15 Inspiring Stories About Dogs That Will Melt Your Heart

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True Short Stories About Dogs To Learn From The Men’s Best Friend


Inspiring Short Stories About Dogs Including Hachiko Dog: A dog is considered the most loyal friend of a human being as he is the only creature in the whole animal kingdom who loves his master more than himself. Nearly most of us have experienced this fact at some point in our lives.

Stories About Dogs

But there is something more heart-touching about dogs. And it is that, in critical situations, these animals do not hesitate to do everything in their power to save humans, even if they are strangers.

For many people, a dog is not just an animal but a selfless friend for life who will never go against them, who will never betray them, and who will never be the reason for sadness in their life whatever may be the circumstances.

We hope the following short stories about dogs will surely touch your heart and make your head bow before their incredible loyalty and selfless love, the two rare virtues that many human beings lack.

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1. Story About Hachiko ‘The Dog’: The Most Loyal Dog Ever

This is by far one of the greatest stories about the loyalty of dogs. He was born on November 10, 1923, on a farm near the city of Odate in Japan. In 1924 he was adopted by Hidesaburo Ueno, a professor at Tokyo Imperial University. Ueno taught him many things, like playing with balls and behaving nicely with people.

Ueno even took it with him up to the nearby Shibuya train station every day. After that, Ueno would leave for work and the dog would return home. At night when Ueno returned, he always saw his best friend waiting for him. Many of the other people saw this happening daily.

Gradually Ueno’s partner and greatest lover became quite popular in the entire area as he was known by many shopkeepers who worked at that station. This all continued till May 21, 1925, when Ueno died due to a cerebral haemorrhage at work thus never making it back to Shibuya station.

On that day too, someone was waiting for him at the station. And again the next day he waited for Ueno. Again he waited for Ueno. He was young and the family couldn’t explain that the person he loved the most was no more.

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How Hachiko Became The Blatant Ideal of Loyalty

This continued for long, not knowing that Uneo was dead. All until March 8, 1935. He waited for Nine years, Nine months, and 15 days to meet his master apparently at precisely the right time when the train, which his master used to get off from, was due to arrive at the station.

Hachikō attracted the attention of other commuters. Many of the people who frequented the Shibuya train station had seen Hachikō and Professor Ueno together each day. Initial reactions from the people, especially from those working at the station, were not necessarily friendly.

However, after the first appearance of the article about him in Asahi Shimbun on October 4, 1932, people started to bring Hachikō treats and food to nourish him during his wait. On March 8, 1935, he was spotted dead on a Shibuya street.

Finally, he got to meet the love of his life but that was in heaven. Now he has become a symbol of loyalty in Japan and is honored by a statue in Tokyo. And at last, he was Hachiko, an Akita Breed Dog.

The above picture was taken exactly one year after Hachiko’s death with many people paying tribute to one of the most loyal dogs ever.

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Incredible Stories of Dogs Who Loved Their Owners Beyond Imagination

2. A Dog Who Waited For His Master 12 Years At Hospital Gate

This is another incredible story of a dog who showed unmatched loyalty to his master. Canelo was a Spanish dog who came to public attention because of his demonstration of unwavering loyalty to his dead owner. Canelo lived with his anonymous owner in Cádiz, Spain in the late 80s, where they were regularly seen taking morning walks together.

One of their weekly destinations was Puerta Del Mar University Hospital where the owner was receiving kidney dialysis treatment. Because the hospital’s policies didn’t allow animals inside, Canelo used to remain outside the door until the treatments were done.

The owner met him at the door on his way out, and together they would go home. This routine had been going on for a long time. On a day in 1990, the owner died in the hospital. Canelo, unaware of his demise, kept on waiting for him outside the hospital for the next 12 years until his death.

Canelo sat outside, day after day, waiting for his owner. Neither hunger, thirst nor harsh weather would persuade him to walk away from the door. As time passed by he was denounced and transferred to a kennel twice which he escaped successfully.

