10 Best Karma Stories That Can Change Life In A Moment

Last updated on June 2nd, 2024


Instant Karma Stories That Will Show You How Karma Can Change Your Life


“No one ever “gets away” with anything. You cannot twist the fabric of reality without it snapping back, you might not notice what the lie cost you because you aren’t smart enough to put cause and effect together, particularly if the effect happens much later — but you don’t get away with anything, period. Ever. And neither does anyone else.”

– Jordan Peterson

Best Karma Stories To Change Life

Best Karma Stories To Open The Gates of Wisdom: This mortal world is called Mrityu Lok (Land of Death) because every human being born on this earth is bound to die. No matter, how capable, talented, intelligent, rich, and knowledgeable a person is, he has to leave this mortal body after a certain time.

Apart from this, this world is also called Karma Lok (Land of Karma) because here to achieve anything, one has to work first, only then a person can get his desired thing. This world is running according to the law of cause and effect.

Here, everything happens for a reason; for every effect, there is a specific cause. In other words, this world operates according to the Divine Law of Karma. Most people, including great scientists like Albert Einstein, strongly believe that we live in a world governed by law, not chance.

According to this complex and inevitable law of Karma, every action produces its corresponding equal but opposite reaction. It states that whatever thoughts or energy we put out, we get back—good or bad. This law of Karma is binding on the entire universe.

And it is necessarily implemented irrespective of individual beliefs, desires, and wishes of any individual. But in this article, we will not discuss the law of karma in more detail, because then this article will become too long.

Today we just want to tell you through some stories that no one is untouched by the law of karma in this world and every human being has to bear the fruits of his/her own deeds. Hope you like these stories.

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1. Karma Story: Cruel Landlord And The Poor Old Lady

Once a cruel zamindar (landlord) snatched the land of a poor old lady. The lady requested everybody in the village to protect her from this atrocity but nobody dared to speak before Zamindar. Distressed, the lady herself went to Zamindar.

She said that if he did not return her land he should permit her to dig a bucket of soil from that piece of land so that she gets the satisfaction of at least getting something. Zamindar agreed and went to the field with the old lady.

The lady packed up a big bucket with soil and requested the zamindar to help her load it on her head. The bucket was heavy. The zamindar said snobbishly, “Old lady! You will breathe your last if you keep this much of earth on your head.”

The lady retaliated, “If I go dead under this much soil, how will you keep alive with the soil of the whole farm?” Zamindar thought over, felt ashamed, and returned back the land to the old lady.

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Inspiring Stories About Karma That Are Real Eye-Openers

2. Karma Story: How A Criminal Was Punished For His Deeds

A Quora user shared this real story and it is the best real-life example I have seen of how Karma strikes. Here goes the story… This happened with one of my college professors who is a very simple and honest person. He is also very religious. He is around 60 years old.

At a railway station, some guy snatched his mobile and ran away as he was unable to shout or chase the snatcher. But Karma struck after some days of this incident. He got a call from Snatcher’s family to get his mobile back from some shop.

They left it at the shop as they were too ashamed to face the professor. This is how it all happened… Snatcher made some phone calls using this phone and SIM card to his fiancé’s family while the Professor got a replacement SIM with the same number and got the old SIM blocked.

As the guy had already called, so his fiancee’s family contacted him on the same number after some time. But due to the expiry of the old sim, now they had to talk to the professor. He explained how he had lost his phone at the railway station to a snatcher.

This ended in big embarrassment for the guy’s family and marriage plans were canceled by the girl’s side for obvious reasons and Professor got his phone back. Professor told this story during a lecture in class.

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3. Karma Story: A Good Deed Never Goes In Vain

A user on Quora shared this short yet inspiring story about karma… During my engineering days, I was trying hard to get a campus placement but after repeated attempts, I could never succeed. I was clueless as I failed to understand what was missing from my end.

