6 Short Friendship Stories To Strengthen Your Sweet Bond


Short Stories About Friendship That Will Warm Your Heart As You Read Them


Great Short Stories About Friendship To Motivate You: Having a good friend is one of the most beautiful gifts in life. Because friends are chosen family, and therefore incredibly valued in each of our lives. A true friend is a companion who will be there for you no matter what.

Stories About Friendship

There are a lot of things you can’t share with your parents or family but you can easily talk about them with your friend. That’s why you need at least one best friend who understands you and gives proper advice for any problem or you can share everything with them.

Here are some inspiring short stories about friendship that will help you understand how much good friendship matters in life. Some of these stories are given solely for kids so that they can easily understand the value of a great friendship.

1. True Friendship: A Heart-touching Story of Two Soldiers

Horror gripped the heart of the World War I soldier as he saw his lifelong friend fall in battle. Caught in a trench with continuous gunfire whizzing over his head, the soldier asked his lieutenant if he might go out into the “no man’s land” between the trenches to bring his fallen comrade back.

“You can go,” said the lieutenant, “but I don’t think it will be worth it. Your friend is probably dead and you may throw your life away.” The lieutenant’s advice didn’t matter, and the soldier went anyway.

Miraculously he managed to reach his friend, hoist him onto his shoulder, and bring him back to their company’s trench. As the two of them tumbled in together to the bottom of the trench, the officer checked the wounded soldier and then looked kindly at his friend.

“I told you it wouldn’t be worth it,” he said. “Your friend is dead and you are mortally wounded.”

“It was worth it, though, sir,” said the soldier.

“What do you mean by; worth it?” responded the Lieutenant. “Your friend is dead.”

“Yes, Sir” the soldier answered. “But it was worth it because when I got to him, he was still alive and I had the satisfaction of hearing him saying, “Jim…, I knew you’d come.”

Moral of The Story: Many times in life, whether a thing is worth doing or not, really depends on how you look at it. Take up all your courage and do something your heart tells you to do so that you may not regret not doing it later in your life.

A true friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. May each and every one of you be blessed with the company of true friends. War doesn’t determine who’s right. War only determines who’s left.


2. A Famous Story About Friendship To Make You Both Smile

Love Sometimes Injures But Friendship Always Benefits

Everyone knows about the great Abraham Lincoln, the former President of the United States, who is renowned all over the world because of his magnificent personality and his role in saving the USA. This story is about his childhood friendship. When Mr. Lincoln was quite a small boy he met with an accident that almost cost him his life.

He was saved by Austin Gollaher, a young playmate. Mr. Gollaher lived to be more than ninety years of age and to the day of his death related with great pride his boyhood association with Lincoln. Once Mr. Gollaher told this story to some people who enquired about the authenticity of this story.

He said, “Yes, the story that I once saved Abraham Lincoln’s life is true.” He further said, “He and I had been going to school together for a year or more, and had become greatly attached to each other.

Then the school disbanded on account of there being so few scholars, and we did not see each other much for a long while. One Sunday my mother visited the Lincolns, and I was taken along.

How Abraham Lincoln’s Friend Saved His Life

‘Abe’ and I played around all day. Finally, we concluded crossing the creek to hunt for some partridges young Lincoln had seen the day before. The creek was swollen by recent rain, and, in crossing the narrow footlog, ‘Abe’ fell in. Neither of us could swim.

I got a long pole and held it out to ‘Abe,’ who grabbed it. Then I pulled him ashore. He was almost dead, and I was badly scared. I rolled and pounded him in good earnest. Then I got him by the arms and shook him, the water meanwhile pouring out of his mouth.

By this means I succeeded in bringing him to life, and he was soon all right. Then a new difficulty confronted us. If our mothers discovered our wet clothes they would whip us. This we dreaded from experience and determined to avoid.

It was June, the sun was very warm, and we soon dried our clothing by spreading it on the rocks about us. We promised never to tell the story, and I never did until after Lincoln’s tragic end.


