3 Unity Stories That Teach You The Strength Is In Unity

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Stories About Unity That Teach Where There Is Unity There Is Strength


“Unity makes the family strong, unity makes society strong and unity makes the nation strong. That’s why we should stay united.”

– Pawan Pratap Singh

Unity is Strength Stories

Best Stories of Unity For Kids As Unity Is Strength: We all know the strength of unity but to teach kids about its importance in life we are going to share three wonderful stories, which will help them to understand its significance in a simple and interesting way.

You can find more encouraging stories in our Stories Section to entertain and educate your children in their leisure time.

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1. A Story on Unity Is Strength: A Farmer And His Four Sons

Ramu was a hardworking farmer. Throughout the day, he used to work hard in the fields and strive for the comfort of his family. His wife had passed away a long time ago and now he lived with his four sons. His sons were also married, but they did not pay much attention to the needs of the family.

Neither did they work with their father in the fields nor did they live together harmoniously. Often the four brothers used to fight with each other on the slightest issue. Ramu was very distressed by their behavior. He instructed his sons to live together many times, but everyone ignored his advice.

Ramu was getting old while working hard and one day it came when he took to bed. Knowing his end time was soon, he took out a trick to convince his sons. He asked for a small bundle of sticks from one of his sons.

Then he asked his four sons to break that bundle of wood, but no one could succeed in breaking it. Then he untied the bundle and asked them to break each and every piece of wood. This time each one broke his own stick.

Then Ramu explained to his sons and said – “You have seen! When the bundle of sticks was tied together, none of you could break it. But when it was taken apart, each one broke it easily.”

“Like that bundle of wood, if you four brothers live together, no one will be able to harm you. But if you keep fighting like this, anyone will easily defeat you.”

Hearing their father’s words of wisdom, the four brothers were disillusioned and promised their father to always be together.

Moral of The Story: Scholars have rightly said that there can never be as much power in a single person in the world as there is in unity. On the strength of unity, man can achieve even the impossible. That’s why we should always stay together with our friends and family.

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2. Pigeons & Bird Catcher: An Inspiring Story on Unity Is Strength

A Famous Panchtantra Story That Tells Strength Is In Unity

This story is taken from the Panchatantra. It also appears in the Mahabharata. The story teaches kids about the strength of unity. A long time ago, there lived a flock of pigeons in a dense forest. All the pigeons used to search for food and water during the daytime and return to their nest before nightfall.

An old and wise pigeon was the leader of that flock. All pigeons respect him a lot because of his wise and prudent advice. One day, they were searching for food here and there but unfortunately, they could not find it.

Being distressed, when they were returning to their nest, some of the pigeons saw a lot of wheat grains scattered on the ground. Because of the hunger, they at once decided to fly towards the ground.

The leader of pigeons also saw that wheat grains and he became suspicious at once. He advised the pigeons not to eat them. When one of the pigeons asked the reason behind this decision, the wise pigeon said,

“Friends, this morning, when we were flying in the sky in search of food, I saw no wheat grain present in this place. Now, in the meantime, how these wheat grains occur in this desolate part of the forest. Surely someone has put the grains here to catch us.”

One of the pigeons said, “But, there is no hunter present here. Also, we do not see any trap here. Soon it would be evening and we could hardly find food anywhere. We all are hungry so we must not lose this golden chance.”

Almost every pigeon supported his reason. The wise leader insisted on not to eat the grains. But no one listened to him and all of them went down to the ground to eat wheat grains.

Actually, It was a trap set by a bird catcher to catch the pigeons. It was carefully buried below the wheat grains, that’s why pigeons could not see it.

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How The Unity of Pigeons Saved Their Life

But as soon as they sat on the grains and started eating their feet got stuck into the net. pigeons found that they could not move their feet. Then they understood that it was a trap. They started flapping their wings but they could not get rid of the net.

The wise leader of the pigeons was safe as he did not come to eat the grains. He saw all of this but he could do nothing for them. Soon after, the pigeons got trapped in the net, a bird-catcher went in the direction of the birds and trap.