More and more campus interviews passed by and there were hardly any companies left to arrive on campus. Then on one of the weekends, I saw an old lady with lots of luggage. She was struggling really hard to carry the huge bags from over the bridge to the platform.

Somehow I felt she was in bad need of help, I rushed to her asked her to not worry, and carried all her bags for her, wow, gave me a great feeling when she smiled, thanked me, and said, may you get whatever you want in life.

Three days later, I went for a Placement interview. However, things didn’t go quite well in the interview but I really wanted to secure a job in that company. Surprisingly I was the only person from the batch of those 25-odd people appearing for the process to get selected.

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4. Karma Story: God is Watching Everyone Everywhere

Saint Omar was a famous Sufi Saint who wandered about testing people for divine virtues. One day he saw a young lad – a goat grazer. The saint to test the boy asked for a goat.

The boy refused saying he was not the owner. Saint Omar emphasized saying, “Your master is not here to see what you do? He won’t know if one of the many goats is missing.”

The boy replied seriously. “God is the master of this world. He is all-pervading. He sees even if my master does not. How can I betray him?”

Saint Omar was highly impressed. He took the boy to his master and relating the whole incident asked his master to free the boy from worldly tasks.

He said “This child is the son of God. I want him to be with me for the sake of God’s tasks.”

The boy became Saint Omar’s disciple and a famous Sufi Saint himself as he grew up.

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Incredible Stories About Good & Bad Karma And Their Lessons

5. Karma Story: How The Crow Got Punished For Its Bad Deed

A story shared by A Quora User in his words: This is a real-life example of karma in action. In the mango tree next to my house resides a crow-couple and one of them has a distinct white marking on its feathers so I can track these birds regularly. One day I saw, one of the crows being very aggressive.

They attacked a squirrel’s nest which contained two baby squirrels guarded by their mother. When the mother squirrel was busy defending against the attack from one of the crows, the other one slowly sneaked into the nest, ate one baby squirrel, and carried another one away.

I was very disturbed by this incident, but I guess it was only survival from the crow’s point of view. A few months passed and I noticed the crow couple taking turns and feeding a dark brown colored bird. It was very strange because crows are usually known to be aggressive towards other birds.

Also, this brown bird was making crow-like noises to get more food from the couple. After I realized what had happened, I thought about how even birds cannot escape from their karma and this made me smile.

What had happened was the brown bird they were feeding was the Indian Cuckoo (Known as Koel in India). Unlike most other birds, the female cuckoo does not build its own nest, it lays its eggs in other bird’s nest.

The cuckoo is so smart that it lays eggs matching the color of the host’s egg. Also, if it lays one egg it would throw away one of the host’s eggs to make sure the host bird does not suspect any foul play.

The baby cuckoo hatches earlier than the host’s own nestlings and it would push away all the eggs or other nestlings from the nest so it has no competition for food. The sad part is that the hosts (crow) end up feeding a parasite that killed all its chicks.

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6. As You Sow, So Shall You Reap: Insightful Karma Story

Karma definitely pays off, even if it is delayed. I was sexually abused and bullied multiple times when I was a young girl. I was so scared of them that I could not even tell my parents about this molestation. Due to their atrocities, I went into a depression to the extent that I wanted to die.

But by giving myself courage, I focused on moving forward. But then what happened to those goons I could never have imagined even in my dreams. After some months one of the bullies was beaten up by army marines and ended up in a coma.

He had to have a metal plate placed over his skull. Another I saw on social media, his baby died of cot death. I would like to tell one more story about my life. A past boyfriend financially abused me and was a pretty shit person.

After we split up his next girlfriend falsely accused him of assault and she took him to court. Apart from these, there have been many such incidents in my life that have convinced me that ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’. So yes, I believe in karma.

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7. A Story About Karma: Why Should You Help Others

I worked in a dead-end job which I did not like. I had a friend who desperately wanted an exit too. After a year, I applied and got another job in a different city but my friend did not. He pleaded with me to stay but I refused and left him alone.

