The Princess And The Frog Story For Your Kids

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The Princess And The Frog Original Bedtime Story For Kids


The Princess And The Frog Original Short Story For Children: The Princess and the Frog story is one of the most famous stories for kids. This mysterious story from Grimm’s Fairy Tales collection has been entertaining children for the last 100 years.

The Princess And The Frog Original Story

This story teaches children virtues like service, love, friendship, and gratitude and inspires them to behave well with animals too. The Princess and the Frog Prince story takes many surprising turns in the middle and ends with a happy ending, thrilling the kids.


The Princess And The Frog Short Story: How Did They Meet

One fine evening a young princess with her embellished attire went out to take a walk in the nearby forest. This small forest was just behind her grand and majestic palace and she used to roam here every now and then. There was a cold-water spring in the middle of this small forest.

She often sat here in solitude for some time. But today she had a golden ball in her hand, which was her favorite plaything. She was always tossing it up into the air, and catching it again as it fell. After a time she threw it up so high that she missed catching it as it fell.

The ball bounded away, and rolled upon the ground, till at last, it fell down into the spring. The princess looked into the spring after her ball, but it was very deep, so deep that she could not see the bottom of it.

The princess was deeply saddened. She began to weep at her loss, and said, ‘Alas! if I could only get my ball again, I would give all my fine clothes and jewels, and everything that I have in the world.’

When she was speaking to herself a frog put its head out of the water, and said, ‘My dear Princess, why do you weep so bitterly?

Alas!’ said the princess, ‘what can you do for me, you nasty frog? My golden ball has fallen into the spring.’

The frog said, “Look, young damsel, I do not want your pearls, and jewels, and fine clothes; but if you promise to love me, and let me live with you and eat from off your golden plate, and sleep upon your bed, I will bring you your ball again.”

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Why Did The Princess Break Her Promise After Getting The Ball

‘What nonsense,’ thought the princess, ‘this silly frog is talking! He can never even get out of the spring to visit me.’ However, he can get my ball for me from the deep water, and therefore I must promise him to fulfill all his wishes.

So she said to the frog, ‘Well, if you will bring me my ball, I will do all you ask.’ Then the frog put his head down and dived deep under the water. After a little while he came up again, with the ball in his mouth.

He threw it on the edge of the spring. As soon as the young princess saw her ball, she ran to pick it up. She was so overjoyed to have it in her hand again, that she never thought of the frog.

She ran home with it as fast as she could. The moment she was leaving the place, the frog said, “Wait a minute, princess!”, “You promised to take me with you!”

But she did not stop to hear a word and went away back to her palace. That night, just as the princess had sat down to dinner with her family, she heard a strange noise—tap, tap—plash, plash.

The sound was like something was coming up the marble staircase. Soon afterwards there was a gentle knock at the door, and a little voice cried out and said: LINE

‘Open the door, my princess dear,
Open the door to thy true love here!
And mind the words that thou and I said
By the fountain cool, in the greenwood shade.’

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The Princess And The Frog-Prince Original Story With Images

What Happened When Frog Met The Princess And The King

Then the princess ran to the door and opened it curiously. There she saw the frog whom she had quite forgotten about. Seeing him, the princess was sadly frightened, and she shut the door as fast as she could. Then she came back to her seat.

The king, her father, seeing that something had frightened her, asked her what was the matter. The Princess elaborated on the whole story in her sweet but depressed voice.

She said, “Daddy, there is a nasty frog at the door. He lifted my ball for me out of the spring this morning. I promised him as per his wish that he could live with me here.

I thought he could never get out of the spring but alas, he is at the door, and he wants to come in. While she was speaking the frog knocked again on the door, and said:

‘Open the door, my princess dear,
Open the door to thy true love here!
And mind the words that thou and I said
By the fountain cool, in the greenwood shade.’

Listening to all the matter attentively, the wise king said to the young princess, “Daughter! If you have promised to spend time with this Frog, then you must keep your word. Go and let him in.”

