Noah’s Ark Story In The Bible To Be Grateful To The Lord

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The Story of Noah And The Ark In The Bible To Be Grateful To The Lord


The Story of Noah’s Ark In The Bible: After Abel was slain and his brother Cain had gone into another land, again God gave a child to Adam and Eve. They named this child Seth, as Adam and Eve lived for many years other sons and daughters were given to them in the meantime.

The Story of Noah's Ark In The Bible

But at last, they died, as God had said they must die because they had eaten of the tree that God had forbidden them to eat. By the time Adam died, there were many people on the earth.

What Happened After The Death of Adam And Eve

Because the kids of Adam and Eve had many other children, the population increased generation after generation. These men, women, and children lived in tents. They owned sheep and cattle, and they moved about with them, wherever they could find pasture. After a time this land where Adam’s sons lived began to be full of people.

As time passed most of these people became wicked and only a few of them grew up to become virtuous men and women. All the people lived near together, and few went away to other lands. It was obvious that even the children of good men and women learned to be bad, like the people around them.

They no longer did what was right and good. When God looked down on the world that he had made, he saw how wicked the men in it had become, and that every thought and every act of man was evil and only evil continually.

While most of the people in the world were very wicked, there were some good people also, though they were very few. The best of all the men who lived at that time was a man whose name was Enoch.

He was not the son of Cain but came from the family of Seth, the son of Adam. Enoch was a righteous and god-fearing man. He walked with God and God walked with him, and talked with him.

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Noah Story: Why God Wanted To Destroy His People

When Enoch got very old and weary God took him away from earth to heaven. This means that Enoch was taken up from Earth without dying. All the people in the time of Enoch were not shepherds. Some of them had learned how to melt iron and make rude bows, arrows, axes, knives, swords, and dishes.

They sowed grain in the fields and reaped harvests, and they planted vines and fruit trees. But God decided to destroy the people he created because all the men of the world were wicked and do evil continually. However, even in those bad times, God saw one good man.

His name was Noah. Noah tried to do right in the sight of God. As Enoch had walked with God, so Noah walked with God and talked with him. Noah had three sons – Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

God said to Noah, “The time has come when all the men and women on the earth are to be destroyed. Everyone must die, because they are all wicked. But you and your family shall be saved because you alone are trying to do right.”

Then God told Noah how he might save his life and the lives of his sons. He commanded Noah to build a very large boat, as large as the largest ships that are made in our time – very long, very wide, and very deep.

God further said, “The boat must be equipped with a roof and designed to resemble a spacious, multi-level house with three stories, while also being constructed in a manner that allows it to float on water.” Such a great ship was called “An Ark.”

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Inspiring Story of Noah In The Bible For Lord’s Devotees

A Story on Why God Commanded Noah To Build The Ark

The Lord said to Noah, “Build this ark, and after you’re done I will send a great flood of water that will kill all the people and animals on the earth. You and your family will be saved, as well as the animals you take with you. But you must make the ark large enough to hold a pair of each kind of animal and several pairs of some animals needed by men, like sheep, goats, and oxen.

So that there will be animals as well as men to live on the earth after the flood has passed away. And you must have enough food in the ark for you, your family, and for all the animals that could last for a year while the flood shall stay on the earth.”

Noah did exactly as God said. He and his three sons built the ark. However, it seemed very strange to all the people around, to build this great ark where there was no water for it to sail upon. No doubt, the wicked people laughed at Noah for building a great ship where there was no sea.

At last, the ark was finished and stood like a great house on the land. There was a door on one side, and a window on the roof, to let in the light. Then God said,

“Noah, go into the ark with your whole family. And take with you animals of all kinds, and birds, and things that creep so that all kinds of animals may be kept alive upon the earth. After seven days, water will fall upon the earth and every person and animal will be destroyed except those in this ark.”

So Noah and his wife, his sons, and their wives moved into the ark. Once they were there, animals and birds started coming in pairs, male and female. There were seven pairs of clean animals, seven pairs of birds, and only one pair of all the rest.

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How God Destroyed The Entire Earth With A Great Flood

When they had every kind of animal and bird, God shut the door and no more people and no more animals could come in. On the seventh day, rain began to fall, as it had never rained before. It seemed as though the heavens were opened to pour great floods upon the earth. The streams filled, and the rivers rose higher and higher.

The ark began to float on the water. At the same time, the earth erupted, sending fountains of water shooting up from beneath the ground. Waters flowed down the hills and filled the valleys. Eventually, it covered the entire earth. The people left their houses and ran up to the hills.

But soon the hills were covered, and all the people on them were drowned. Some had climbed up to the tops of higher mountains, but the water rose higher and higher until even the mountains were covered and all the people were drowned in the great sea.

The sea was now rolled over all the earth where man had lived. All the people, animals, and birds were destroyed. For forty days and nights, the rain kept on, until there was no breath of life remaining outside of the ark.

However, the people, animals, and birds that were in the ark were safe while the whole earth was being destroyed. After forty days the rain stopped, but the water stayed on the earth for more than six months.

Noah’s ark floated on the water for 110 days after it stopped raining. Then God sent a wind to blow over the waters, and to dry them up; so by degrees, the waters grew less and less.

First mountains rose above the waters, then the hills rose up, and finally the ark ceased to float and landed on a mountain called Mount Ararat.

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Wonderful Story About Noah’s Ark & The Grace of Almighty

How Mankind Flourished on Earth After The Devastating Flood

But Noah could not see what had happened on the earth, because the door was shut, and the only window was up in the roof. However, he felt that the ark was no longer moving, and he knew that the water must have gone down. So, after waiting for four months Noah opened a window to see what was on the earth.

He sent out a raven, but it never came back. Next, he sent out a dove, which flew around but couldn’t find a place to nest. Soon she returned to the ark and Noah took her into the ark again. After seven days, he sent out the dove again.

And in the evening, the dove came back to the ark, with an olive leaf in her beak. Noah then knew that the water had gone down enough and the plants were growing once again. He waited seven more days and sent out the dove again.

But this time, the dove flew away and never came back. And Noah knew that the earth was becoming dry again. A month later, Noah removed the hatch from the ark and saw that there was dry land all around the ark, and the waters were no longer everywhere.

Noah had now lived in the ark a little more than a year, and he was glad to see the green land and the trees once more. Then God said to Noah, “Come out of the ark, with your wife, and your sons, and their wives, and all the living things that are with you in the ark.”

So Noah opened the door of the ark, and with his family came out, and stood once more on the ground. And the animals, and birds, and creeping things in the ark, came out also and began again to bring life to the earth.

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God Blessed Noah And His Family With His Eternal Promise

The first thing that Noah did when he came out of the ark, was to give thanks to God for saving all his family when the rest of the people on the earth were destroyed. Noah built an altar so they could worship God. He laid upon it an offering to the Lord and gave himself and his family to God and promised to do God’s will.

The Lord was pleased with Noah’s offering and said, “Never again will I destroy the earth with a flood, no matter how bad the people may be. There will always be planting and harvest, hot and cold, summer, and winter, day and night. I give to you the earth.

You shall be the rulers of the ground and of every living thing upon it. From now on, animals will fear you, yet you are still responsible for them. You may now eat animals as well as plants. But you’re not to kill people, because they are made in the image of God.”

Then God caused a rainbow to appear in the sky, and he said to Noah and his family, “Look into the clouds and see the rainbow. When I look at it and when you look at it, we’ll remember this promise. A flood will never again destroy the men from the earth. This is my promise to you.”

So as often as we see the beautiful rainbow, we are to remember that it is the sign of God’s promise to the world.

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