After one more year, I got another job in a different city so I resigned. But this time, I told my manager that I knew someone who could do this job better than I did. I referred my friend and he got selected.

After 3 years I got laid off and was looking for a job. This friend of mine referred me and now we work in the same office. Life has come full circle in the last 10 years.

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Best Karma Stories That Can Change Your Life In A Moment

8. A Karma Story That Shows No One Can Escape Evil Deeds

A story shared by a Quora User in his words: My uncle is a lawyer and he has been practicing law for many years. He along with his son and daughter often visits our home. Once we visited his home where after some time the discussion about the law of Karma started. My parents and uncle were discussing the inevitability of good and bad deeds.

Here’s the whole story… A family approached my uncle to fight the case for them in court. The case was that a husband was blamed for killing his wife by burning her alive due to dowry. My uncle asked them personally whether they actually committed the crime or not.

The family confessed their crime and said that they were involved in the murder. But since my uncle was getting a huge amount from them, he agreed to fight this case for them in court. Because of his talent and skills, my uncle won the case.

But guess what happened after the case was decided? About a month later, my uncle was informed that the guy who was convicted of killing her wife died in a car accident. Later due to the shock of his only son’s death, his father also died two weeks later.

And now the mother of the boy was living alone with no financial aid from anyone. As if this was not enough, seven months later my uncle, accompanied by his friends, was going to court as he normally did and his car collided with a bus.

He was seriously injured and was hospitalized for several days. However, he survived the accident but lost a lot of money in the treatment. Apart from this, he also had to lose his health and mental peace.

Certainly, it is an indisputable fact that one has to bear the fruits of his Karma. No one can escape it.

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9. How A Good Karma Lead To Another Good Karma

This is the story of a boy who shared it on Quora: One day when I was coming back from the ATM, an old man was going with his granddaughter. He wasn’t able to walk due to weakness. His granddaughter was carrying some luggage on her head. The old man slipped due to weakness and fell into a small drainage.

After falling down he received a wound on his forehead. No one cared but I couldn’t stop myself from helping him. I helped him get up and asked if he was okay. He was fine but his granddaughter also fell down due to his grandfather’s imbalance. I helped her with her luggage.

She was so happy and her uncle thanked me a lot. I can’t tell in words how happy they were. And on the same day in the evening, my parents were going to the nearby city to visit the doctor and the bus stopped working on the way.

It was a hilly area and they were waiting for another bus to reach the city. As soon as the other bus came, people went crazy and boarded the bus as if it was the end of the world for them. My father was trying to board from the rear gate.

He was unaware of my mother as she fell down. The bus driver was stupid enough and he started the bus. My mother was pulled over by some guy who saw the bus tire coming over my mother.

My mother was saved by inches and microseconds. My mother told me that someone like you was there who helped me. I don’t know the guy who saved my mom but I guess good deeds always follow you.

May God bless that guy always. But never ever travel in such a hurry that you are going to lose your life if you don’t catch this train/bus etc.

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10. Karma Story: Even Death Follows The Law of Karma

This story is about a famous real incident that happened many years ago. In November 2015, the notorious terrorist organization ISIS carried out a terrorist attack in Paris. The Video – CCTV footage shows the scene inside a restaurant in the seconds running up to and including the attack.

At the denouement of the assault, the gunman is seen pointing what is believed to be an AK-47 machine gun at the ground where a woman is crouched under a table. He appears to squeeze the trigger, once and then again. But the weapon does not fire, either jammed or out of ammunition.

The shooter runs off into the street, to a waiting car. Seconds after he leaves, the woman closest to him stands and looks around before running down the street. The second woman follows her.

The entire attack lasted less than a minute, and at least 30 bullets were fired into the cafe. No one is killed. As the Karma of a woman is to live more, so the gun did not get fired and somehow saved her from getting killed.

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