Inspiring Friendship Stories For Your Significant Other

3. Friendship Story of Swami Ram & His American Friend

Swami Ramtirth landed on the coast of America. By the time he disembarked from the ship, his pocket was practically empty. He was a complete stranger in the country, with no acquaintance or helper there. On the ship, an American had become a chat-mate of Swamiji on matters spiritual.

While getting down, he asked as a matter of courtesy: “Where would you stay? Please give me the address of your host. If time permits, I will try to contact you.” Swamiji put his affectionate hand on the latter’s shoulder and replied:

“I have only one friend in America, and that is you.” The man was dumbfounded. He was greatly impressed by the radiant personality of Swamiji, full of self-confidence and an amiable man.

He took Swamiji to his home, and for the whole duration of the latter’s stay in America, played a perfect host attending to his comforts and requirements. Such great souls alone are able to win the confidence of the masses and provide inspiring leadership to them.

4. Story on Friendship: Making Memories With Strangers

It was my first day in Rome; after a full day of sightseeing, I decided to go back to my hotel. While walking back, I heard someone singing. It felt like I was hearing a melody from heaven. So I started following the sound. After a while, the voice disappeared. Disappointed, I started walking back to my hotel.

The next evening I heard the voice again, but this time I managed to locate it. It came from a bar. There I saw a girl singing her story. I wish I could understand it. Regardless, I was instantly attracted. Therefore, I decided to delay my trip to Florence and stay here for another week.

I started visiting this bar every day in anticipation of hearing her sing. She started recognizing me after four days of continuous visits. As soon as we exchanged smiles, she said Hi. I knew that the language was going to be an issue. It was hard, but we still tried.

Random giggles at awkward times worked well. She told me she worked here during the summer to fund her college expenses. Thank you to the Google translator. I told her about how magical her voice was, and we kept talking about different subjects.

The next day we met again. I told her this was my last night here. She held my hand and told me that she wanted to show me a special place before I left. I nodded, and we chilled and she sang there till sunrise and we gazed at the stars together.

I knew there were some emotions to that song, an unsaid story. See when words can’t express music can, and that feeling is universal. Unfortunately, it was time for goodbye. We could see tears rolling down each other’s eyes.

So weird, isn’t it? Random people meeting at random places. Making memories that will last a lifetime.

Courtesy: Pranav Rishi Sharma


Friendship Stories For Kids To Strengthen A Sweet Bond

5. A Short Story of A Deer And His Three Loyal Friends

A long time ago, in a forest, there lived four best friends – a crow, a rat, a deer, and a turtle. The jungle was large, beautiful, and full of lush green trees and plants. Thousands of wild animals of many species lived there. All four friends lived happily together playing and having fun.

One day, a hunter came into the forest and he captured the deer with his net when it was lazing under a tree. The deer tried his best to escape the net but to no avail. The deer’s friend, the crow was sitting on a branch of the same tree and watching all this.

It immediately flew to call the rest of his companions. The deer’s friends came rushing hearing the deer’s cries for help. They noticed the deer was lying motionless caught under the net. They immediately came up with a plan to help him out of the trap.

First, the turtle distracted the hunter. It took him some distance away from the deer. While the hunter was busy searching for the turtle, the crow pretended to peck at the deer as if it were dead.

But it was just a trick so that the hunter would think that the deer was dead. In the meantime, the rat chewed up the net. In a matter of minutes, the deer was free and all the friends had escaped. And the hunter returned empty-handed.

Moral of The Story: Real friends always help you in the darkest hours.

6. A Famous Short Story About False Friendship

James and Thomas were very close friends. While on their way to a village, they had to pass through a dense forest. There they suddenly came across a bear. Naturally, they were both frightened, so one of them immediately climbed a big tree that was nearby, but James had no idea how to climb a tree.

Suddenly he remembered that a bear would not touch a dead body. So he fell to the ground and pretended that he was dead by holding his breath. The bear came near the man lying motionless, smelled his body for a minute, thought he was dead, and went on his way.

Thomas who had climbed the tree saw all this and on coming down asked his friend what the bear had whispered in his ears. James said, “The bear asked me not to rely on a friend who could desert me at the approach of danger.”

Moral of The Story: Keep Away from Friends in Prosperity.

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