10 Sad Stories That Make You Cry As You Read Them

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Sad Short Stories & Sad Love Stories That Make You Cry & Teach Great Lessons


“Rather than crying & craving for those who left our path during dark moments of our life, let us spend some time thanking those who stood and helped us to pass those dark paths.”

– Nehali Lalwani

Sad Stories That Make You Cry

Sad Love Stories That Will Make You Cry: Sadness, like happiness, is a natural part of life that’s usually associated with certain experiences of loss or pain. You may experience many painful situations in life like break ups, losing a loved one, or losing a job.

But no matter what life throws at us, no matter how deep sadness we feel within ourselves, always look at the bright side of life. You need to remember that in every struggle we encounter, we learn a lesson that makes us able to move forward.

It’s the toughest situations in life that make us more powerful because we learn to survive during these hard times. We are sure these thought-provoking sad love stories will help you overcome sadness, and make you stronger and wiser in the future.

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1. Sad Short Story of A Miserable Princess And Lord Buddha

Ubbari was an extremely beautiful princess. Her talents and good nature were also popular like her beauty. A few years after her marriage to an able king of the neighboring state, she gave birth to a pretty daughter. The ginning of the baby had increased the joy in their palace manifold.

Life was like heaven for Queen Ubbari these days. But destiny had something else written on her fate. Her daughter passed away in childhood. The mother could not bear this shock. She almost lost the balance of her mind. People used to be in tears after seeing their queen in this state.

No one could console her. She was not able to eat or sleep properly; weeping all the time had become her routine these days. Once Mahatma Buddha came to their city. While passing through a nearby road he heard the queen’s cry from the palace side.

After hearing about her tragedy, he went to see Ubbari. The crying queen bagged solace from him. Buddha told her, “Look! So many dead bodies have been burned in the same crematory (where your daughter’s funeral took place) for so many years.”

“Just imagine if all their relatives kept crying like you then there would have been nothing but a horrifying gloom in this city; similar would have been the case across the world… There is no one in this world who has not lost some near and dear ones.”

“So, open the eyes of wisdom and ponder the mortality of the physical body. Those who have left their bodies let them go… Think of your soul, which should be dearest to you of all. It should not happen that because of your ignorance, you lose it forever…”.

Buddha’s words penetrated Ubbari’s heart deeply. She realized the importance of the soul. She came out of the illusive attachment to the dead ones and began caring for the eternal self…

She could then spread the message of peace and happiness to others as per Buddha’s preaching. This transformation of narrow affection into limitless love, later on, made her the glorified Head of the Buddha Vihar for women.

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2. A Sad Story That Shows How Terminally Ill Men Should Live Life

How Should You Live Life When Your Days Are Numbered

My friend Gene died a few years ago from melanoma. He called me the day he got his diagnosis and told me he had been given six weeks to live. And he only just made it six weeks. Despite having a dreadful disease, he was feeling OK. He was happily married to a caring & lovely wife for thirty-odd years.

The day Gene phoned me to let me know he was terminal he was at his father’s house. He hadn’t told his wife Carol about his fatal disease until then. Only 15 minutes before, whilst he was with his father his elder brother had phoned his father.

He told his father that he had brain cancer and had two months to live. Gene joked that it was a race between the two of them to get to the end first. Gene was first. He decided to get his life in order for his wife and family.

He came back to the workplace two days later to pack up his things and send his final farewell emails. As it was his 56th birthday, we decided to have a cake. When he blew out the candles, one of the girls got a bit flustered and excited.

She asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He said, ‘Very short books’. He was a funny guy and well-liked in the community. A week before he died, he rang from his bed to tell me that he was able to get an early payout from his superannuation.

He paid the house off for his wife. He said he thought he would never live to see the day. He only just made it. On their 25th wedding anniversary some years before, Gene and his wife Carol were traveling to Europe.

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Welcome Death With Open Arms And A Decisive Smile

He had organized a surprise renewal of their vows under the pretense they were just wandering around looking at historical sites. They dropped into a particular church in Venice. When they walked in, with his family, the priest was waiting much to the surprise of Carol.

It was the church his parents had been married in over 50 years before and Gene had organized this from Australia down to the tee without her knowledge so they could renew their wedding vows. This was a great marriage.

But the most amazing thing he did for his wife though, just before he died was: He wrote a whole heap of Post-it notes and hid them all around the house. He hid them in places that he knew she would not have the heart to shift, move, or clean for some time.

It included his hobby room, clothes, shed, etc. The notes said such things as ‘Spend the money and enjoy yourself’, ‘Sell my car you don’t need it’, ‘Move on’, I will Love you Always’.

She was still finding them nine months after his death and they are now some of the most cherished things she has. I will always remember Gene as a cool and caring man. He told me he had no regrets.