He was very alert and hiding behind a nearby tree. All of the pigeons saw him coming and they began to cry for help. But how could they find help in a dense forest? The leader of the pigeons was watching all this from a safe distance.

He advised his flock to fly together and carry the net with them. Seeing the upcoming danger, all the pigeons did what the wise pigeon told them to do. They started flying together, with their feet trapped in the net.

When the bird-catcher saw the pigeons flying with the net he ran in the same direction as their flight. The net was heavy and all the pigeons were nervous so they were not able to fly fast and high in the sky.

When the wise leader saw the bird-catcher running on the ground, he encouraged his fellow pigeons to fly high and fast toward the dense part of the forest. All the pigeons followed the advice of their leader.

They came to a safe place away from the bird catcher. The wise pigeon then called his friend Mouse who helped them by cutting the net using his sharp teeth. All the pigeons thanked the wise pigeon for his help and praised his sharp wit.

Moral of The Story: The best strength lies in unity and integrity.

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3. The Story of Two Bulls & A Lion: What Is The Strength of Unity

A Short Story About Unity That Teaches A Great Lesson

Once there lived two bulls named Heera and Moti in a forest. There was a strong friendship between them. Both of the bulls would graze together in the forest as well as rest together. If ever any trouble came, both of them would support each other.

As time passed, the story of their friendship kept spreading throughout the forest. The forest was full of different types of wild animals. A lion named Sher Singh also lived in it. Sher Singh was very strong and cruel.

He used to kill animals for hunting every day. Because of this, all the animals were very afraid of him. Sher Singh also tried to hunt Heera and Moti several times but he could not become successful.

Because firstly both the bulls were tall, healthy, and strong, and secondly they always faced the attacks of Sher Singh together. One day he found Heera alone and caught him but could not kill him.

Because at the same time, hearing his friend’s call, Moti came running without any delay. And the two friends made Sher Singh run away by injuring him with their horns.

After two failed attacks by Sher Singh, both bulls used to graze the grass together, and for this reason, he never got a chance to attack them again. But both bulls had become an eyesore for Sher Singh.

He wanted to hunt them by any means. Since he could not directly fight them, he decided to carry out a trick to get his work done. Sher Singh, somehow, made a friendship with Moti by showing fake affection and companionship.

Then gradually he started creating a rift between Heera and Moti. Whenever Sher Singh met Moti, he would trick him and say,

“My dear friend, Moti! You are an innocent guy but look how selfish your friend is. He eats the green grass himself and leaves the dry grass for you.”

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Unity Story: How A Wicked Lion Killed Both The Bulls

As Moti Bull was a little less intelligent, he easily got influenced by sly Sher Singh’s words. Moti acted according to what Sher Singh had advised, and he started grazing grass in the denser part of the forest, far away from Heera.

Heera asked Moti many times why he was behaving in this way. As Moti who was under the influence of cunning Sher Singh, he never disclosed the real truth. Gradually the distance between Heera and Moti kept increasing.

Very soon both of them started moving away from each other. Since Sher Singh had never attacked Moti bull for a long time, Moti started considering him as his friend. Under the influence of Sher Singh, Moti used to go far away to graze grass.

One day, when he was busy grazing grass, Sher Singh came secretly and grabbed Moti by the neck. Since he had complete trust in Sher Singh, Moti often remained unaware of his arrival. But Moti’s trust in Sher Singh cost him a lot.

The lion held his neck in such a way that Moti could not even utter a word in his defense. And within a short span of time, Sher Singh killed him. Today, Sher Singh was very happy because he had gotten his favorite prey.

A few days after killing Moti, he also killed Heera, because being left alone, he could no longer face Sher Singh’s brutal attack. So, kids did you see, in the absence of the strength of unity, how Sher Singh made both the bulls his prey?

If they had not been seduced by the lion and separated, both of them would have been alive. However, due to the divisions among themselves and the power of unity being broken, both of them had to lose their lives.

Moral of The Story: Unity is Strength!

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“The power of unity is amazing. Together, any living being can not only do the most difficult tasks with ease but can also face the biggest adversity with ease.”

– Pawan Pratap Singh

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