3 Dignity Stories To Inspire Peace And Equality In Life

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Short Stories About Human Dignity To Inspire Peace And Equality


Short Stories About Human Dignity And Respect: Human dignity is important because it gives a sense of feeling that we are good people and deserve respect. Dignity as respect for humanity includes treating everyone with kindness, compassion, and fairness regarding race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

Dignity Stories

Indeed, Dignity is a fundamental human right that ensures people are treated ethically and with respect. When you walk, act, and speak with dignity, then you win respect from everyone. Dignity is more noble than it is lofty.

It’s not really about stature or rank but about self-respect. It’s an aplomb, a self-possession, a solidity, an uprightness. Here are some stories about dignity and respect that may provide you with a sense of eterness and inner contentment.

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1. How To Lose With Dignity: A Wonderful Story

Do you still remember Ray Reardon… a former professional snooker player who pretty much dominated the game in the 1970s when he won the World Championship six times. Of course, he didn’t always win, especially in his latter years when his form started to deteriorate and younger players emerged.

However, this guy deserves a lot of praise since no matter how the game turned out, he always had a huge smile on his face. He would get up from his seat as soon as he lost and his opponent potted the last ball.

He would then walk up to him, putting an arm around his shoulders and giving him a heartfelt congratulations before they exited the auditorium together. When an interviewer asked why he had such a big smile on his face even when he’d lost, he had a great reply.

In response to the interviewer’s question “Don’t you mind losing?” He said,

“Actually I hate losing more than you would know. The point is I love this sport and I see it as part of my role to promote the game and show it in a good light whenever I can. And I can’t do that with an angry, upset look on my face. Snooker is bigger and more important than I am!”

However, it was not a great question to ask a professional sportsperson but Ray’s reply won everyone’s heart. He showed it with his play, how to lose with dignity.

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2. A Wonderful Story That May Help You Restore Your Dignity

Great Story of A Young Boy Who Had Lost His Dignity

I was never interested in studying and was always a below-average student. Unlike other classmates, I was average in extracurricular activities and lacking in sports. I was therefore completely referred to as a “dumb ass” at my school and made a name for myself as such. Nobody liked me and nobody ever wanted to talk to me.

And what about the teachers…They also believed that I was stupid. As a result, I was unsuccessful in all I attempted. Since then, I had lost my dignity. Indeed! Yes, I did. I would never talk to anyone and would sit by myself everywhere. One fine day, when I was a fifth grader I failed.

School almost overthrew me and I needed to change. My school years were the worst part of my youth. I have hated it all of my life up until this point. There was no place for dignity. My parents didn’t really like me. After a few months, I changed my school.

It had pretty much bad-ass classmates ever than the nerds in before one. It was at this point that I made the decision to fully reinvent myself; it was a fresh start. I commenced my swimming lessons.

My instructor was quite pleased with my sincerity and the abilities I had demonstrated to him in only one month. This was a pivotal moment; as the days went by, so did my academic and swimming improvement.

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A Story That Tells Why Your Mindset Is Important

I had begun swimming competitively up to this point, and I had even won a few medals. I did make rapid academic improvement as well. My dignity was largely restored when my parents expressed their complete admiration for my performance.

I’m only 20 years old now. Since then, I have completed my degree in science, worked as a lifeguard, been a mountaineer, and been a coach. I also won a few triathlon medals. So why did I do this all?

The goal was to restore that inner me. My goal was to realize my potential. How far could I push myself, and how could I correct the faults I made? So I did all this. It restored my pride and sense of dignity, for me.

Moral of The Story: My friend, you and I are exactly alike. Even you would not have known all the things you would have been brilliant at. It is up to you to frequently let others get you down or to neglect to take the appropriate action.

Wake up, there are too many things to do, life is too short. Don’t give a fuck! It’s your life and you must live it with dignity. Get started, discover your inner self, and show what you’re made of.

When you give yourself a chance, life may work miracles. Remember it’s easy to lose honour but difficult to regain it. Do something to get it back and I know you will. It’s your attitude not aptitude that will define your altitude.

Courtesy: A Reader

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3. Inspiring Short Story That Tells How To Die With Dignity

Story of A Man Whom The World Always Misunderstood

Once there was a king in India who had a practice of inquiring about the well-being of people in disguise. One day, while passing through with his minister, he reached the city’s outskirts and discovered an unconscious man on the ground. When the king shook him he found that he was dead!

The king called out to the people who were passing by but no one came near him as they were unable to recognize the king. The king questioned the people living there, “What was the matter? Why didn’t anyone pick this up?

People said that he was an extremely nasty and criminal person. The king asked, “Isn’t this a “human being”? And without saying anything, King picked up the lifeless body of the man and took it to his house.

Then he informed the deceased man’s wife about the general public’s attitude. His wife started crying after seeing her husband’s dead body, and said, “I testify that my husband is a very noble person”!

This startled the king, who said, “How could this happen? People weren’t even ready to touch his dead body and they were speaking ill of him.”

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Why Did The King Honored A Notorious Man

“I too had the same hope from the people,” his wife remarked, “But in actuality, my husband would go to the city’s liquor store every day, buy alcohol, bring it home, and pour it down the drains, saying that at least the burden of sins would be lightened from humans.”

Similarly, at night, he would approach a characterless woman i.e. a prostitute, offer her the whole sum for one night, and instruct her to shut her door, so that no one should come near her.

Then he come home and say – “Thank God, today the sins of that woman and the youth have been atoned for.” People used to see him visiting those locations, so I helped to lighten some of the burden.

“Remember, people will not even come to bathe you on the day you die, nor will they come to shoulder your coffin,” I used to tell my husband.

He would chuckle and reassure me that my coffin would be raised by the monarch of the city and good people… Hearing this, the king cried and said,

“This man deserves great respect from everyone. I am the king, tomorrow we will bathe him, shoulder his coffin, and also get him cremated.”

Moral of The Story: Today we make significant decisions just by observing something or hearing something from others. These days, we can make significant decisions based only on what we observe or hear from others. Our mouths would go mute if we could know the secrets of others’ hearts.

Before misinterpreting someone, check to see if he is like that or not. Furthermore, by declaring something to be right or wrong, what is already wrong will not become right, and vice versa.

We are just wasting our time in judging others. It is much better to spend our precious time in charity with good intentions rather than harming other people.

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