4 Attitude Stories To Inspire Because Attitude Is Everything

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Last updated on June 3rd, 2024


Attitude Is Everything: Inspiring Short Stories on Attitude To Change Mindset


Attitude Stories To Inspire Because Attitude Is Everything: Attitude is a little thing that really makes all the difference in your life. You have two options in life: Choose a positive and resilient attitude despite whatever hardships you encounter, or allow life’s minor mishaps to negatively shape your attitude.

Attitude Stories To Inspire

Your choice will greatly determine the quality of your life. The short inspiring stories about attitude will show you why attitude matters in life.


1. How To Deal With Problems: A Story About Attitude

“People visit a wise man complaining about the same problems over and over again. One day, he decided to tell them a joke and they all roared with laughter. After a few minutes, he told them the same joke and only a few of them smiled.

Then he told the same joke for the third time, but no one laughed or smiled anymore. The wise man smiled and said: ‘You can’t laugh at the same joke over and over. So why are you always crying about the same problem?’”

Moral of The Story: Change your attitude. Stop wasting your time complaining.

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2. The Nature of Things: Short Story About Attitude

Two monks were washing their bowls in the river when they noticed a scorpion that was drowning. One monk immediately scooped it up and set it upon the bank. In the process, he was stung.

He went back to washing his bowl and again the scorpion fell in. The monk saved the scorpion and was again stung.

The other monk asked him, “Friend, why do you continue to save the scorpion when you know its nature is to sting?”

“Because,” the monk replied, “to save it is my nature.”

Moral of The Story: A forgiving and caring attitude is the first sign of noble souls.

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3. A Cup of Tea: An Inspiring Story About Attitude

Nan-in was a Japanese Zen master during the Meiji era (1868-1912). Once he received a university professor who came to inquire about Zen. Nan-in welcomed his learned visitor and served the tea in a cup.

But he poured his visitor’s cup full and then kept on pouring. The professor watched the overflow until he no longer could restrain himself. “It is overfull. No more will go in!”

“Like this cup,” Nan-in said, “you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?”

Moral of The Story: If you want to learn something you have to get rid of the ‘I know it all’ attitude.

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4. A Story That Shows Why You Need To Change Your Attitude

Two Frogs: A Wonderful Short Story About Attitude

Swami Ramakrishna Paramahansa (Spiritual teacher of Swami Vivekananda) often narrated this story among his disciples, which exposes the limited outlook of man. One day a disciple approached Sri Ramakrishna in the temple of Dakshineswar (Goddess Kali) in a sad mood. He had a letter in his hand.

This letter claimed that only his religion was true and all other religions were false. That disciple asked Swamiji, “Venerated Sir, how can someone decide which religion is right?

Sri Ramakrishna then said to him, “Look, first listen to this story. A frog used to live in a well. Once it rained too much, and a frog living in the sea, came from somewhere in it.

When the frog living in the well met the frog living in the ocean, he asked – “Hey buddy, where have you come from?”

The sea-frog replied, “From the sea.” Hearing this, the well-frog said boasting – “You may not know how big this well is, but I know its length, width, and depth.”

Hearing this, the sea-frog laughed heartily. He asked, “Are you familiar with the length and width of the ocean?”

The well-frog replied, “Why not, how big is this sea? If the length and width of this well are equal to my two jumps, then the ocean will be equal to at most five jumps.”

Saying this, the frog in the well took many jumps and said, “Is your sea so big?” The sea-frog said, “No, much bigger.”

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Expand The Horizons of Your Thinking

Then sea-frog went on telling like this and the well-frog kept trying to understand it by jumping. When he got tired, the sea-frog said, “Brother! Your world is limited to this small well, so it is impossible for you to even imagine the length, breadth, and depth of the bottomless ocean.”

“Countless wells like this well can’t even match the size of one part of the ocean. Even after living in the ocean for many years, I can’t tell its exact size.”

Narrating the story, Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansji said, “The outlook of a common man is also of the same level. He remains confined to his own boundaries.”

Considering his limited attitude as the most comprehensive, he wants to measure the infinite and unfathomable ocean of knowledge with a small mind.

Today people of different sects and opinions are living with a wrong belief that only their opinions and ideas are the best. The one who claims that only his opinion is the best and all others are inferior is like a well-frog.

“A person who considers himself superior, cannot experience the depth of any field, nor can he measure the ocean-like depth of religion and knowledge.”

“The condition of most human beings is like that of the well-frog, who neither wants to accept the reality nor want to expand the horizons of their existence.”

Moral of The Story: Your success depends on your attitude and a narrow attitude is the biggest obstacle in the path of the progress.

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