The Justice of A King Story To Uphold The Dignity of Justice

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A True Justice Story That Tells About The Founding Principles of Justice


“There is a court higher than the courts of justice, and that is the court of conscience. It supersedes all other courts.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Justice of A King Story

A Story About The Justice of Emperor Aurangzeb: This incident is related to the life of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Once at night, when Aurangzeb was going to sleep, he heard the sound of the royal bell. This royal bell was installed during the time of his grandfather Jahangir for the complainants so that they could appeal for justice at any time.

As soon as he came out of the room, he saw a soldier coming towards him. He said – “My Lord! I beg your pardon! Qazi Sahib has come to see Alampanah (Emperor) and he is awaiting you in the Diwan Khana (court chamber).”

The emperor immediately went to the Diwan Khana and asked the reason for coming so late in the night. Qazi (A lower court Judge in the medieval Mughal empire) said,

“Jahanpanah (My Lord)! A man from the Ahmedabad city of Gujarat (Bharat), named Mohammad Mohsin, has sued you for five lakh rupees. Therefore you will have to appear in court tomorrow.”

After the Qazi left, Aurangzeb started wondering whether he had borrowed five lakh rupees from anyone, but even after trying a lot, he could not remember any such incident. Not only this, he did not even recognize the man named Mohsin.

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True Justice: Story About The Emperor Aurangzeb & His Subject

The next day the court was held and Emperor Aurangzeb appeared as an accused. The news spread like wildfire throughout the city that Badshah-e-Hindustan (Emperor of Bharat) himself had appeared in the court. The entire court was packed with people to see this amazing sight.

There was not even an inch of space to set one’s feet. The details of his crime were read out to Aurangzeb. The truth was that Aurangzeb’s brother Murad was handed over the rule of Gujarat, but when his father Shahjahan fell ill, Aurangzeb declared himself the ruler of Gujarat.

When he felt the need for money to issue coins in his own name, he borrowed five lakh rupees from Mohammad Mohsin. Meanwhile, Aurangzeb imprisoned his father Shahjahan, took over the rule, and got his three brothers – Darashikoh, Shuja, and Murad murdered.

Apart from this, he also deposited all their property in his Treasury. In this way, the money taken from Mohsin was also deposited in his Treasury. When Aurangzeb claimed to have no knowledge of his crime, he was shown the document in Mohsin’s possession.

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What Happened When The Emperor Appeared Before The Court

Seeing the proof, the king confessed to his crime. The judge (Qazi) ordered Aurangzeb to pay the money. Aurangzeb took out five lakh rupees from the royal Treasury and presented the money before the court to give it to Mohsin. Seeing this justice of the king, Mohsin had tears in his eyes.

He bowed and saluted and said, “Jahanpanah, this money should be deposited again in the Royal Treasury. Here is the receipt. Because of me, you had to bear all this, for this, I am very ashamed.”

All the subjects applauded after seeing the true justice of the emperor. Mughal emperor Aurangzeb may have been greedy for power and fanatic, but he lived a very simple life and loved justice.

Whatever cruel deeds he committed in his life were due to his not knowing the true nature of religion. For his livelihood, he did not take any money from the Royal Treasury but earned his living by writing verses from the Quran and sewing caps.

Moral of The Story: Injustice may happen in one place, but it is dangerous for justice everywhere. This justice story tells us that if the ruler himself does not respect justice, then the subjects will also follow him and thus anarchy will spread throughout the entire nation.

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“At his best, man is the best of all living beings; but without law and justice he is the worst of all.”

– Aristotle

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