5 Stories of Faith That Will Nurture Your Faith In God

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Short Stories About Faith That Will Nurture Your Faith In God


Short Stories About Faith To Nurture Your Faith In God: Faith is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. You can be rich and talented, but if you don’t have faith in yourself, and in the beauty of life, every day will feel like a struggle. Once you open your heart to faith, you’ll understand its true meaning.

Stories of Faith For You

Our faith encourages us, gives us strength, helps us in hard times, and gives us hope. The focused power of faith breeds abundance. Let these stories about faith fill you with strength and inspire you to believe more deeply.

1. Thomas Alva Edison And A Scientist: Short Story About Faith

Once a scientist was traveling by train in the United States of America. In front of him, A man younger than him was sitting. To establish rapport, the scientist asked the man, “What is your name and what do you do?” The young man answered, “My name is Thomas and I am a scientist.”

Elder Scientist was pleased to hear the young man’s answer. He noticed that the young man was reading a book. When the scientist enquired about the name of the book young man replied, “Sir, this is the Bible.”

As soon as the scientist came to know that he was reading the Bible, his mood changed abruptly. He shouted at the young man: Do you have brains? This is a scientific world. The world is traveling very fast, but you are still believing in religion, God, bible, etc…

What would happen to the people if we scientists ourselves believe in this stuff… Don’t you want to learn more? Try to ignore these baseless things in the future, Okay… Have my visiting card with you, get an appointment, and come to meet me. If I am free, we will surely talk…

The train reached the station and both scientists got down. The scientist asked the young man, “I introduced myself to you, but you didn’t introduce yourself”… So the young man gave his visiting card to the scientist.

The scientist took the card and read the name of the card-giver in amazement… “Thomas Alva Edison”. The surprised scientist asked Edison, “Sir, May I get an appointment soon?

Thomas Alva Edison nodded in agreement and they both decided to meet in Edison’s lab. In the laboratory, there was a model of a solar system beautifully made by Edison.

Seeing it, the scientist asked a series of questions, “The model looks beautiful, Who made this, How was this made? How many days it took to make this?”

Edison: I don’t know, One day I opened my lab door and I found the model…

The scientist said, “Sir, no jokes Please.”

Edison: I don’t know. One day I opened my lab door and I found the model…

The scientist: Sir, seriously I am asking, please tell me…

Edison: You are a scientist, You people say that suddenly one day the universe was created… Then how is not possible for this model to be created on its own?

Moral of The Story: Where there is a creation, necessarily there is a Creator and many call it with a name… GOD. Have faith in the Almighty.

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Inspirational Stories of Faith That Will Refresh Your Spirit

2. How To Realize God While Living In The World: A Story of Faith

The king asked his counsel – “Can God be realized while raising a family?” The counsel said, “Yes! Oh, King! It is possible but only Mahatmaji can give you a definite answer. He stays nearby, by the bank of the river Godavari. The forest there is dense and we will have to follow his rules.”

The king asked, “What are the rules?” Counsel replied, “Oh, King! Mahatmaji has stipulated that whoever comes to meet him should remember that not an insect should get crushed under his feet. If it does then Mahatmaji would lay a curse upon the person who does it.”

The king understood the conditions and painstakingly covered the distance at a very slow pace. Mahatmaji welcomed the king, seated him, and asked, “Oh King! You have just arrived. What did you see along your way?”

The king said, “Mahatmaji I have somehow managed to reach here after avoiding all the insects. I didn’t see anything else.”

Mahatmaji said, “This is the response to your question. If one treads the path of life, avoiding all misdeeds and nurturing a fear of Karmic retribution, God can surely be realized”. The king had found the answer to his query.

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3. An Atheist Is Nothing But The Fellow Who Just Lost The Way

An atheist and proponent of the theory of existentialism, Jean-Paul Sartre, had completed his famous book, “Being and Nothingness”. He was well-known around the world even before this book was published. Despite attaining fame, prestige, and worldly comforts, he was not at peace with himself.

He met one of his friends to talk about his restless state of mind. His friend introduced him to Le-Pierre. Although he was a scientist by profession, Le-Pierre was also interested in spirituality. He discussed spiritual matters with Sartre in a scientific way.

Sartre felt peaceful after his conversation with Le-Pierre. He met Le-Pierre several times afterward. Slowly, his restlessness began to abate. In his last meeting with Le-Pierre, he said, I wish I had met you earlier.

I wish I had known that it was possible to define spirituality scientifically. I wish I had known that there is the scope for scientific research on spirituality; then I would have never become an atheist.”

Moral of The Story: An Atheist is nothing but a fellow who just lost the way.

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Short Stories About Faith To Strengthen Your Faith In The God

4. Saint Teresa of Avila And Her Faith In The Lord Almighty

This story is about one of the most famous Christian saints of medieval history, St. Teresa of Avila. One day she was traveling to another city and had an absolutely miserable day — a poor breakfast, a late start, a rough road, a balky horse. Eventually, the clouds overhead grew dark and it started to rain.

The heavy downpour turned the road into a muddy mess. A roll of thunder startled her horse, and it panicked, threw St. Teresa into the road, and ran off. St. Teresa picked herself up off the muddy road, and looked after her fleeing horse, absolutely furious.

“God,” she cried out, “I’ve done so much for you. I’ve been your hands and feet to the least desirable people on earth. Why would you let me have a day as horrible as today?”

Immediately, she heard God’s voice. “Teresa,” He said, “This is how I treat all my friends.”

“Well then,” St. Teresa snapped, “It’s no wonder you have so few of them.”

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5. Have A Little Faith: A True Story About Faith

There was an old man at a church who had loved God all of his life. His name was John. John often walked around saying “God is Good”. He said it all the time, whenever and wherever he was. When John got married he said, “God is Good”. When John lost his job he said, “God is Good”.

When John’s father died he said, “God is Good”. When John’s wallet got stolen he said, “God is Good”. Well, you get the idea, no matter what John did, or what happened to him, we would always hear him say, “God is Good”. A few months ago, John was diagnosed with cancer.

The disease had spread rapidly and he was told by his doctor he’d have only a few weeks to live. Still, even on his deathbed, John could be heard by everyone in the hospital repeating his famous line, “God is Good”. The pastor of the church, Charles was John’s best friend.

Charles went every day to visit John in the hospital. And every night before Charles left John would tell him, “God is Good”. Finally, after weeks of watching his best friend get worse and worse from his terminal disease, Charles just could not stand it any longer and asked John,

“John you are my best friend and I love you. I love the Lord as much as you do, too. I have listened to you say that God is Good your whole life. Through the good times, maybe I can understand you saying how good God is.

Maybe even through the hard times, to help yourself cope. But now, lying here on your deathbed, how can you be so optimistic? How can you say ‘God is good’ every day when you know he is letting you die?”

John just looked at Charles and smiled. “Dear friend, don’t you see all of those times I was saying God was Good, it was my way of praising him in the little way I could. And look what my reward is for remaining faithful, I am dying. You say God is letting me die as if that is a bad thing.

Charles, have you forgotten that is our goal? To live our life for Him, and join him one day in heaven. See, GOD IS GOOD! He has finally called me home and in a few hours I will be with Him. I can’t imagine anything greater than that.”

John died that night in his sleep. Charles stood up and said only two things at John’s funeral: “I will miss my friend but I know I will see him again one day soon, and GOD IS GOOD.” Let us praise the Lord in everything that comes our way for our reward will be great in Heaven…

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