It caused the animal welfare organization ‘Asociación Agaden’ and neighbors to obtain a special pardon for Canelo so that he may continue waiting for his owner outside the hospital without having any more legal problems.

Neighbors and visitors who got to know about Canelo kept on feeding and nurturing him as he remained outside the hospital. But he refused to be adopted by two separate families who volunteered to look after him.

On 9th December 2002, after waiting for more than 12 years, Canelo who was now in his old age was killed when a motorist accidentally ran over him at the pedestrian crossing that he had crossed so many times.

Upon his death, the city council named the street he used to sleep on next to the hospital after him. A bronze plaque with his sculpture which reads

“To Canelo, who for 12 years waited at the hospital gates for his deceased master” was erected by the citizens of Cádiz, commemorating his unconditional love.

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3. True Story of A Dog Who Loved His Master Unconditionally

Capitán was a German Shepherd dog who ran away from his home in central Argentina, after the death of his owner Miguel Guzmán in 2006. Miguel’s family tried hard to find their beloved dog but failed. About a week later, they were surprised to see that Capitán was guarding the grave of Guzmán.

But what was even more surprising was that he had found the cemetery on his own. When brought home, Capitán again ran away back to the grave of his deceased owner. He stood vigil over Guzmán’s grave and received provisions from the cemetery staff so he did not need to leave.

Capitán kept guarding Guzmán’s grave for 12 consecutive years. He died in 2018. A dog’s love for its owner can truly be described as amazing. Capitán, undoubtedly is one of the most loyal dogs ever.

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4. Story of A Dog Who Sacrificed Its Life After Master’s Death

Waghya, (which means tiger in Marathi), was the pet dog of the great Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He is known as the epitome of loyalty and eternal devotion. After Shivaji’s death, the dog mourned and jumped into his master’s funeral pyre and immolated himself.

A statue was put up on a pedestal next to Shivaji’s tomb at Raigad Fort. In 2011 the statue of Waghya was removed by alleged members of the Sambhaji Brigade as a protest but was later reinstalled.

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Short Heart-touching Stories of Dogs That Will Melt Your Heart

5. Inspiring Story of A Dog Who Waited For His Master 14 Years

Fido (1941 – June 9, 1958) was a mixed-breed Italian dog that came to public attention in 1943 because of his demonstration of unwavering loyalty to his dead master Carlo Soriani. Soriani was a brick kiln worker in Borgo San Lorenzo (Tuscan Province of Florence, Italy).

One night in November 1941, when Carlo Soriani was on his way home from the bus stop, he found the dog lying injured in a roadside ditch. Not knowing who the dog belonged to, Soriani took him home and nursed him back to health.

Soriani and his wife decided to adopt the dog, naming him Fido. After Fido recovered, he followed Soriani to the bus stop in the central square of Luco di Mugello and watched him board the bus for his job.

When the bus returned in the evening, Fido greeted Soriani and followed him home. This pattern repeated every workday for two years. On December 30, 1943, Borgo San Lorenzo was subjected to an Allied bombardment during World War II, and Soriani was killed.

That evening, Fido showed up as usual at the bus stop but did not see Soriani disembark. Fido later returned home, but for fourteen years thereafter until the day of his death, he went daily to the stop, waiting for Soriani to get off the bus.

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A Dog Who Showed Ultimate Loyalty To His Master

Media interest in Fido grew during his lifetime. At first, two Italian magazines Gente and Grand Hotel published the story of the dog. After that, he became the subject of articles appearing in many Italian and international magazines and newspapers.

Many readers were struck by the extraordinary faithfulness of Fido, including the mayor of Borgo San Lorenzo. On November 9, 1957, he awarded him a gold medal in the presence of many citizens including Soriani’s widow.

Time magazine wrote an article about Fido in April 1957. He was bestowed with several honors, including a public statue erected in his honor.

Fido died still waiting for his master on 9 June 1958. He was buried outside the cemetery of Luco di Mugello beside his master, Carlo Soriani.

