The Eagle Story That Tells The Importance of Struggle In Life

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Last updated on June 3rd, 2024


The Story of An Eagle That Tells The Importance of Struggle In Life


Story of An Eagle That Tells Why Struggle Is Important: Life is not as easy as it seems and when it comes to making your life worth remembering, it becomes a highly challenging task. In the words of great Swami Vivekananda, life is a struggle and if you look at it realistically, you will find tough competition everywhere in life.

The Story of An Eagle

Life gives diamonds and pearls of success only to the person who enters this great battle of struggle with strong intentions and a determined mindset. However, it is also true that most people get demotivated after one or two failures.

But if you read this story, the path to your success will definitely become easier and perhaps it will also inspire you throughout your life. This is an inspiring story that has circulated widely on the internet for years.

We have modified it a little bit and put only verified facts. It is a story of transformation and determination to live.

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The Story of An Eagle To Inspire You For The Rest of Life

Usually, after the birth of baby birds, they keep crying for food for several days. For at least one or two months, baby birds depend on their mother for food but for a baby eagle, it’s a different story. The training of an eagle starts at the moment when it is born, and this training is really very difficult.

Just a few days after the birth, the first phase of training begins… The female eagle brings food for her child, but she does not put the food directly into the child’s mouth. But stands at some distance from her nest and shows the food to the chick from that place.

Since the baby is hungry and needs food, it has to struggle with all its might to get out of the nest. It falls several times but gradually moves forward towards his mother because food is lying there.

In this struggle, the chick gets injured but the heart of the female eagle does not melt. She stands away from the nest until the chick reaches her. Something similar happens while it is learning to fly.

After a few days, the female eagle holds her chick in her talons and carries it to a height of 4000 to 5000 meters in the sky and then throws the chick towards the earth from this height.

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Do You Know Why Struggle Is So Important In Human Life

Strive Hard To Become Something Better Like An Eagle

This is the most difficult test of that chick’s life. As soon as the female eagle throws her chick down from such a height, the child starts rolling and falling down. When it is at a distance of about 1000 meters from the ground, it starts spreading its wings in panic.

Unable to fly, the baby eagle realizes that now it is about to die, but then the female eagle quickly grabs the chick in her talons in the air and carries it safely to the ground. The female eagle keeps doing this until that chick learns to fly well.

After that phase, the life of an eagle starts like a king of the sky. The lifespan of a golden eagle is up to 30 years in the wild and 50 years in captivity. We all know that eagles are able to fly high due to their powerful wings and strong muscles.

However, this strength of the body does not always remain intact. After the age of 15, there comes a stage in his life when an eagle has to struggle again for its existence.

At that time, its beak loses its sharpness and its claws get bent due to which it is unable to catch prey properly. Because of worn feathers, it cannot fly properly.

In such a situation, an eagle takes solitude and goes to a higher place like a mountain or a hill. Then begins a new chapter of suffering, tolerance, and courage.

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The Truly Inspiring Life Story of An Eagle

The eagle starts plucking its old-aged feathers symmetrically and throws them away to preserve its unique flying ability. The whole process takes many days but after that, he again lives as an eagle till its death… becoming the king of birds… becoming the king of the sky…

If seen in this way, the training of an eagle starts in childhood itself and then even in the middle of youth, he does penance so that he can remain the most powerful and most successful even in this life full of dangers.

Due to its rigorous training, an eagle can carry prey that weighs twice as much as itself. When it rains, all birds occupy shelter but the eagle avoids the rain by flying above the clouds…

An eagle is born like a fighter, trains like a fighter, and lives like a fighter. We all can learn a great lesson from the never-say-die attitude of an eagle and from its life that is full of struggles.

The other name of life is struggle and at every stage, we have to struggle to achieve something. If we get everything served on a plate, then we will not know the value of hard work, due to which no one will be able to move ahead in life.

It is not so important to know what you do, but it is important to differentiate whether your way of doing it is like that of an eagle or like that of other birds. Learn to fly like an eagle – unafraid, free, and moving towards your goal with your eyes on it.

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