13 Inspirational Stories of Hope To Dream Big & Lift Your Spirit

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Last updated on June 13th, 2024


Inspirational Stories About Hope That Will Help You Live A Carefree Life


“Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end.”

– Roy T. Bennett

Inspirational Stories of Hope

Inspirational Stories of Hope To Lift Your Spirit: Hope is a powerful force when it comes to overcoming life’s biggest challenges. When we are hopeful, we are optimistic and believe positive things happen to us and the world. When we lose hope, we lose a valuable tool. If you have lost hope, things seem impossible.

Being able to hold onto hope can give you the power to do the impossible. Remember hope is all about imagining and reaching for a better future for ourselves. Being optimistic means keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun, and one’s feet moving forward.

Just fight for what’s worth it and let go of the rest. Your life will get better. Here are some inspiring short stories about hope with a moral lesson that teaches us whatever happens, if you believe in God to the fullest then you can overpower any obstacle.

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1. Nothing Is Impossible In Life: A Short Story About Hope

An old woman aged about 50, started running 20 km a day. What could have inspired her? And why so late? Looking at all those young women, maybe she wanted to feel beautiful again or maybe she suddenly realized her health was failing. Maybe she was preparing for an important day?

To know the exact reason behind all this exhausting practice we have to look into the past. She is in hospital and talking to a Doctor. But why she’s here? Because her only son had end-stage kidney disease and the only solution that can save his life is a kidney transplant.

She said to the Doctor, “Can my kidney be replaced with my son’s?”

The doctor said, “Yes Ma’am, but there is a catch… The body of the giver and the receiver should be the same. You need to reduce your weight by about 20 kgs, only then you can donate your kidney to your son.”

She looks at her son and says, “Son, you need not worry, you will get well soon.”

After one month she again met the doctor who said, “Ma’am we are running out of time. You have to complete the goal soon.”

The woman nodded her head and said to herself, “No man could make me go on a diet, or lose weight except my own son.”

Three months later…

Doctor: Are you ready Ma’am?

Lady: “Yes, Nothing frightens me more than losing my son.”

This is the story of Mrs. Wang who at the age of 51, pushed her limits and lost 20 kgs within 3 months. She saved her son’s life by sacrificing her kidney. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

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Heart Touching Stories of Hope To Guides You Through Life’s Storms

2. Short Inspirational Story of Hope With A Moral Lesson

Once there was a King who didn’t have a son. He tried but he doesn’t have any child. So one of the advisors of the King goes to a Tantric for the solution. A Tantric is a person who is well-versed in the practice of Tantra. Tantric said that a boy has to sacrifice his life, only then the King will have a child.

The King made an announcement in the kingdom to give him a child for sacrifice and in return, he will give that family lots and lots of gold. In the kingdom, a family decides to give his son as he didn’t do anything and only roamed around.

Now that boy was given to the King and as promised, the family was awarded with lots of gold. The day came when the boy had to sacrifice his life and all arrangements were made by the courtiers. The King was also present there and just before the sacrifice, he asked the boy about his last wish.

The boy said, “Bring a bag full of sand”. The King ordered his servants to fulfill the wish of the boy. The servant brought a bag full of sand and the boy made four heaps from that sand. And then broke the three heaps of sand and sat in front of the fourth heap of sand.

And told them that they could do whatever they wanted with him. The Tantric and the King were confused about what he did. The King asked the boy why he broke the three heaps. The boy answered:

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Why Did The King Feel Ashamed After Listening To The Child

“The first heap was the protection which my parents had to do but didn’t do and gave me to sacrifice, the second heap was of a family who didn’t stop my parents when they were giving me for sacrifice and the third heap is the king failed to give security to the kingdom and want to kill the boy who belongs to his kingdom”.

The King was overwhelmed but when he asked why did you save the last heap? The boy answered, “The last heap belongs to my God who is with me and I fully believe in God so I was sitting in front of it”. The answer of the boy hit the King very hard.

He thought if he sacrificed the boy then it is not known that the King’s child would be born. So, he decided why to sacrifice an innocent child when he could adopt the boy and accept him as the son of the King. Where he can get such a child who trusts God so much?