He remained connected to her way after he passed. Gene showed me how every man who is standing at the door of death, should live his life. Calm… Devoted… Joyful… even in the darkest moments of existence.

Courtesy: Peter Law

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3. A Sad Story That Tells Us Not Everything In Life Is In Our Control

And You Will Never Stand Near A Chandelier Ever Again…

A Reddit User The_Dalek_Emperor wrote about a heartbroken incident of his own life in the following words: The year my mother and father were we, my father bought his wife a very beautiful Baccarat chandelier. It weighed one ton and hung down two entire flights of stairs.

Because it was so large my father searched high and low for a home that could accommodate it. He chose a very old palatial home in the Welsh countryside. The mansion was six stories tall and in the middle of the home was a tall, spiraled atrium with a glass ceiling.

The stairs wrapped around the walls of the spire, encircling the great chandelier at the top. As far back as I can remember I would spend my days lying underneath the cascading crystals far above and watching the twinkling prisms catch the sunlight.

There was no limit to the joy in my heart when these prisms cast vibrant, breathing rainbows across the walls. My mother would smile at me and giggle at my father behind her hands. I was a romantic, she said, a dreamer.

Father would smile knowingly but never bother to glance my way. He only had eyes for my mother, at least until my brother George came along. But I wasn’t a dreamer, no, I fought to sleep with every breath.

I much preferred to spend my evenings dancing in the star fields that twinkled in the spire on clear nights. If moonlight shone into the great atrium, it was transformed by the Baccarat into a million shimmering, glittering tiny stars.

The chandelier was always gently swaying even without a draft in the house and it would make the crisp, vibrant celestials dance upon the wall to a song I could almost hear. And I would dance among them.

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A Story That Shows How Life Can Change In A Moment

One day I awoke from an afternoon nap to the sharp sound of a protesting metal groan. I arrived at the banister just in time to see the Baccarat’s metal supports snap in two. The chandelier fell half a story until it was brought to a violent and abrupt halt by its last remaining support — a thick, nylon rope.

George was playing with a train set far below and I screamed at him. He looked up at me for just a moment and then he was obscured from my view as the nylon snapped. The chandelier went crashing down five stories to the first floor where my mother had thrown herself protectively over George.

My father would only shed his tears for them behind closed doors. A week after their deaths, Father had the Baccarat repaired and rehung. It had been my mother’s and he loved her deeply. Perhaps he liked to look at it and think of her.

But I like to think he rehung it for me because he knew how much I loved it. But the chandelier wasn’t the same. The gentle cadence it had loyally kept was now replaced by a stillness as absolute as death. The rainbows were dull, almost colorless.

And the dancing stars that had once glittered upon the walls at night were absent and the spiraled atrium remained as dark as the heart of an onyx. I still spend my days and nights lying on the floor looking up at the chandelier.

I hope its magic will return to me. Some days I can almost see the vibrant colors and speckled starlight. Most days I see nothing at all. But nothing at all is better than the nightmare that peeks through the veil sometimes, cruel and uninvited.

Sometimes I can feel the cold and the hunger and the pain in my chest. Sometimes dark nights and dull days make sense. Sometimes I can see the chandelier for what it really is.

Sometimes I remember that it wasn’t the Baccarat that my father hung at the top of the atrium that day — it was himself.

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4. A Sad Love Story of A Husband Who Lost His Wife Too Early

A Tragic Love Story That Shows Even Death Can’t Kill Love

Raveena was a young and bubbly girl. She had lost her mother at a young age and lived with her father and two younger sisters. She loved Akhil who lived in her neighborhood. He cared for her and treated her sisters like his own sisters. Soon Raveena completed her education and got a job.

Then Akhil and Raveena decided to get married. Akhil came with his parents to get her father’s permission so that they could get married. Raveena’s father didn’t agree with this alliance. He felt that there was no hurry for Raveena to get married.

He also felt that Raveena could get into a better alliance once she excelled in her career. Raveena tried to convince her father of this alliance as she loved Akhil madly but he didn’t listen to her. Raveena didn’t want her sisters to be affected by the rift between her and her father.

So she listened to him and did not go against his wishes. Akhil’s parents were forcing him to marry as Raveena’s father was against their marriage. They wanted their only son to settle with a nice girl as soon as possible.

Akhil kept on ignoring them on one or the other pretext. Finally after spending two years persuading Raveena’s father, Raveena and Akhil were successful. They finally got married.

After marriage, Akhil became a caring and doting husband. He cared for Raveena’s family as well. Akhil and Raveena had two children and it seemed like a perfect life until something changed their lives completely.

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Life Is Harsh Sometimes But You Have To Fulfill Your Duty

Raveena was diagnosed with a rare but deadly disease. Akhil tried to provide the best treatment to his wife but it was of no use. The disease snatched Raveena from Akhil. He was devastated. He pulled himself together for his school-going children.

