5 Patience & Tolerance Stories To Make Life Blissful

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Short Stories About Patience And Tolerance To Make Life Blissful


“Happiness is dependent on self-discipline. We are the biggest obstacles to our own happiness. It is much easier to do battle with society and with others than to fight with our own nature.”

– Dennis Prager

Stories About Patience And Tolerance

Short Stories on Tolerance And Patience: Patience is a great virtue as you work on any long-term goal or relationship with someone. It requires faith in some sense that what you are waiting for will happen but not necessarily. Patience is the ability to live with yourself regardless of what is going on, on the outside.

Patience is the key to a better living. There are many real-life examples, where being patient has helped people to look at a new perspective, a new hope and thus welcome a new, and fresh chapter in their life. Being in a hurry all the time drains your energy.

Getting caught up in things beyond your control stresses you out. If you’d like to reduce stress and become calm, practice tolerance. Here are some inspiring short stories about patience that may help you understand the importance of tolerance in everyday life.

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1. Two Apples: A Short Story on Tolerance

A Father and his daughter were having fun in the park. His young daughter noticed an apple vendor. She requested her father to get her an apple. Even though Father didn’t have much cash, he had enough to buy two apples. So, he bought two apples and gave his daughter.

His daughter held one apple each in her two hands. She was then requested to share an apple with her father. Upon hearing this, his daughter quickly took a bite from one apple. And before her father could say anything more, she also took a bite from the second apple.

The father expressed his amazement. He wondered what mistake he had made raising her daughter that she acted in such a greedy way. His mind was lost in thoughts, that perhaps he is just thinking too much, and that his daughter is too young to comprehend the concepts of giving and sharing.

His face was devoid of any smiles. And suddenly, his daughter with an apple in her one hand said, “Father have this one, this one is much juiciest and sweeter”. Her father was speechless.

He felt guilty for passing judgment on a little youngster so hastily. But now that he understood why his daughter had promptly sampled every fruit, his smile returned.

Moral of The Story: Don’t Judge anything too quickly or reach a conclusion. Always make time to gain a deeper understanding of things. It may be possible that the person thinks the other way, be patient.

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Inspiring Short Story on The Importance of Tolerance For Students

2. Be Tolerant: Story of A King Who Was Impatient

One day a king went out alone into the forest for hunting but he lost his way. He climbed a high peak of a mountain and looked around, but could not find any people or villages far and wide. Frustrated by this outcome, he descended the hill and continued his journey. It was getting dark and no path was visible.

After walking some distance, darkness totally engulfed him. After a short while, a distant light flared. Then he set off traveling in that way, arriving at a cottage not long after. Outside the hut, the king observed an elderly woman giving her goat some food.

When the old woman saw the king, she greeted him, supposing he was a soldier in the army. He spread a mat for the monarch to lie on and gave him water to drink. He eventually set a platter of curry and hot rice in front of the monarch.

The king swiftly dipped his fingers into the hot dish since he was really hungry. The hot food burned his fingers, and he dropped some rice on the floor. When the elderly woman noticed this, she remarked,

“Oh, you seem very impatient, just like your king. That’s why you’ve burnt your fingers and spilled the rice on the ground too.”

The king was taken aback by the old woman’s remarks and inquired, “Why do you think that the king is impatient and hasty?”

The old woman smiled and said, “Son, don’t misunderstand, our king has a big dream of capturing all his enemy forts. But everyone is ignoring the smaller forts.”

The king interrupted the old woman and said, “This is a good thing. What exactly is wrong with this?”

“Wait, my son,” she said with a smile. You burned your fingers and threw away some of the food because you were eager to start eating.

Similarly, the impatience and haste of the king in his quest to vanquish the enemy quickly cause him to lose troops in his army.

Instead, if you eat less hot food first at the edge and then in the middle, you won’t burn your fingers and waste your food.

Similarly, the king should strengthen his position by targeting small forts. This helps him to capture huge forts without losing his men in the army.

Hearing this the king realized his mistake and understood that one should be patient and avoid being hasty in any situation.

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3. Real-Life Story Where Keeping Patience Has Helped

This story is a great example of tolerance in real life. Some time ago, an incident happened in India that attracted the attention of many people. A video recently surfaced on news and social media, shows how a CRPF personnel was being attacked by a few protesters in Kashmir (An Indian State).

An armed force personnel was being slapped and provoked to get a reaction from him. After being attacked, he just covered himself and just moved on. He did not bat an eye on the attacker nor did he react in any way.

However, he was equipped with an automatic gun to handle such type of situations, he showed great patience and perseverance. And without saying anything to the invaders, he moved ahead. Now imagine yourself in his position.

If someone slaps us, our instant reaction would be to slap back. This soldier was armed and he was capable of taking on any such attacks that came his way but he acted patiently in the situation and saved the army from unwanted media attention.

If he had reacted the other way, no one would ever see the man who attacked the soldier. That soldier received commendation from everyone as he tackled the situation with the best response possible.

We can only imagine the trouble army personnel go through to protect their own people from the so-called separatists. You can see such incidents in almost every country where soldiers patiently tolerate the misbehavior of their own countrymen.

They can give harsh punishment to offenders if they want, but still, they believe in solving problems through patience and forgiveness.


4. A Short Story About Tolerance That Highlights Its Worth

The Story of A King And His Minister’s Family

A long time ago there was an emperor named Yamato in Japan, who had a wise minister – O-Cho-San. Renowned for their warmth and modesty, the minister’s family was highly esteemed. Despite its numerous members, there was an unshakable bond of intimacy within the family.

In addition to sharing meals, the members of the family lived in harmony and collaborated on other significant duties. Nevertheless, there was never a dispute or disagreement in that household. The news of the mutual harmony of O-Cho-San’s family also grabbed Emperor Yamato’s attention.

He sneaked over to the old minister’s house one day, uninvited, to confirm the veracity of this tale. When the monarch unexpectedly showed up, the minister was taken aback. The minister greeted the king warmly and then inquired about the purpose of his visit.

The emperor inquired, “Sir, I have been informed of the unity and friendliness within your family through various stories. Could you kindly reveal the secret behind the happiness and love that prevails in your large family?”

Why has there never been any conflict among you all? O-Cho-san, being of advanced age, was unable to speak for a very long period, thus he requested his grandson, who was standing nearby, to fetch an item.

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Tolerance Is The Real Secret of Happiness

His grandson eventually brought a pen and paper. The elderly minister attempted to write something on the paper with his quivering hands, but the pen slid out of his grasp and dropped to the ground.

Bending over, he took up the pen, managed to write approximately ten words, and then handed the paper to the emperor. The emperor was taken aback as he carefully and curiously read the paper.

The word ‘tolerance’ was repeated ten times on the paper. O-cho-san, seeing the Emperor’s disbelief, murmured in a low, tremulous voice,

“Your Majesty! This one word holds the key to the happiness, harmony, and love that characterize my family. The powerful mantra of ‘tolerance’ continues to bind us together in unity and integrity.”

Indeed, tolerance or patience serves as the foundation for all enjoyment, tranquility, and loving relationships in life. The seed of discord can only germinate in an environment that supports its growth.

Regardless of how upset or furious one may be, he will surely be soothed by your tolerance. No matter how many times this great mantra of tolerance is repeated, it is less.

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“Happiness in a man’s life lies not in the absence of the impulses of the emotions, but in the complete control over them, and this ability is tolerance.”

– Lord Tennyson

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