The King declared the boy as the prince of the kingdom. Like this boy, you must always remain hopeful even amidst the direst circumstances. His faith in God was so strong that God had to come to save him.

Moral of The Story: Never lose hope. If there is no one to help you, God will protect you. One who trusts God will not harmed by any means or anyone.

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3. A Story That Tells Why You Should Not Be Hopeless

George Mueller was a man of faith who lived in the early 1800’s and cared for over 10,000 orphans in his lifetime. One morning the headmistress of the 300 children in the orphanage told him that the kids were dressed for school, but they didn’t have anything for breakfast or any money to purchase it.

George told the kids to sit at the tables and they put out their place settings. He then thanked the Lord for providing food. Just then the local baker knocked on the door. He said he couldn’t sleep and thought the kids could use some bread. He baked all night and brought it to them.

As soon as he left, there was another knock at the door. A milkman said his cart broke down just outside and he needed to get rid of the milk before it went bad. George kept a prayer journal and in it had over 50,000 times when God answered his prayers.

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Inspirational Stories of Hope That Will Help You Trust God More

4. Man Lost In Desert: Famous Story of Hope For Believers

Once there was a man who lost his way in the desert. His flask was empty and he needed water to survive. Walking for some distance for water he saw a hut which was far but a little hope was there. The man thought that it would be a mirage but after walking some distance the hut was there.

After reaching the hut the man was so thirsty that if he didn’t get water he would die. Reaching that wrecked hut, he saw a hand pump. He tried to extract water from the hand pump but was unsuccessful. Then he went inside and saw a bottle of water at the corner of the hut.

When he opened the cap to drink water he noticed that there was a paper stuck to the bottle. When he unfolded the paper, he found that something was written on it. It said: Use this water to pour on the handpump so that the water would come out and then fill this bottle again and put the bottle in its place after use.

The thirsty man thought that if he drank the water from that bottle then his thirst would vanish. On the other, he was thinking that if he poured the water into the hand pump then what is the guarantee that the pump would work and the water not get wasted?

After closing his eyes he started thinking. Then he started praying because he had to make a decision. He took the decision and poured the water into the handpump. Within a minute a sound came and the water started flowing from the handpump.

He was so happy, he drank a lot of water, filled his flask and then he filled the bottle with water and put it where it was. As he went inside he saw on the other side a pen and a map. Due to this, he made out where he was and where he had to go.

Leaving the hut, he wrote on the same paper after the instructions “Believe me it works”. So never lose hope. You will definitely get the help you need in life from somewhere.

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5. The Sea Storm: Story of A Warrior Who Believed In God

Once there was a man who just got married. The couple had gone to another country and was returning back to the land. But in the middle of the journey, a sea-storm surrounded their boat. Since the storm was very powerful and they were in a small boat, their boat started rocking due to the waves.

His wife started screaming and shouting but on the other hand, her husband was calmly sitting on the boat. She was shouting what we would do if the storm did not end soon. Then she saw that her husband was sitting without any worry.

She cried and said to her man, “Don’t you see that we are caught in a storm and we are traveling in a small boat. Now how will we save ourselves? Please do something. How can you remain calm even in such a terrible situation?

The man looked at his wife and stood up. As he was a warrior, he carried a sword with him. He took out the sword and placed it near his wife’s neck. The sword was so close that if his hand moved even a little bit, his wife’s throat would have been cut.

But his wife didn’t fear. He asked his wife if she was not afraid. His wife answered, “The sword is in your hand but I have no fear because I know you will not cut my throat. You love me and I trust you.”

The man replied, “Absolutely correct, that’s what I’m trying to say. Just as you have faith in me, I have faith in God. I know that life and death are in God’s hands and as long as He is with us no one can harm us.

So like that warrior, never ever lose hope. There is a God who knows everything and who can make the impossible, possible.

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6. A Story of Hope That Inspires You When Nothing Is Going Well

Always Believe In Your Potential: An Amazing Story of Hope

This is the amazing story of Marvan Attapattu, a former Cricketer of Sri Lanka. With Sanatha Jayasuriya, he made one of the most formidable opening pair in world cricket. But Marvan had to struggle a lot to reach this point. It’s a story that Harsha Bhogle the Leading Cricket Commentator loves to tell, over and over again.