Seeing him managing everything alone his siblings asked him to start his life afresh. They asked him to get married again and make his life complete. He promised his siblings that he would make his life complete.

He sent his children to boarding schools and requested Raveena’s sisters who were now married to keep in touch with them. He also kept in touch with them. He wanted his children to share with him and his aunts their joys and sorrows.

At home, he was all alone except for holidays when his children came from boarding school. He brought his father-in-law into his house to take care of him as he was aging now. He hired domestic help to look after the house.

Akhil had fulfilled the promise he had made to his siblings about making his life complete. He remembered Raveena every day. His photo with his wife was still his DP on WhatsApp. He looked for her in her father’s eyes and his children’s smiles.

And yes Raveena’s sisters now tied Rakhi to Akhil’s wrist. This is one of the greatest real love stories I know. Even after the partner passed away, the other partner embraced everything that was a part of his lover’s life.

Courtesy: Maneesha Rally

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Sad Love Story of A Young Couple That’ll Moisten Your Eyes

5. A Heartbreaking Story About How Destiny Kills Your Dreams

Ravinder was a cool guy who had been working for a prestigious IT firm. After returning from a reunion with his four friends, he felt like registering himself on a matrimonial site. For several days, he kept on going through different profiles and didn’t find them interesting at all.

After one month, a girl named Khushi left a message for him. They started talking on the phone and in their first conversation, they discovered their likes, dislikes, friends, and family. Slowly and slowly they came closer and fell in love.

Khushi was a funny and beautiful girl who always valued relationships and loved him a lot. Ravinder used to treat her as the most special girl in his life. Their love was adorable in terms of “How they used to treat each other when it rained when they met and roamed around”.

The journey which started with Shaadi.com was about to turn into a blissful marriage. With huge anticipation and excitement, they were getting engaged on 14 Feb, when Khushi met with an accident.

Ravinder’s life became stagnant and for a few days, he felt like a lifeless soul. He came to visit her in the hospital where her condition was serious. But doctors were not sure about saving her life.

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A Short Sad Story That Makes You Cry

She was suffering every hour and finally, she turned from a living being into a dead soul. She was gone and left so many memories for him to be happy and sad in life. She was someone with whom Ravinder realized what it means to have a family.

In her company, he could know how one feels when one falls in love. She was an angel. She was simple yet so beautiful. Her love for Ravinder was inexplicable. I still haven’t forgotten how much preparation she was doing for her engagement day.

She was making jars and coloring them. She wanted to place them on shelves. She was singing everywhere in the house and trying on new clothes. Who knew that these happy moments wouldn’t last any longer?

Who knew that she would be next seen silent on her deathbed? Who knew that her soul would be apart from her body in a few days? She was dead. She died but he survived. He survived to live alone with her memories.

They met through a matrimonial site, looking for each other, and finally fell in love. They didn’t know their love would last for a few months only. Love survived but one of them died.

Courtesy: Akhil Mahajan

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6. Why Do Human Beings Experience Grief And Pain

God sent man to the earth with abundant potential and resources but somehow man could not live happily. He went on complaining to God and requested him to send some angels to earth who could help allay the agony of life here.

Accepting his request God sent some divine beings in human form. The latter tried their level best to teach people to adopt a noble and disciplined life to gain lasting peace. But nobody cared about their suggestions.

They returned to the heavens without any results. Man continued to live ever more dissatisfied, desperate, and worried. Once again he went to God and prayed for succor. This time God bestowed conditional support:

Only those who practice self-restraint and selflessly endeavor to make the world a better place for others as well will be blessed by divine grace. Those who fulfill this condition to some extent proportionately receive joy and peace.

They are indeed unfortunate who ignore the message of God and fritter away the invaluable assets of life chasing insane passions, which lead to tensions, sorrows, and innumerable self-made miseries.

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Sad Stories That Will Bring You Wisdom In The Darkest Hour

7. The World Is But A Dream: A Sad Yet Inspiring Story

A son was born to a King. He was the only child and was therefore “the apple of the eyes” of both the king and queen. The prince became a favourite with all and as he grew older he was taught all the arts and sciences. One day, all of a sudden, the prince fell ill.

The malady went on getting worse and even the best physician in the kingdom found that all treatments were of no avail. Both the king and the queen never left his side day and night and the most competent physicians and nurses continuously attended to him.

The king was exhausted by his constant vigilance and one night he could not resist falling asleep. He was awakened by the sounds of crying and weeping and learned that the prince had passed away while he was asleep.

The king sat as if he was stupefied, without speaking a single word. The queen asked him how it was that on the passing away of the only child whom he loved so much there was not a single drop of tear in his eyes.

