2 Believe In Yourself Stories To Get Success In Life


Inspirational Short Stories on Believe In Yourself To Get Success


Motivational Believe In Yourself Story For Success: Believing in yourself is one of the most important conditions for success. Believing in yourself is important to both your physical health and your psychological well-being. When you believe in yourself you’re more likely to try new things, devote your time and energy to tasks that matter, make good lifestyle choices, and foster healthy relationships.

Believe In Yourself Stories

Whether you’re feeling down on yourself because you don’t have a great job or you do not make enough money, or you are struggling with a negative body image at the moment or something else entirely, finding the right tools to reshape your mindset can help you break the vicious cycle of low self-confidence, regardless of where it stems from.

So whenever you need a little boost read these short believe in yourself stories to inspire you and help you believe in yourself a little more. You can read more inspirational stories in our Stories section.

The Legend of Heliopher: Believe In Yourself Moral Story

Once upon a time, there was a group of people that was lost in a great, dark forest. The trees stood so close together that the light of the sun could not penetrate the thickly entwined branches. There were also numerous wild animals that fell upon people, especially the children when they wandered too far from their parents while they were playing.

So everyone lived in constant fear of death and destruction, and a hopeless despair took hold of the hearts of the folk. Continuous darkness had strangled all the light in their hearts. They could not love one another anymore. They even hated and murdered one another in their rage.

Yet they were forced to remain together, for it was impossible for any single man to defend himself against the attacks of the wild beasts. They had lost all hope of ever finding their way out of the forest. Many of the young people refused to believe in the light they had never seen.

Sometimes they mocked their elders, when, with a last weak light gleaming in their dim eyes, they recounted tales of the festive, sunny days of their youth. Among the people, however, there was a young man called Heliopher.

He was very much alone, grieving over the misery of his people and seeking a way of salvation. He bore in his heart an endless longing for light and love in the desolation which surrounded him. Heliopher left his people to seek the sun.

How Did Heliopher Make His People Believe About Light

For many months and years, he wandered through the dangers of the forest and of his own soul, and often, very often, nearly lost all hope and confidence. But Heliopher bravely withstood his enemies, whether within himself or around him, and at last he reached the edge of the forest and saw the light of the sun.

In terrible amazement, he fell into a swoon, and when he awoke he saw in the twilight that he was watched over in his slumber by beautiful people. In the green meadows stood the simple huts of the sun-people, and Heliopher lived with them in peace and endless joy as the most beloved among them.

Then Heliopher went back to the forest to seek his people. “Come, brothers and sisters,” he said to them, “I will lead you to the light.” At this, there was murmuring and frowning, wavering and hesitation, wonder and questioning, incredulous laughter, and finally a jubilant “Yes!”

And then, at last, the longed-for departure. Then the light of the sun shone in Heliopher’s eyes, but the way was long and difficult, and demanded much suffering and sacrifice, and murmuring arose among the people.

Some spoke and said, “Let us murder him, the betrayer of the people!” And the dark glow of hatred was in their eyes. Others were wiser and said, “No! Let us judge him in the presence of all, for it is dangerous to give people a martyr.”

Inspiring Short Story on Believe In Yourself With Moral

And Heliopher spoke to his people and talked about light and love. But the wise ones answered, “You lie! There is no light, there is no sun, there is no love. Let us be darker than the forest and more cruel than the wild beasts. Then we shall be masters of the forest!”

Heliopher answered in great pain, “O believe not, ye wise men, that ye can be victorious over darkness by being darker, that ye can overcome the wild beasts by being more beastly. Only love is stronger. Only the light of the sun can drive away darkness.”

“Be silent!” said the wise men. “There is no light, there is no sun!” And the people shouted, flinging their arms about in raging despair, “There is no light, there is no sun!”

But Heliopher called out, “Follow me!” And with his nails, he tore open his breast, and his heart burned with love, and it glowed and shed its beams through the dark forest. Then he took it in both hands, held it high over his head, and strode forth in front of the people.

In reverent wonder and silence the multitude followed the burning heart. And the people went in jubilation toward the sun and danced in its loving rays, and they loved one another.

But Heliopher knelt down at the edge of the forest, and with the last strength of his outstretched arms he held up his loving, pulsing heart to the light of heaven, and gave his last smile to his people.

Source: Based on Maxim Gorky’s story “The Flaming Heart of Danko.” (Plough’s Winter, 1938)


Believe In Yourself Success Story For Students With Moral

Short Inspiring Story of A Kid Who Believed In Himself

This story is about two kids who used to live in a village. One was 6 years old and the other was 10 years old. Both were best friends. They used to be with each other all the time, play together, and eat together. One day they moved out of the village to play and while playing, the older kid fell into a well.

He started shouting and screaming because he didn’t know how to swim. Now, the smaller kid (6-year-old) looked around the area for help but found nobody there. Suddenly, he noticed a bucket tied to a rope lying on the ground.

He didn’t waste a second and threw the bucket into the well and told his friend to grab the bucket. His friend holds the bucket tightly. The smaller kid started putting every inch of power left in him to lift his friend out of the well.

He continued to lift his 10-year-old friend with every inch of power he had till he saved his friend. Through his herculean effort, the 10-year-old kid got out of the well.

When the 6-year-old saved the life of his best friend, they started hugging each other, crying together, and becoming happy at the same time… There was a sense of fear in them too because they knew they would be scolded heavily when they told this incident in the village.

Till now the story looks fine and good. A 6-year-old saved the life of his best friend while they were playing outside the village. But when they told the incident to their family and other villagers, nobody believed the incident was true.

Why No One Could Believe The Heroism of A Little Kid

The families and other villagers were also right because physically it’s an impossible task for a 6-year-old kid. As a kid so young doesn’t have the power to lift even a bucket filled with water, so lifting a 10-year-old kid is a downright impossible thing for him.

But there was one man in the village who believed that the incident was true. Everyone used to call him Rahim uncle. He was one of the most discerning people in the village. Every person in the village believed that this man never lies.

And if he thinks that this incident is true, there must be a solid reason behind why he is saying so. Everybody went to Rahim uncle together and asked him, how can this be possible?? He started laughing and said to the villagers,

“Both the kids have already told them in detail what had happened to them. What else do you guys want to know? The villagers started looking at each other. After pausing for a few moments, Rahim uncle said,

“The question is not how that 6-year-old kid did what he did but the question is why he was able to do it. How has he got all this goddamn power to lift that 10-year-old kid out of the well?”

“And there is only one answer to this question: The time when the 6-year-old was lifting his 10-year-old best friend… there was no one around there, even far away to tell him that he cannot do this!!”

Moral of The Story: Break The Barriers and Become Successful. There are two impediments that stop us from doing certain things: One is everybody’s voice and the Second is our own voice. If we stop hearing these two voices, we all can do magical and impossible things in life.

You should know that there is a possible in IMPOSSIBLE too. Just because of some people and ourselves, we are not able to do some things which we are very much capable of.

Courtesy: Sandeep Maheshwari

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