So the princess did so, and the frog hopped into the room. When he came up close to the table where the princess sat, she said, “Oh very well, Mr. Frog, finally you have come here.”

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How Did The Frog Share Everything With The Princess

The servants arranged a new setting for the frog next to the princess’ chair. But the frog hopped onto the royal table and said to the princess, “Put your plate nearer to me, so that I may eat out of it.” The princess did not want to share her meal with the frog.

But finally, she let him share the food unhappily. When the frog had eaten as much as he could, he said, ‘Now I am tired; carry me upstairs, and put me into your bed.’

And the princess, though very unwilling, took him up in her hand, and put him upon the pillow of her own bed, where he slept all night long.

As soon as it was light the frog jumped up, hopped downstairs, and went out of the house. Seeing him going outside the palace, the princess chuckled.

She said to herself, “Oh God, at last, he is gone. I shall be troubled by him no more.’

But she was mistaken; for when night came again she heard the same tapping at the door; and the frog came once more, and said:

‘Open the door, my princess dear,
Open the door to thy true love here!
And mind the words that thou and I said
By the fountain cool, in the greenwood shade.’

And when the princess opened the door the frog came in, and slept upon her pillow as before, till morning broke.

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The Story of A Frog Prince Who Married A Beautiful Princess

How The Behavior of The Princess Changed Towards The Frog

In this way, the frog and the princess started living together in the palace. Initially, the princess did not like the frog. Many a time, she does not talk to him and sometimes she even scolds him. But the frog always tried to keep the princess happy.

He entertained her by telling her many interesting stories about his past life. Listening to those tales, the princess would also laugh but sometimes she got very angry thinking that her life was tied to a frog.

Because wherever she goes, the frog also follows her. One day the princess was somewhat sad. To make her happy, the frog presented many spectacular and humorous feats.

But the princess got very angry at him and she scolded the frog a lot. The frog said with a saddened heart, “Princess if you do not like me, I would happily go away from here. And saying this, he went off quietly.

Now the princess realized her mistake and she felt ashamed of her rude behavior as she always used to treat the frog in a discourteous way while the frog always tried to keep her happy.

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The Frog Turned Into A Prince When The Fairy’s Magic Broke

She said to him lovingly and in a sweet voice, “My dear frog, please forgive me, from now on I will never get angry at you.” And she leaned over and kissed the Frog gently on his cheek. As soon as the princess picked up the frog and kissed it, suddenly lightning shone in the sky.

A dense smoke encircled both of them. When the smoke disappeared, what the princess saw was, she could not believe it at all. The princess was astonished to see that instead of the frog, a handsome prince was standing near her.

He was gazing at her with the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. Seeing him, the princess was stunned and kept looking at him for a few moments. She asked that prince, “Who are you and where is that frog?”

The Frog Prince told her, “Princess, don’t be afraid, everything is fine. I am the frog who was sitting here with you some time ago.” Then the Frog Prince told her about the whole incident.

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How Did An Ugly Frog Marry A Beautiful Princess

He told her that he had been enchanted by a spiteful fairy, who had changed him into a frog; and that he had been fated so to abide till some princess should take him out of the spring, and let him eat from her plate, and sleep upon her bed, and kiss him affectionately.

The prince said, ‘My dear princess, I’m thankful to you from the core of my heart. You have broken her cruel charm and now I have nothing to wish for. But if you allow me, may I request you for something?”

When the princess nodded her head in an affirmative way the Frog Prince said, “My dear princess, I love you. Will you please marry me?”

The princess was very happy to hear all this and she too said yes to marriage. Then the princess went to her father and told him everything. The king was much pleased when he got to know about the whole incident.

A few days later, the prince and princess’ parents arranged their marriage in a flamboyant way. The Frog Prince and the princess got married in the most splendid ceremony organized even in the kingdom. After their wedding, both of them started living together happily.

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