Mary by the name Margaret?”

I whispered, “Because her name was Margaret, nobody called her Mary”. I wondered why this stranger sat next to me and interrupted my grieving with his tears and fidgeting.

“Her name is Mary Peters” – he insisted.

“No, that isn’t right” – I replied.

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The Story of A Girl Who Met Her Future Husband By Chance

Then a sudden thought strokes his mind. He asked, “Is this Lutheran church?” No, it is across the street. It was clear that the man was at the wrong funeral. This awkward situation and the solemnity of the funeral bubbled up inside me, I began to laugh.

Some mourners threw sharp looks at me. I looked at the man sitting next to me, he started laughing too. I imagined my mother watching us and laughing together. After the final “Amen”, we went together to the parking lot.

“Perhaps we will be the talk of the town – he smiled and then offered. Since I have missed my aunt’s funeral, maybe we could drink a cup of coffee?”.

I agreed. A year after we were married at a small country church. This time we both arrived at the right place. God gave me laughter and love in my time of sorrow. Now we are celebrating our twenty-second wedding anniversary.

When somebody asks, how we met, my husband says: “Her mother and my aunt introduced us to each other. Thus, our match was certainly made in heaven.”

In this Wonderful Story About A Husband’s Love For His Wife, you will find out how should a husband support his wife.

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