Making his debut in Test cricket for Sri Lanka, Marvan scored a duck in his first innings. And again, in his second innings. As selectors dropped him, he went back to the nets for more practice. More first-class cricket. More runs. Waiting for that elusive call.

And after twenty-one months, he got a second chance. This time, he tried harder. His scores: 0 in the first innings, 1 in the second. Dropped again, he went back to the grind. And scored tonnes of runs in first-class cricket.

Runs that seemed inadequate to erase the painful memories of the Test failures. Well, seventeen months later, opportunity knocked yet again. Marvan got a third chance. He got to bat in both innings of the Test but this time also, the same story was repeated.

His scores: 0 and 0. Phew! Back to the grind. Would the selectors ever give him another chance? They said he lacked big-match temperament. His technique wasn’t good enough at the highest level. Undaunted, Marvan kept trying.

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Real-Life Stories of Hope To Inspire You Always

Three years later, he got the fourth and last chance. This time, he made runs. He came good. And in an illustrious career thereafter, Marvan went on to score over 5000 runs for Sri Lanka. That included sixteen centuries and six double hundreds.

And he went on to captain his country. All this despite taking over six years to score his second run in Test cricket. Wow! What a guy! How many of us can handle failure as well as he did? Six years of trying, and failing.

He must have been tempted to pursue another career. Change his sport perhaps. Play county cricket. Or, oh well, just give up. But he didn’t. And that made the difference. The next time you are staring at possible failure or rejection, think of Marvan.

And remember this: If you don’t give up if you believe in yourself if you stay the course, the run will eventually come….. What’s more, you could even become a leader one day….!!!

One more thing, Marvan Attapattu is a qualified Chartered Accountant!!

Courtesy: A. Sharath Kumar

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7. The Courageous Dreamer: Inspiring Short Story About Hope

Story of A Boy Who Lost His Parent In A Young Age

This is the true story of my childhood friend. He is the mentally strongest person I have ever met. Let me tell you something about his life. When everyone was busy preparing for the 10th board, he was crying beside the body of his mother wrapped in a shroud. His Parents met with an accident and it separated him from his beloved mother.

Somehow his father survived the accident. He forgot all grudges with God and began living his life. To take care of him and his younger brother, his father got married again. But for him, Stepmom was just a burden. He cleared the 12th board and cracked the AIEEE with a decent rank.

It helped him get admission to a good private Engineering College. In his final year of college, his dad had a heart attack, and due to multiple complications, father got bedridden. His father needed blood every other month. He and his college friends were among the constant donors.

At the end of the final year when everyone was busy mugging up Books, he was doing the final rites of his father who couldn’t survive one more heart attack. And on top of it, Stepmom filed a case against him and his brother for claiming a part of the property.

During the most difficult times of his life, all his relatives distanced themselves when he needed them. Along with the whole mess, he was taking final year exams with minimal preparation.

He had always thought of joining a leading electrical company but the need of the hour took him to the interview at Tech Mahindra. He made an HR emotional when she asked him ‘Why should we hire you‘.

Why Should You Never Lose Hope

He replied, “Mam, My mom died when I was in 10th, My father died a few days ago, My stepmom filed a case against us and I have a younger brother who wants to study. I need money and for it, I could do whatever you want me to do.

Desperation and a bit of programming knowledge got him Selected. Later on, He got himself and his brother out of the case, funded his brother’s study, and supported himself to keep on going in the hard times.

Currently, he is working with One of the finest companies in Automation Testing in Hyderabad. He got married to the girl he loved since his school days, and his brother got into the government company in Hyderabad itself.

Courtesy: Vineet Sharma

Hope is “a feeling of expectation and desire for something to come.” We hope these inspirational stories of hope will help you feel hopeful again. To read more stories about hope please have a look at our Never Give Up Stories For Students.

Please share these stories with your friends and followers because if we spread smiles then we also get smiles in return. Your small effort can make someone’s whole day.

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