Nachiketa And Yama Bedtime Story For Kids With Moral

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Nachiketa And Yama Story With Moral From Upanishad


Nachiketa and Yama Bedtime Story For Kids: Nachiketa was a brilliant sage of the Vedic era. His story is originally described in Kathopanishad. Nachiketa was the son of sage Vajashravas. Once his father, desiring a boon from the gods, started a Yagna called ‘Vishvajit’. He was determined to donate all his wealth to this Yajna.

Nachiketa And Yama Bedtime Story

Many scholars, sages, and Brahmins were invited to this big event. Everyone was hopeful that at the end of the Yagna, they would receive good Dakshina (donation) from Vajshrava. But when the Yagya ended and Vajshrava started offering Dakshina, everyone was surprised.

Because as Dakshina, he was offering those cows which were old and did not even give milk. Before the commencement of the Yagna, Vajashrava had announced that he would donate all his wealth to the Yagya. For this reason, more people were present in the Yagya.

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Bedtime Story of Nachiketa In Kathopanishad

But when they got to know the level of donations, they were left heartbroken. They were very angry but none of them could say anything. However, Nachiketa, son of Vajshrava, could not tolerate this misdeed and his father’s attachment towards property.

He questioned his father, ‘Father, what are you doing?’

‘Don’t you see, I am donating to Brahmins.’ Vajashrava said.

‘But these cows are old, whereas you should donate good cows.’ Nachiketa said politely.

‘Do you know more than me about which things should be donated and which should not?’ Vajshrava questioned angrily.

Nachiketa said politely, “Father, one should give only that thing in charity, which is most dear to the person and is the best. To whom will you donate me?’

Vajashrava did not give any answer to this statement of Nachiketa but Nachiketa became stubborn. He kept asking this question again and again, ‘Father, to whom will you donate me?’

Vajashrava said angrily, ‘I will donate you to Yamraj (The Lord of Death).’ Having said this, he then got busy with other work.

Nachiketa was a determined child. Hearing his father’s words, he said, “I will follow your orders, father. Don’t worry at all.”

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Why Did Nachiketa Want To Meet Yamraja

Then Nachiketa, after paying obeisance to his parents, immediately set out in search of Yamraj. Everyone thought it was just childish curiosity but when Nachiketa did not return even till evening, Vajshrava felt very sad. His mother was also mourning a lot as Nachiketa was the only son of his parents.

Due to the departure of his young child, Vajashrava felt ashamed of himself. He thought, “Why did I say so in a wave of anger? Donated my only son to Yamraj…” But what could have happened now?

It had been a long time since Nachiketa left the house. Since night was beginning to fall, the birds were also returning to their nests. But he was moving towards his goal, without any fatigue or regret. He did not know where was the residence of Yamraj.

But he had to meet him at any cost because this was his father’s order. He asked everyone about Yampuri, the same Yampuri, where Yamraj resided. But everyone made fun of him, calling him a fool. Everyone told him the same thing that no living person can go to Yampuri.

Only after death can one see Yamraj, but that innocent boy remained firm on his decision and kept moving forward. Because of hunger and incessant walking, Nachiketa was now very tired, hence he sat down at a place to rest for some time.

Coincidentally, that place was the entrance gate of Yampuri which was hidden from the sight of the general public. Two Yamdoots (Angel of Death) were guarding there. When they saw young Nachiketa, they were very surprised.

Both of them started wondering who is this child who is on the verge of death. One of the Yamdoots asked him in a thundering voice – ‘O child, who are you and what have you come here to do?’

“My name is Nachiketa and I have come to meet Yamraj on the orders of my father.” The boy replied patiently.

‘But why do you want to meet Yamraj?’ The second Yamdoot asked a question.

‘Because my father has donated me to him.’ Nachiketa replied.

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Bedtime Story of Nachiketa And Yamraj For Kids & Students

Why Did Angels of Death Forbid Nachiketa To Meet Yama

Both Yamdoots were surprised to hear Nachiketa’s words. They thought, “What a strange child he is who has no fear of death and came here to meet Yamraj. They tried to scare him, but could not dissuade Nachiketa from his decision. He continued to express his desire to meet Yamraj.

Seeing his determination, a Yamdoot said, ‘At present, our lord Yamraj is not in Yampuri. He will return after three days, only then you come.

‘No problem, I will wait for three days.’ Nachiketa replied and sat there near the door of Yampuri. Sitting at the gate of Yampuri, Nachiketa was thinking about the past. He was satisfied that he was following his father’s orders.

For three consecutive days, he sat outside Yampuri waiting for Yamraj. Yamraj was out at that time, hence he did not know about Nachiketa’s arrival. But when he returned to Yampuri, Yamdoots told him about the whole incident.

When he came to know about him, he too was surprised. He called Nachiketa to his court. As soon as Nachiketa reached Yamraj, he saluted him. At that time there was an extraordinary glow on his face.

Yamraj was saddened to know that a Brahmin guest had been waiting for him for so long without food and water. In Indian culture, a guest is considered like God. To atone for his mistake, Yama said to Nachiketa,

“O child, I am greatly pleased by your filial piety and determination. You have waited without hospitality at my house for three days, so I grant you three boons of your own choice.”