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6. Story of A Dog Who Guarded His Master’s Grave For 14 Years

Greyfriars Bobby (4 May 1855 – 14 January 1872) was a Skye Terrier or Dandie Dinmont Terrier who became known in 19th-century Edinburgh (Scotland) for spending 14 years guarding the grave of his owner until he died on 14 January 1872.

Bobby was the pet dog of John Gray, who worked for the Edinburgh City Police as a night watchman. Bobby would follow John Gray whilst he was at work. According to records, policemen were obliged to have watchdogs with them.

John Gray died on 15 February 1858 due to tuberculosis and was buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard in the Old Town of Edinburgh. Bobby then became known locally, spending the rest of his life sitting at his master’s graveside.

Many people saw him spend every night at his master’s grave. The story continues to be well known in Scotland, through several books and films.

In 1968, a statue in memorial to Greyfriars Bobby was erected near the graveyard by the English philanthropist Lady Burdett-Coutts who was charmed by the story.

She had a drinking fountain topped with Bobby’s statue erected at the junction of George IV Bridge and Candlemaker Row to commemorate him.

Several films have been made dramatizing the life of Greyfriars Bobby, and in folklore, he is popularly remembered throughout Scotland as a symbol of loyalty.

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7. Story of A Dog Who Protected His Master In A Harsh Climate

Talero is a German shepherd who loyally stayed next to his owner, Bernardo Leónidas Quirós, for 23 days, after Quirós died in a snowstorm in Argentina. According to a Chilean online newspaper, El Patagonico, Talero appears to have prevented wild animals from attacking his deceased master.

For his own survival in that severe environment, he hunted small animals. On cooler nights, he slept beside his master, with the intention of keeping him warm and sheltered from the harsh winds.

And when police approached the body, Talero growled and barked at them, continuing to protect his owner.

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Thought-provoking Stories About Dogs That Will Make You Think

8. A Wonderful Story That Shows The Generous Nature of Dogs

This incident is related to the life of the famous litterateur of Bengal, Chandrashekhar Sen. He had a Japanese spaniel dog named Mika. In 1899, he had to go to the Munger district of Bihar (Bharat) for an important work. He also took Mika along with him.

As beautiful as Mika was in appearance, his nature was also gentle. His main food was bread and meat. One day everyone saw that from the food that was given to Mika to eat, he took some of the food in his mouth several times and kept it somewhere in small portions.

Then he started eating the remaining food himself. He did the same the next day also. Upon investigation, it was found that a native breed dog was lying limp nearby due to a broken leg. He was not fit enough to wander here and there for food.

Apart from this, the age of that dog was also more than that of Mika. Taking pity on this old and lame dog, Mika used to take some of his food to him every day and satisfy his hunger while he himself remained satisfied with half of the food.

Ten to twelve days later, when the dog’s leg had healed properly and he went somewhere, Mika also stopped providing him with food and meat. After some time Mr. Sen went to Faizabad. Mika lived there for two years.

One day someone fed him with a poisonous substance, and from that very day he became ill and died in 1903. We could never know how that native dog remembered Mika’s kindness and expressed his gratitude towards him.

But Mika, instead of considering him of another caste and hating him, helped him in his great trouble. And by giving him a part of his food he had saved that helpless creature from the jaws of death.

By giving food day after day to the dog who was dying of hunger and remaining satisfied with a little food for himself, no doubt that through this deed he will be able to teach many selfish people.

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9. Touching Story of A Dog Who Saved His Master’s Child

Gelert was a legendary dog associated with the village of Beddgelert, Wales. According to legend, King Llywelyn returned from hunting angry that his wolfhound, Gelert, had gone missing, only to be greeted joyously by the dog at the front door. The King noticed that Gelert had blood around his mouth.

He went straight to his infant son’s room and found his baby missing, the cradle overturned, and more blood. Imagining that Gelert had killed his baby, Llywelyn drew his sword and killed the dog, whose dying yelp was answered by a baby’s cry.

Llywelyn lifted the cradle and found his heir under the cradle, along with a dead wolf that had tried to lift and run off with the infant but had been stopped and killed by Gelert. Overcome with remorse, Llywelyn buried the dog in a great ceremony.

