3 Stories About Helping Others As Humanity Is Still Alive

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Moral Stories About Helping Others That Show Humanity Is Still Alive


Best Stories About Helping Others: Kindness is the quality of a great character that is characterized by acts of generosity, consideration, care, and concern for others. It is a virtue that is prized in almost every culture and religion in the world. Doing things for others makes the world a nice place to be.

Top Stories About Helping Others

These stories tell us clearly that “Service to Man is Service to God”. However, we must first think about how we’re getting help in our tough times. That is, we are not getting help from Man, we are getting help from God through Man’s kind heart.

If you see clearly we’re not getting help from everyone we expect to help us at times. But if you really believe in God and ask him for help then surely you’ll get it from somebody whom you may not know even before.

That’s the simple logic that we can’t analyze and understand but can feel and realize…

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1. Everyone Should Help The Needy: A Heart-Touching Story

A gentleman was sitting at the railway station waiting for a train, when a shoe polisher came and said, “Sir! boot polish? Seeing his pitiable face, he extended his shoes forward and said, “Take it, but shine it properly.” The boy started his work, but compared to other Polish people, he had very little enthusiasm.

The gentleman said, “How do you work loosely, friend? Move your hands quickly! The boy remained completely silent. Meanwhile, another boy (with boot polish) came there. He immediately separated this boy and got down to business at once.

The first one stood aside dumbfounded. The other one completely shined the shoes. ‘To whom to give the money?’ The gentleman put his hand in his pocket, thinking that now there would be a fight between these two for the money.

Then he thought, ‘The one who did the work, should get the wages.’ So he gave the money to the boy who came later. That boy took the money but put it on the palm of the previous boy, patted his back lovingly, and left.

The man kept watching all this with astonished eyes. He immediately called the boy back and asked, “What is the matter, I do not understand?”

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How A Good Man Can Change The Life of Other People

The boy said, “Sir! He had fallen from a moving train three months ago and had many injuries to his hands and legs. The poor man was saved by God’s mercy, otherwise, what would have happened to his old mother and sisters? He has a lot of self-respect, so he cannot beg…

Then he stopped for a while and said, “Sir! Here we have a group of shoe polishers and there is a deity like our beloved Uncle, whom everyone calls ‘Satsangi Chachaji’. They go to Satsangs and keep telling us about the Satsangs. It was he who suggested that

“Friends! If he cannot work with the same caliber as before, so what happened??? Just as the back, stomach, face, hands, and feet are parts of the same body, even though they appear differently, we all are one soul, despite appearing differently from the body. We are one.”

All of us colleagues living at the station have decided together that now we will give our earnings from polishing one pair of shoes daily to him and will also help in his work if needed.

The gentleman was surprised to see such a height of mutual love, cooperation, unity, and humanity in the team of shoe polishers and happily patted him on the back… and started thinking that maybe humanity is still alive…..!!

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Touching Stories About Helping The Poor And Needy People

2. A Story About Helping Others: Believe The People

Once I met an old man who was a long way from his home. He was on foot, walking through a patch where there were no villages, bus stands, or phone booths around. I wondered what he was doing there and couldn’t stop myself from halting there and asking him about it.

He told me that he had lost his wallet. Though he searched for it, he couldn’t find it. It was probably stolen. So he was walking his way home. I further asked him how much distance he had walked. His answer came as a shocker for me. He had been walking on foot since morning.

It was 5:00 PM when we were talking. He planned to walk home, which was still 50 km away from where we met. I asked him why he didn’t ask for help, to which he answered that he had been asking for help, but people didn’t think he was genuine.

Because nowadays there are a lot of people out here who ask for money saying they are lost. This is a new way of begging. But I thought he was genuine. So I helped him by offering him a ride to the nearest bus station. I also offered him 200 Rupees.

That was all I had at that time. At this point, he was so grateful to me that he attempted to touch my feet, which I resisted. He thanked me and blessed me that whenever I or my well-wishers are in trouble, someone will help them as I helped him.

Months later, one of my cousins was in the same position, stranded at a similar place, when an elderly person helped her reach home. I didn’t tell anyone about this incident, but deep inside, I know that the old man’s prayers helped my cousin.

Courtesy: Hitesh Banda

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3. How Abraham Lincoln Helped A Lady To Catch The Train

Once a lady of Springfield narrated a wonderful story about former president Abraham Lincoln’s helping nature. She said, “My first strong impression of Mr. Lincoln was made by one of his kind deeds. I was going with a little friend for my first trip alone on the railroad cars.

It was an epoch of my life. I had planned for it and dreamed of it for weeks. The day I was to go came, but as the hour of the train approached, the hackman, through some neglect, failed to call for my trunk.

As the minutes went on, I realized, in a panic of grief, that I should miss the train. I was standing by the gate, my hat and gloves on, sobbing as if my heart would break, when Mr. Lincoln came by.

“What’s the matter, young lady? Why are you sobbing?’ he asked, and I poured out all my story. “How big’s the trunk? There’s still time if it isn’t too big.’ And he pushed through the gate and up to the door.

My mother and I took him up to my room, where my little old-fashioned trunk stood, locked and tied. ‘Oh, ho,’ he cried, ‘wipe your eyes and come on quick.’

And before I knew what he was going to do, he had shouldered the trunk, was downstairs, and striding out of the yard. Down the street he went as fast as his long legs could carry him, I trotted behind, drying my tears as I went.

We reached the station in time. Mr. Lincoln put me on the train, kissed me goodbye, and told me to have a good time. It was just like him.

I liked all these stories very much. How do you like them, please tell us in the comment section below.

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