5 Lord Krishna Stories For Children With Moral

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Lord Krishna Stories For Children With Moral Lessons


Lord Krishna Stories For Children With Moral: Is there anyone here who has never heard of Lord Krishna? Krishna is one of the most widely revered and most popular of all Indian deities in Hinduism. He is worshipped as the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu and also as the Supreme God in his own right.

Lord Krishna Stories

The great exponent of the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna is one of the most powerful incarnations of Shri Vishnu, the Godhead of the Hindu Trinity of deities. For generations, Krishna has been an enigma to some, but God to millions, who go ecstatic even as they hear his name.

People consider Krishna their leader, hero, protector, philosopher, teacher, and friend all rolled into one. Krishna has influenced Indian thought, life, and culture in myriad ways. Here are some great stories about Krishna that help you to know more about his incredible life.

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1. Krishna And Karna: Best Story About Lord Krishna

One day, mighty warrior Karna asks Krishna, “My mother left me the moment I was born. Is it my fault I was born an illegitimate child? I did not get the education from Dronacharya because I was not considered a Kshatriya. People used to make fun of me by calling me from a lowly family.

Parshurama taught me but later cursed me to forget everything when he came to know that I was not a Brahmin. I was disgraced in Draupadi’s Swayamvar. Even my mother Kunthi finally told me the truth only to save the lives of her other sons.”

After all, what was my fault that I got so much sorrow and so much insult in my life? Krishna smiled softly and said to Karna,

“Karna, I was born in a jail. Death was waiting for me even before my birth. The night I was born I was separated from my birth parents. From childhood, you grew up hearing the noise of swords, chariots, horses, bows, and arrows but I got only cow herd’s shed, dung, and the sound of oxen-cart.

I faced many threats to my life even before I could walk! Demons were always looking for me but there was no army to protect me. I could hear people saying I was the reason for all their problems. I got no education in my childhood and had to fight fierce demons when I was just an adolescent.

My own relatives were my biggest enemies and they left no stone unturned to end my life. You are married to a girl of your choice. I didn’t get the girl I loved rather ended up marrying those who wanted me or the ones I rescued from demons.

I had to move my whole community from the banks of Yamuna to a far-off seashore to save them from wicked Jarasandh. I was called a coward for running away!”

Always remember one thing, Karna: Everybody has Challenges in life to face. Life is not fair and easy for anybody! The unfairness of life does not permit you to walk through the wrong path…

Moral of The Story: Never forget that life may not always be easy, but destiny is not created by the shoes we wear but by the actions we take.

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Incredible Stories About Lord Krishna That’ll Mesmerize You

2. A Story About The Compassionate Nature of Krishna

Before the great war of Mahabharatha, Lord Krishna and Arjun were strolling over the battleground. They were making sure everything was going according to plan. Unexpectedly, a fluttering and crying bird approached Krishna. Taking the bird in his palm, Krishna inquired as to the reason for her melancholy.

The bird said that her nest on a nearby tree was damaged and that there were still young birds within the nest. When she begged the Lord for assistance, Krishna answered, “No one can stop the flow of time, not even me.

“Can you grant me a permission?” the bird asked. What authorization do you require, Krishna asked? “The permission to trust you!” exclaimed the bird.

Krishna smiled and replied, “Of course.” Then the bird flew away. Arjun was asked for the bun and bow by Krishna. Since Krishna had vowed not to use the weapons on the battlefield, Arjun was taken aback when he offered them to him silently.

Krishna now aimed the arrow at a passing elephant. Subsequently, the arrow struck the bell positioned around the elephant’s neck. Arjun smiled and said, “Krishna, let me get the bow and bun. In less than a second, I can kill the elephant.

“It’s okay, this is what I wanted,” replied Krishna. Though Arjun was perplexed, he understood that Krishna was the Almighty and that everything he did would only be done to make someone happy.

The epic battle of Mahabharata concluded after eighteen days with the Pandavas winning. Following the end of the conflict, Arjun and Krishna strolled across the battlefield once more to make sure everything was alright.

There they found the bell that had dropped from the elephant’s neck that day. After Krishna gave Arjun the order to take it up, Arjun did so without even thinking. He grabbed the large bell and Voila!!

The bird flew towards the sky with her younglings in tow. Watching this miracle, Arjun’s eyes were filled with tears.

“That tree that these birds were living on was destroyed by the same elephant,” Krishna remarked.

Arjun just sobbed as he knelt at the feet of the lord, lacking anything to say.

Moral of The Story: Do your best and trust God with the rest. Because you may put in a lifetime of hard work and succeed in something, however, God does that in an instant.

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3. A Story About Lord Krishna And His Friend Arjuna

When the battle of Kurukshetra ends and Arjuna wins, he expects that first Krishna will come down from his chariot and would salute him. Because, at that time, it was customary for the charioteer to salute the victorious king following a victory in war.

But Krishna remains on the chariot. Filled with some ego, Arjuna asks Krishna the reason. Actually, Arjuna took Krishna for granted at this time since he believed that it was his talent that had allowed him to win the battle.

Krishna understood Arjun’s feelings and said, “Arjun, you don’t know, who was protecting you in this fierce battle? Hanuman was defending your chariot from above and he flew away recently as the battle ended. Earth and Sheshnaga were defending your chariot from below.

Sitting on this chariot, carrying the burden of all three worlds, I was protecting you from your enemies. If Hanuman and I had not been there on the chariot, you and the chariot both would have burnt to ashes.

Because this chariot had already been burnt by the power of the divine weapons of Karna and Dronacharya. I kept it from burning until now. Therefore, first, you get down from the chariot with your weapons.

After Arjuna’s landing, Krishna got down from the chariot and as soon as he got down, the chariot caught fire on its own. Now Arjuna realizes his mistake and salutes Krishna in reverence.

Moral of The Story: In your life, as you become successful like Arjuna, remember that there have been so many Krishna in your journey….your parents, family, teachers, friends, etc. Never take them for granted.

We hope you like all these incredible tales about Lord Krishna. To read more stories like this please go through our story section.

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