But he never smiled again, plagued by the memory of Gelert’s dying cries. Although experts doubt the legend and the authenticity of Gelert’s Grave, Beddgelert people honor and maintain it to this day.

Popular Welsh belief in the legend still serves as a warning in that culture against acting rashly in anger when things are not as they seem.

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Wonderful Stories of Faithful Dogs You Could Never Believe

10. Story of A Dog Who Traveled 4100 Km To Reach His Home

Bobbie the Wonder Dog (1921–1927) was a dog who made his way back over 4,105 km (2,551 miles) to his family’s home located in Silverton, Oregon (United States) after accidental abandonment on a cross-country road trip. He traveled the whole distance on his own.

In August 1923, Frank and Elizabeth Brazier, with their daughters Leona and Nova, were visiting relatives in Wolcott, Indiana. Their two-year-old Scotch Collie/English Shepherd mix dog Bobbie was attacked by three other dogs and ran away.

After carrying out an extensive and exhaustive search, the heartbroken Brazier family were unable to find Bobbie and continued their trip before returning home to Oregon, expecting never to see their dog again.

In February 1924, six months later, Bobbie returned to Silverton mangy, dirty, and scrawny, with his toenails worn down to nothing. He showed all the signs of having walked the entire distance, including swimming in rivers and crossing the Continental Divide during the coldest part of winter.

During his ordeal, he crossed at least 4,105 km of plains, desert, and mountains in the winter to return home, an average of approximately 23 km per day. However, according to ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ it is estimated that the journey may have been as long as 3,000 miles or 4,800 km.

During their original trip, the Braziers parked their car at a service station each night. Their dog visited each of these stops on his journey, along with a number of homes, and a homeless camp. People who fed and sheltered Bobbie on his journey wrote to the family to tell them about their time with Bobbie.

In Portland, an Irish woman took care of him for a period of time, helping him recover from serious injuries to his legs and paws. After his return to Silverton, he experienced a meteoric rise to fame. His story drew national attention and was featured in numerous newspapers.

He was the subject of newspaper articles, books, and films. He received hundreds of letters from people around the world and was honored with a jewel-studded harness and collar, ribbons, and keys to cities.

Upon his death in 1927, he was buried with honors at the Oregon Humane Society’s pet cemetery in Portland. Bobbie’s demonstration of loyalty is celebrated during Silverton’s annual children’s pet parade which serves as a reminder of the special place animals and pets have in people’s lives.

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11. The Story of A Dog Whose Loyalty Made It A Living Legend

In the mid-1990s in Togliatti (Russia), a family died in a car crash during the summer of 1995, leaving their dog as the only survivor. The German Shepherd, named Constantine aka Kostya or Faithful Kostya by the locals, kept coming to the same spot for the next seven years braving freezing winters and hot summers.

People built doghouses for him and some tried to adopt him into their homes, but no such attempt succeeded: the dog always came back, looking for his master, nor would he stay in the shelters; all he would take from the people was food.

In the snow and rain, in any weather and time of year, he was always in his spot. The dog always waited and ran up to all passing vehicles. Everyone who traveled that road from the old city to the new always saw Kostya running along the roadside or resting quietly on the grass.

The citizens became very fond of Kostya and turned his story into a living legend. Stories about the loyalty of this dog were published throughout Russia. For seven years Kostya kept his post but in 2002, he was found dead in the woods. The loss of the popular dog was sad news for many residents.

In his memory a homemade billboard was erected with the legend “Dog, teach us love and devotion”, but it was often blown away by the wind and hooligans threw stones at it, so the city of Tolyatti initiated a campaign to construct a bronze statue of Kostya in 2003 honoring the dog’s loyalty.

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12. Touching Story of A Dog Who Protected His Master 77 Days

Ruswarp, a Border Collie who disappeared while hiking with his master Graham Nuttall in the Welsh Mountains near Llandrindod Wells on 20 January 1990. On 7 April, a hiker discovered Nuttall’s body near a mountain stream, where Ruswarp had been standing guard for 11 weeks.