The king said, “Oh queen, when I fell asleep I dreamt that I had become the monarch of a large kingdom, much larger than mine, and the father of seven worthy and ideal princes, each of whom was well trained in the art of administration.”

“I handed over the charge of my kingdom to them and thereafter I spent my days in peace and happiness with you. And now this tragedy has taken place.”

“I am unable to make up my mind whether I should lament for the child that has left us today or whether I should mourn the loss of the seven sons and a vast kingdom. I see no difference between the two bereavements and to me, the world has become nothing but a dream.”

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8. A Story That Tells How You Should Handle Sadness

The old Master instructed the unhappy young lady to put a handful of salt in a glass of water and then to drink it. “How does it taste?” the Master asked. “Very bad,” said the lady. The Master then asked the young lady to take another handful of salt and put it in the lake.

The two walked in silence to the nearby lake and when the apprentice swirled his handful of salt into the lake, the old man said, “Now drink from the lake.” As the water dripped down the young lady’s chin, the Master asked, “How does it taste?” “Good!” remarked the apprentice.

“Do you taste the salt?” asked the Master. “No,” said the young lady. Then the Master said, “The pain of life is pure salt; no more no less. The amount of pain in life remains the same, exactly the same. But the amount we taste of ‘pain’ depends on the container we put it in.”

So when you are in pain, the only thing you can do is to enlarge your sense of things… Stop being a glass. Become a lake!

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9. A Sad Story About Why There Are So Many Diseases

Once the seeker Agnivesh enquired of Acharya Charak, “What is the cause of the numerous diseases found in the world?” The Acharya replied,

“The physical and mental ailments arise in direct proportion to the quantum of sins which a person accumulates. Not only personal ailments but also the collective punishments inflicted by nature are the result of man’s collective degeneration.”

The law of cause and effect guides all activities in the world. The whole of nature is bound by this rule. Those who are wise are aware of this eternal truth and accept the good or bad rewards of their actions with equanimity.

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10. An Inspiring Story That Tells Why Sadness Is Crucial In Life

Sad Story of A Teacup Who Always Lived In Fear Until…

There was a couple who used to shop in beautiful stores. They both liked antiques and pottery and especially teacups. One day in a shop they saw a beautiful teacup. They said, “May we see that? We have never seen one quite so beautiful.” As the lady handed it to them, suddenly the teacup spoke.

“You don’t understand,” it said. “I haven’t always been a teacup. There was a time when I was red and I was clay.” My master took me and rolled me and patted me over and over and I yelled out, “Let me alone”, but he only smiled, “Not yet.”

“Then I was placed on a spinning wheel,” the teacup said, “and suddenly I was spun around and around and around. Stop it! I’m getting dizzy!” I screamed. But the master only nodded and said, “Not yet.”

Then he put me in the oven. I never felt such heat. I wondered why he wanted to burn me, and I yelled and knocked on the door. I could see him through the opening and I could read his lips as he shook his head, “Not yet.”

Finally, the door opened, he put me on the shelf, and began to cool.” There, that’s better,” I said. And he brushed and painted me all over. The fumes were horrible. I thought I would gag. “Stop it, stop it!” I cried. He only nodded, “Not yet.”

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Tough Situations Pave The Way For Greatness

Then I knew there wasn’t any hope. I would never make it. I was ready to give up. But the door opened and he took me out and placed me on a shelf. One hour later he handed me a mirror and said, “Look at yourself.” And I did. I said, “That’s not me; that couldn’t be me. It’s beautiful. I’m beautiful.”

“I want you to remember, then,” he said, “I know it hurts to be rolled and patted, but if I had left you alone, you’d have dried up. I know it made you dizzy to spin around on the wheel, but if I had stopped, you would have crumbled.

I knew it hurt and was hot and disagreeable in the oven, but if I hadn’t put you there, you would have cracked. I know the fumes were bad when I brushed and painted you all over, but if I had not done that, you never would have hardened; you would not have had any color in your life.

And if I hadn’t put you back in that second oven, you wouldn’t survive for very long because the hardness would not have held. Now you are a finished product. You are what I had in mind when I first began with you.”

Moral of The Story: Only God knows what He is doing (for all of us). He is the Potter, and we are His clay. He will mold us and make us, so that we may be made into a flawless piece of work to fulfill His good, pleasing, and perfect will.

We hope you have surely liked these sad short stories. Some of these sad love stories can make you cry as you read them. Please tell us which of these sad stories was your favorite.

Also, don’t forget to share these beautiful sad stories with your friends and relatives on your favorite social media platform. After all, everyone deserves a little bit of motivation to get past their troubles.

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“Tears are far more beautiful than anything that you have with you because tears come from the overflow of your being.”

– Osho

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