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How Yamraja Welcomed Nachiketa At His Residence

Hearing this, Nachiketa’s happiness knew no bounds. Nachiketa, knowing that his father Vajashravas was offended by him, said, “O Yama! Let Vajashravas be appeased in mind, and forget his anger against me: this I choose for the first boon.”

Yama said, “Through my favor, Vajashravas will remember thee with love as before.” Then he asked Nachiketa to ask for the second boon.

Nachiketa thought for some time because he wanted to get something better as a boon. Suddenly he remembered that his father had performed the yagna only to attain heaven. Therefore, for the second boon, Nachiketa asks that the fire by which heaven is gained be made known to him,

Yamraj was very pleased with his intelligence and granted him the second boon. Then Yama says, “Choose the third and final boon, O Nachiketa!”

After thinking for some time, Nachiketa said, “O Lord of Dharma, there is this inquiry. Some say the soul exists after the death of man; others say it does not exist. This I should like to know. Please clear my doubt by providing me the knowledge of self. Such is the third of the boons.

After hearing this question, Yamraj became serious as he did not expect such a question from Nachiketa at all. He asked him to ask for some other boon but Nachiketa refused. Now Yamraj gave many temptations to Nachiketa.

He said, “This question was inquired even by the gods; for it is not easy to understand it. Subtle is its nature. Choose another boon, O Nachiketa! I can give you so much wealth that your seven generations will live happily, no one in this world will be as rich as you, but do not compel me to this.”

But Nachiketa refused and said, “If even the gods wanted to know about it and O Yama, if you also say that it is not easy to understand, then there is no other speaker to be found like you. There is no other boon like this.”

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Inspiring Story of Nachiketa That’ll Change Your Mindset

How Yamraja Lured Nachiketa With Material Things

Yama said, “If you do not desire wealth, choose sons and grandsons who may live a hundred years; choose herds of cattle; choose elephants and gold and horses; choose the wide expanded earth, and live as many years as you wish.

Or, if you know a boon like this, choose it, together with wealth and far-extending life. Be a king, O Nachiketas! On the wide earth, I will make you the enjoyer of all desires. All those desires that are difficult to gain in the world of mortals, all those ask you at your pleasure.

Choose those fair nymphs of heaven with their chariots, and with their musical instruments who are not to be gained by men of the mortal world. Enjoy the company of divine women whose beauty no woman on earth can match but do not ask the question of the state of the soul after death.”

But Nachiketa once again refused. Now he started to think seriously – is it so important to know the secret of death that even all the pleasures of the world cannot match it? Indeed, knowledge of death is priceless otherwise Yamraj would never have tempted me with these pleasures.

He humbly said, “O Yamraj, all those enjoyments are of yesterday. When this body itself is not permanent then what will I do with these divine pleasures? With you remain your horses and elephants, with you the dance and song.

If we should obtain wealth, we live only as long as you pleasest. Please enlighten me about the mystery of death. I want only enlightenment as my third boon.”

Yamraj was confused because he had already made the promise but to test his eligibility he tried to lure Nachiketa once again. But Nachiketa remained firm on his point and said in a decisive voice,

“O Yama, if you want to give me something then answer this question of mine, otherwise let it be because I do not want anything else.”

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The Story of Nachiketa Is An Inspiration For Everyone

Yama was very happy to hear this from Nachiketa and said, “O Nachiketa, you are blessed because you did not deviate from your determination to attain enlightenment. Despite many temptations from me, you only desired enlightenment. Blessed is your family in which an intelligent child like you has been born.

Today I impart you that knowledge, knowing that you will be free from the bondage of birth and death forever. You have tried to know that secret that only a rare person in this world can know.”

Yama said, “One thing is good, another is pleasant. Blessed is he who takes the good, but he who chooses the pleasant loses the object of man. But you, considering the objects of desire, hast abandoned them.

These two, ignorance (whose object is what is pleasant) and knowledge (whose object is what is good), are known to be far asunder and to lead to different goals. Believing this world exists, and not the other, the careless youth is subject to my sway.

That knowledge for which you have asked is not to be obtained by argument. I know worldly happiness is transient, for that firm one is not to be obtained by what is not firm. The wise, by means of the union of the intellect with the soul, thinking him whom it is hard to behold, leaves both grief and joy.

You, O Nachiketa! I believe a house whose door is open to Brahma. Brahma the supreme, whoever knows him obtains whatever he wishes. The soul is not born; it does not die; it was not produced by anyone. Nor was any produced from it.

Unborn, eternal, it is not slain, though the body is slain; subtler than what is subtle, greater than what is great, sitting it goes far, sleeping it goes everywhere. Thinking the soul as unbodily among bodies, firm among fleeting things, the wise man casts off all grief.

The soul cannot be gained by knowledge, not by understanding, not by manifold science. It can be obtained by the soul by which it is desired. It reveals its own truths.” After preaching Brahmavidya, Yamraj blessed Nachiketa and sent him away from Yamalok.

Whoever heard about Nachiketa’s journey to Yama could not help but be surprised. Everyone started praising his courage. Later, Nachiketa became a great scholar and his name became immortal in the whole world.

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