The 14-year-old dog was so weak he had to be carried off the mountain and died shortly after Nuttall’s funeral. There is a statue of Ruswarp on a platform at Garsdale railway station.

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Famous Stories of Brave Dogs Who Were No Less Than Warrior

13. Barry ‘The Saint Bernard’: Story of A Dog Who Was An Angel

Saint Bernards are large and monstrous dogs but they are calm and easygoing also. Originally, they were bred as rescue dogs in cold, harsh climates. Barry der Menschenretter (1800–1814), also known as Barry, was a dog of a breed that was later called St.

Bernard worked as a mountain rescue dog in Switzerland and Italy for the Great St. Bernard Hospice. He predates the modern St. Bernard and is lighter built than the modern breed. He has been described as the most famous St. Bernard.

Because he saved more than 40 lives during the course of his 12-year lifetime. Barry’s most famous rescue was that of a young boy. He found the child asleep in a cave of ice.

After warming up the boy’s body sufficiently by licking him, he moved the boy about and onto his back and carried the child back to the hospice. At the monastery, one rescue dog has always been named Barry in his honor.

14. Swansea Jack: Story of A Dog Who Was Born To Save People

Swansea Jack (1930–1937) was a black Labrador retriever with a longish coat who is long gone but even today his sweet memories are in people’s minds. He was similar in appearance to a modern Flat-Coated Retriever but was instead identified at the time as a Newfoundland dog.

His real name was Jack but he got this new name from living near the Swansea River in Wales, England. But you might wonder why anyone would name their dog after a river. Certainly, there must be some solid reason behind this.

Jack lived in the North Dock/River Tawe area of Swansea with his master, William Thomas. Jack would always respond to cries for help from the water, diving into the water and pulling whoever was in difficulty to safety at the dockside.

His first rescue, in June 1931, when he saved a 12-year-old boy, went unreported. A few weeks later, this time in front of a crowd, Jack rescued a swimmer from the docks. His photograph appeared in the local paper and the local council awarded him a silver collar.

In 1936 he had the prestigious ‘Bravest Dog of the Year’ award bestowed upon him by the Star newspaper in London. The Mayor of London also honored him with a silver cup.

This famous Welsh dog saved 27 people from the docks and riverbanks of Swansea in his lifetime. Swansea Jack died in October 1937 after eating rat poison. He was a hero in the eyes of the people.

15. Story of A Doberman Who Killed 4 Cobras To Save His Family

A dog is a man’s best friend. This was proved yet again by a man’s pet canine, who fought four cobras to protect his owner’s family and later passed away. On 11 July 2016 night, four deadly snakes tried to stray into the house of Dibakar Raita in Sabekapur village of Gajapati district in Odisha (India).

The Sebakpur village lying on a foothill region often experiences wild animals straying into the villages and houses of villagers. Dibakar’s pet dog (A Doberman) who was guarding the house tried to resist the snakes and a bloody fight broke out between them.

After a furious battle with four mountain cobras for hours, the Doberman killed all of them. But moments later, he also succumbed to poisonous snakebites bringing about a tragic end to his life. But before a glorious death, he succeeded in saving eight members of his master’s family.

Dibakar and his family mourned heavily over the death of their beloved dog whom they had brought home just a few months ago. Hundreds of villagers came and held a funeral for the slain dog and buried him later.

We hope you have enjoyed all these wonderful stories. Dogs for many, are considered important family members because of their selfless devotion to their masters. These heart-touching dog stories are a perfect example of loyalty, sincerity, and unconditional love.

These stories show us how an animal that most people consider petty, ugly, and despicable can teach us something that we humans can’t learn in our whole lifetime. Is there anything wrong in being a dog…? Even humans will have to bow their heads before their unmatched affection and loyalty.

Which of these stories inspired you the most? Please let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear all about it. And do not forget to share these amazing stories with your friends and relatives on your favorite social media platform.

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